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Meeting July 19, 2011. Reported by Neil Rawnsley. Photos: Jack Petrie

Piano stylings were provided for O Canada by Tom Lidkea and grace was led by Wynn Taylor. President (Captain) Joan Peggs began the meeting with a short power point presentation marking the anniversary of the club's founding. Joan recognized Dave Titterton, an early alumni of the club, Past President, Andy Anderson, and our longest serving active member, Brian Lamb, who together cut our birthday celebration cake. Photos at right.

Sergeant at Arms

Fines Master, Celebration Master, (Sgt. at Arms for us traditionalists) Lorna Curtis was greeted with scattered applause. First victim was Joan Peggs for introducing Andy Anderson as past fire chief (he was POLICE chief), then came Tav (seen on right below with Wolf Schopper) for missing his cash duty, then the usual table quiz and others for assorted trivial indiscretions. Fines followed for no ties and next week it is sandals for the women and black shoes for the men (boring).

Wolf and Tav

Happy/Sad dollars included John Edgell happy to be back after two weeks in the woods, Andy Anderson with a DP recollection and Lynne Murray advised that Tom Croft's father had died.

The draw ticket was drawn by Andy Anderson who successfully selected the ticket of Michelle Anderson….. hmmmm. Black not white. The pot continues to grow.

Bill Burns Moira Dann
Bill Burns thanks Moira Dann, Speaker for the Meeting.

Birthday Cake Oak Bay Rotary

Giles Bixler introduced our guest speaker Moira Dann who has an extensive background in media having been the Facts and Arguments editor at the Globe and Mail and an associate producer with CBC. Her topic was Wives of Confederation. Originally from Toronto, but now based in Victoria, Moira has written a book and film about the Mothers of Confederation.

Her story sprang from the beginnings of Confederation in Charlottetown 147 years ago and introduced us to the women in the lives of 3 important names in Canadian history, John A. MacDonald, George-Etienne Cartier, and George Brown. Ensuring us that Canadian history is not boring, she gave us a perspective from the feminine angle and mused how it might compare with our lives today. It contained topics of romance, dinner, dancing, love and sex. From a photo of this historical event featuring these Fathers of Confederation dancing and frolicking she wondered whether the women were the Mothers of Confederation.

Affairs of the heart were the favourite recreation and pursuit of George-Etienne Cartier. While his wife, the daughter of a powerful printing baron, burned with resentment and raised his daughters in old Montreal, he split his time with his mistress, Luce Cuvilleir, in the nearby Rasco Hotel. Eleven years his senior and endowed with her own money she was a most interesting woman who wore jodhpurs, smoked cheroots, and lived a passionate life. George alienated his daughter by advising her to emulate his mistress and not his mother and it was amazing that his foes never raised his pecadillos (sic) against him. John A. MacDonald was married twice, first to his cousin Isabella Clark who died of consumption (TB) in 1857. He left his son Hugh with his mother and sisters, and in London in 1866 he met his next wife Susan Agnes Bernard. Her brother worked for MacDonald and at 32 she was headed to spinsterhood. He wrote his sister about being introduced to the Queen and it was here that he was informed that he would be the first Prime Minister. It appeared to be a marriage with a mix of affection and practicality. Their daughter was born with water on the brain and we learn much from MacDonalds "Dear Baboo" letters to his daughter.

For Moira, George Brown offers her favorite love story and it was through his voluminous correspondence that we learn a lot about the events surrounding the Charlottetown Conference. In 1866 he married Anne Nelson in Edinburgh and they had a daughter in 1864. Writing almost daily he wrote of the people he met, the parties, conference progress etc. Marriage and fatherhood made him better able to be a Father of Confederation. Her conclusion is that the men responsible for confederation were strongly influenced by the women in their lives. The women had a place at the table and influenced the men as hostesses and chatelaines. Lessons of partnership, love and civil companionship guide our lives and public endeavors. Examining history through both the public and private events of the day give us a new perspective on our past.

Bill Burns thanked the speaker.

Below: Three Oak Bay Rotarians regularly summer guests at the Nelson Noon Rotary Club (meets Fridays) are Tricia, John and Jacqueline. Tricia filled in as photographer for the DG's visit last week. See pics here.
Tricia John Jacqueline

Introduced by
Giles Bixler:
Dave Titterton (who was the club's first ever host family);
Andy and Michelle Anderson (Brentwood); Leo Lee (Victoria)

Announcements: Volunteer requests were made by Lori McLeod for the Car Show on the Avenue and Jack Petrie for the Bowker Creek Brushup. Ann Sims has the signup sheet for the car show and Jack wants cooks and servers for the hot dog stand (more below). Leo Lee has tickets for the Victoria Rotary Club car raffle and Andy Anderson advised us of the plans of the Brentwood Club to host an antiques auction next year with funds to support the Seniors' Center in Brentwood Bay. More information will be forthcoming. Corey needs a few more bodies to assist with the Wednesday night Avenue market.

Are you a hot dog?

C'mon ... join the rest of us hot dogs on Sunday August 7th in our hot dog stand at the Bowker Creek Brush-up. It's a roving art show that drew more than 3,000 people last year. Our club is cooking up dogs, making people happy…making new friends (and new members?) and making money for our club too. Our spot is near Oak Bay High. Can I count on you for a 2-hour shift? We'd set up at 10, open at 11, close down at 4. Thank you. I'll bring the sign-up sheet next Tuesday but if you can let me know before then, it'd sure help.

Shifts 10-12, 12-2, 2-4.


(Can't you just smell those fried onions already?)

Neil R

Reporter Neil Rawnsley seems to be having the last laugh.

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July 19 Birthday Meeting – (July 24, 1974) – Moira Dann – Wives of Confederation
July 26 Franca LaBella – Granny's Closet
Aug 02 Jim Ricks – European Cruise for Prostate (10 min.)
Danielle Stevenson – Lifecycles Growing Schools
Aug 09 Steve Duck – Help Fill a Dream Foundation
Aug 16 Tim Maloney – Mercy Ships
Aug 23 Alan Roy – Schools in Tanzania
Aug 30 Social Meeting – OB Walk
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