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2010-2011 Rotary International Theme: Building Communities Bridging Continents
District 5020 Governor 2010-2011: Robert Martin. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
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Program for July 20, 2010. Reported by Leslie Rogers-Warnock


Tav Macpherson, in his Foundation update, had some great news.  Our club, out of 88 clubs in our district, contributed the 3rd highest total contribution and the 2nd highest in per capita contributions to PolioPlus.   We were the highest on the Canadian side at over $17,000.  Well done!  Lori McLeod helpfully noted that Tav could contribute his draw winnings to Polio Plus to benefit the whole of the club.  Members nodded their heads in broad agreement.

Table Topics
As today’s Club Assembly was President John’s first at the helm, he asked us all to take part in Table Topics to provide feedback and ideas on the direction of the club.  Thanks to all for their contributions. Please review and send further ideas to Leslie via phone or email.

Club Administration Table, reported by Leslie Rogers-Warnock
Speaker Topic Ideas:

  • lunch at George Jay School
  • Classification talks with newer members paired with older members
  • New breathalyser guidelines from OB Police
  • Community Theatre groups (Belfry, Blue Bridge, Langham Court, Phoenix at UVIC, Canadian College of Performing Arts)
  • Cool Aid
  • Thrifty Foods head office
  • Legislature
  • Rotary Club Exchanges
  • Bay Street Armoury
  • Joe Prentice

Members like Heads and Tails but perhaps once or twice a month, interspersed with individual, humorous fines.  Positive feedback on the funny fines as laughter is a good thing.

PR/Membership Table, reported by Jim Force
The main topic of discussion at the PR/Membership table was about new member mentorship. Anne Ohlgren, who is serving as a mentor to her guest, Sandra Stolz, a new Rotarian, told us all about how the Royal Oak club runs their mentorship program. New members are given a list of things they are expected to accomplish with the guidance of a mentor. 

One of the activities is to visit another club, which is what brought them to our club luncheon. Anne will be sending us a copy of their mentorship program which we can then adapt to our club if folks are willing.

FundraisingVicky Pitt sitting in for President-elect Joan Peggs.
Contributors: Rod, Hans, David, Pablo and Lorna

  • Golf Tournament – it appears we have lost steam for this type of event although it raises good funds.  Maybe do it but as a fun 9-hole game rather than a full 18 and put less emphasis on skill and more on crazier prizes.
  • Christmas concert with Pablo – this idea went over well although there was some concern about how we would sell the tickets. (Pablo has previously done a concert with a good turnout.)
  • House and Garden Tour – we need to decide if we will do it again this year.  The problems are with getting the right houses and getting a good date.  We should do a survey of the club to see if we have connections between members and homeowners in the community which could get us the houses and gardens that we need to make this a success.   It may also be a good project  to do with Eldercare.  In the past this has raised good money and is worth pursuing as a possible fundraiser subject to getting the right properties.
  • Community Dinner – attracts a broad audience in the community and was successful – there was a question as to how the donors are thanked.
  • New idea – one of the Calgary clubs did a fundraiser where they sent $50 cheques to different clubs around the world asking those clubs to purchase and send to the club an  item from their area  for an international auction.  Apparently this was quite successful for two or three years.  This may be an idea to investigate further.

Services Project - International, reported by John Jordan
Consensus points of the conversation:

  • Interest in an international project is primarily based on the connection club members have through the member who has been to a project and is convinced of its merits.  It is important to members that there will be good accounting for its investment.  The country of the project and the work to be done are both secondary to the value of a first hand account.
  • People spoke about the life changing potential that can come from first hand experience of the strength of the indigent in developing countries.   
  • John Jordan related that Oak Bay Interact Club has accepted an invitation from the group of Rwandan orphans supported by the Rwandan Project to form a "sister school" or "twinning" relationship.  Everyone indicated high confidence in such a program bringing valuable learning to Oak Bay and a chance for Interact to create an important exchange of culture.

Services Project – Community, reported by Peter Lawrie

Current Projects:

  • People were supportive of our focus on the Water Park and potentially advancing our technology efforts in George Jay.

Potential New Projects to consider this year and/or next year:

  • Investigate needs with Quadra School and potential new needs with George Jay.
  • Investigate the “Fast Forward” computer-based school learning program (Don O’Coffey has forwarded information for consideration)
  • Investigate with Municipality and CNIB where highest impact “beeping crosswalks” could be installed; Consider ways to provide Oak Bay Rotary signage.
  • Investigate with Municipality where their current program for curb cutaways (e.g. for walkers and wheel chairs, etc.) could be best accelerated with support
  • Design and build a suitable lookout or landmark for Cattle Point (similar to King George Terrace pullout); this could be a high traffic opportunity to contribute to tourism and community. If not Cattle Point, there may be another place the Municipality and Tourism Victoria have in mind.
  • Investigate usage and needs for Skate Board Park and Teen centre behind Oak Bay Rec Centre.

Next Steps:

  • Solicit additional ideas in the Bulletin
  • Review at Community Services Committee – add to this list, investigate, prioritize and make recommendations to the Board.

John wrapped up the meeting by thanking everyone for their support and input.  The meeting was closed with “God Save the Queen.”

David and Lori

A bit of fun!

Captions requested!

Perhaps the CM (aka Celebrations' Master) who appears to be into free lunches, will generate some $$ around this photo. Members could pony up a tooney and the cleverest (or corniest) suggestion, as judged by the CM, gets a free lunch - if they're present the following week of course.

Don't forget our speaker next Tuesday is Johan Nielsen of the Jaltemba Bay Rotary Club in La Peñita, Mexico. He will be telling us about his club's Repairs and Remediation project with Luis Pasteur Kindergarten School.


Visiting Rotarians And Guests
introduced by Mark Bedford

Anne Ohlgren
of Royal Oak, Mentor to…
Sandra Stolz
of Royal Oak (below)Sandra Stolz-Anne Ohlgren
Photo by Jack Petrie

Tomiko Ludwig
of Vancouver Arbutus.


Guest: Maureen Madsen, daughter of Neil Madsen (below) visiting from Edmonton.Neil and Maureen
Photo by Jack Petrie

President John Edgell welcomed all, thanking Past President Rod Sim for his fine leadership of last week’s meeting.

Tom Lidkea tinkled (oops, tickled) the ivories playing O Canada and the Club sang a rousing rendition of our national anthem. This writer thinks we sing MUCH better when accompanied by the piano.  Thank you Tom!

Past President Jack Petrie ingeniously provided a “promotional” grace that both thanked Rotarians for their support in rebuilding New Orleans after devasting hurricanes and highlighting next year’s conference in that fine city.


Dallas Chapple, Celebrations’ Master, has a new motto… “There IS such a thing as a free lunch!”  Joe Prentice narrowly defeated David Phillips and Neil Madsen at “Heads or Tails” for a complimentary Rotary lunch. 

Happy and Sad Dollars:
Leslie Rogers-Warnock contributed $5 for five wonderful weeks in Sablet, Provence, France.  Tricia Timmermans sadly reported the loss of her Paul Harris pin after a break in of her car.  Jim Force has squandered his inheritance by using up the last of many, many, MANY rolls of toilet paper left to him by his late mother.

Past President Tav Macpherson won the draw but not the white marble.

NOTICE to Bulletin Advertisers:

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27-Jul Wakely Pitt Bamji Bannerman Sim
Cash Desk: Macpherson; 50-50: Jordan
July 27 Johan Nielsen - Jaltemba Bay Rotary Club in La Peñita, Mexico and its Repairs and Remediation project with Luis Pasteur Kindergarten School
August : Membership and Extension
Aug 03 John Jordan – Classification Talk
Aug 10 Jim Force – Strengths and Weaknesses
Aug 17 Haida Bolton – Camp Uganda
Aug 24 Committee Brainstorming
Aug 31 Social Meeting, no speaker

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