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2010-2011 Rotary International Theme: Building Communities Bridging Continents
District 5020 Governor 2010-2011: Robert Martin. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
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Program for July 13, 2010. Reported by Wynn Taylor

In the absence of President John who is vacationing in Maui with his wife Linda and their new grandson en route home from Australia, Past President Rod Sim called the meeting to order at 12:15; Tom Lidkea played the piano for the singing of the National Anthem. Neil Rawnsley (below)

Neiloffered the Invocation and we gathered up our plates to enjoy the shrimp bar-b-que served on the decks of the OB Recreation Centre.

Rod emulated the style of our new president by transporting his microphone amongst us and challenging us to remember John's message from last week ... leading by example. In what he confessed to be a 'weird amusing monologue' like those sometimes heard on CBC's The Q, Rod reminded us that it is now seven years since the Oak Bay Beach Hotel planned its renovations and it has been three years since we have met there. Rod talked about the recent meeting of his strata council, and his morning shower!, as anectdotal illustrations of the importance of effective communication for good leadership. After fifteen years in Oak Bay village he was astounded that someone local found him through the Yellow Pages.

Gerry McLean and Lynn Murray wanted to know more about Rod's early morning shower....he didn't tell us what kind of soap he was using ... but he used the questions to emphasize the importance of loyalty to those we work with. When asked why he was still wandering around, Rod, explained, 'because President John did'.


Wolf Schopper introduced our Speaker, Jack Shore from Leadership Victoria, seen below with President-for-a-day, Rod Sim.
Jack Shore Rod Sim

After a career in banking, Jack chose  to work with volunteer organizations. As he did not want to be the treasurer of yet another organization, he decided to become an employee of Leadership Victoria, but, in the spirit of community service, to turn his salary back to them.
Jack values Leadership Victoria because it overarches all the other community organizations. He commended Rotary for its good program of training leaders, and of appointing officers to positions a year in advance so that they can shadow and collaborate with the person they will replace.

He asked the question: How do organizations find leaders? Their usual wish is to find someone to help them to grow.

Jack emphasized two points...lead by example and celebrate leadership. This is where the Leadership Awards program comes in.

Leadership Victoria has had 200 graduates of its leadership programs and many are now leading organizations or sitting on boards. As the government is devolving social responsibility into the community, there is a great need for new leaders. Each year's program has 25 places...half are free for non-profit organization volunteers and half are paid for by businesses.
Attending the course is only a part of the experience...participants have a mentor or coach and are expected to do a project in the community. Jack gave the example of the shelter at Witty's Lagoon.

There were no questions for Jack but our members Jack Petrie, Neil Rawnsely and Tav McPherson all spoke very highly of Leadership Victoria.

Mark Bedford thanked our speaker saying he had shown us that there are many willing people in the community who only need a leader to tap this great human resource.

Tom Lidkea lead us in the singing of the Royal Anthem to close the meeting.

Lorna Curtis is organizing the Lawn Bowling Social. As there has not been a great response to the proposed date of July 25, she took a poll to see if September 19 would be preferable. As the numbers were equal for both dates, Lorna said she would think about it and get back to us. The sign-up sheet did not get recirculated! Whenever it's on, it will be at the Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club; cost will be $10 including nibbles.

Next week is the Quarterly Club Assembly, and the following week, July 27, we'll have a presentation by Johan Nielsen of the Rotary Club of Jaltemba Bay - La Peñita, which is in a seaside town located about 63 km north of Puerto Vallarta in the state of Nayarit, Mexico.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
David Sills
welcomed our visiting Rotarian, Tomiko Ludwig of Vancouver Arbutus and
Guest Isobel Schopper, daughter of Oak Bay Rotarian, Wolf Schopper.

Dallas Chapple who is no longer the Sergeant-at-Arms but the Celebration Mistress led us through the Heads and Tails game. We all paid a Tooney but only Wolf won a free lunch for next week. Below, Lori unsuccessfully tries to best Wolf. Lori-playing-2up

Vicki Pitt was recently in Halifax with her mother for the Naval Centennial and is pleased that she is recovering well. Wolf Schopper was pleased that his daughter Isobel was a guest at the meeting; she did a fine job of reading her table's Rotary Information sheet.
Joan Firkins was happy to be back...the Convention in Montreal was a roaring success, possibly the best ever.
Dallas Chapple and Eugen Bannerman plugged A Street Car Named Desire, both here and in New Orleans.
We wished Lorna Curtis a Happy Birthday on July l8.

Joan Peggs won the draw for the second week in a row, but despite all her modesty she drew the black marble.

Tricia Timmermans put on her PR Hat to tell us that Canada Post had issued a stamp in honour of Rotary's 100 years in Canada. Joan Firkins has bought a supply of these stamps and will have them for sale at next week's meeting.


20-Jul Petrie Nazar Taylor Toal Timmermans
27-Jul Wakely Pitt Bamji Bannerman Sim
Cash Desk: Macpherson; 50-50: Jordan
July 20 Quarterly Club Assembly
July 27 Johan Nielsen - Mexico Rotarian
August : Membership and Extension
Aug 03 John Jordan – Classification Talk
Aug 10 Jim Force – Strengths and Weaknesses
Aug 17 Haida Bolton – Camp Uganda
Aug 24 Committee Brainstorming
Aug 31 Social Meeting, no speaker

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