Rotary Club of Oak Bay
Service Above Self 2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: SERVICE above Self District Governor: Joan Firkins

August 26, 2005

Third Annual Classic
Golf Tournament
Cordova Bay


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Last Week at
Oak Bay Rotary

Meeting, July 12, 2005 at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel


President David Maxwell presided over the meeting noting that July is Literacy Month in the Rotary Calendar. He noted that while we select only one of our members to be Rotarian of the Year (this year it is Lorna Curtis), yet all members are special in that they all contribute to the work and functioning of the Club. Therefore he will select a Rotarian of the Week who will be presented with a special coin. For his first Rotarian of the Week, Tom Croft, a most worthy recipient, was selected. Congratulations, Tom!

Visiting Rotarians and Guests (introduced by Will Carter).

Christopher Causton, Harbourside, was our only visiting Rotarian.

Barry & Deborah Mutter were the guests of Jack Petrie; Julie MacPherson, daughter of Tav Macpherson; David Glen was guest of David Maxwell; and our guest speakers were guests of the Club.


Tav Macpherson reported on planning for the golf tournament to take place on August 26th. Eldercare has entered into an equal partnership with the Club for the tournament. Forty players have already registered. The Prize committee is headed by Lorna Curtis. Lorna provided information on the need for contributions to the silent auction. Tav and Tom Croft are signing up golfers, and Tom is soliciting sponsorships.

Sergeant at Arms

Dallas Chapple levied various fines. One was for not knowing that what she and the new R.I. President have in common - they both have Norwegian grandmothers. A birthday card was presented to Lorna, and a wedding anniversary card to Tav and Diane. The draw was won by our guest speaker, who returned the money to the Club

The President announced that as a means of emphasizing Rotary priorities he wished to introduce during the year a series of Rotary Moments. For the first moment of the year Brian lamb made a presentation of membership development and retention. He pointed out that Rotary Day in Oak Bay is to be August 9 th

New Member

Our newest member, Barry Mutter, sponsored by Jack Petrie was inducted by District Governor Joan Firkins. Barry stated that his father had been a member of rotary for 50 years.

Guest Speakers

Introduced by Ron Cooley, our guest speakers were Marie Germain Chartrand, Director of Project Literacy Victoria (PLV), and Mary Emmond, a PLV learner and winner of the 2005 Victoria Literacy Learners Achievement Award.

Marie provided background information on PLV. Since 1988 PLV has provided free one-on-one service to Victoria learners. Volunteer tutors are linked with adult learners. PLV trains approximately 60 new tutors each year. Learners have a variety of barriers to literacy and a variety of objectives in choosing to participate in PLV. PLV is set up in such a way that learners are actively involved in the organization's activities including representation on the Board of Directors. PLV has from 55-75 learners registered at any one time, the number depending on the season of the year. Many learners come to PLV by referral from a variety of social organizations.

Marie introduced one of the learners who had done so well that she was awarded the Cooperator's prize. Mary Emmond spoke of her personal experiences including the difficulties she had encountered in school. She came to PLV 3 years ago, became literate, and is now a volunteer. She outlined some of her activities as a volunteer.

Tom Croft thanked the speakers and presented them with Club coffee mugs.

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
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