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2010-2011 Rotary International Theme: Building Communities Bridging Continents
District 5020 Governor 2010-2011: Robert Martin.
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Program for July 6, 2010. Reported by George Pritchard

John's first meetingOur new president, John Edgell (above), opened the first meeting of his year, Oak Bay Rotary’s 37th year. We all stood and looked at the person beside us, shook hands (some kissed and hugged!) and wished each other a good Rotary year. John then read us a quote from a 1923 publication, its title, What Rotary Means:

It’s just a bit of thoughtfulness for all our fellowmen,
With just a touch of kindness too, to show them now and then.
But sometimes it is just a smile, that lights the good we’ve wrought
And that’s our thought of Rotary: a smile, a touch, a thought.
It’s just a kind of service for Tom and Jack and Bill,
With just a cheerful song to sing as they plod up the hill.
But sometimes it is just a word. The spirit of  the deed.
And that’s our thought of Rotary: a word, a song, a creed.
It’s just a sense of friendliness for those who cross our road,
With just a helping hand or two for easing up the load.
But sometimes it is just a grip that warms the fingers end.
And that’s our thought of Rotary: a grip, a help, a friend

After O Canada with Tom at the piano, Anne Sims said grace.

After our lunch, Tav Macpherson presented our new President John with a Paul Harris pin which is John’s Plus Seven Pin.


passed around a sign up sheet for a lawn bowling party on July 25th at the Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club; cost $10 including nibbles.

John went to each table and had a member read out a Rotary theme or principle. Ted Harrison was in fine form, and recited the 4-way Test from memory.

David Philip introduced our speaker, David Stocks. David is a retired electrical engineer and consultant and has been a Rotarian for 27 years; he will be District Governor, 5020, in 2011-12 following DG Bob Martin.

David Stocks

With a new Rotary year starting, David Stock’s topic was “Change Management” and how it can affect an organization, including our club.
 “There is nothing more difficult to arrange, more doubtful of success, and more dangerous to carry through than initiating change,” David said. "You can’t just change one aspect, but rather you change the whole process including the people involved, the structure, and the technology."

Change is a process not an event. Change involves five stages: awareness, understanding, trial, commitment, and adoption. People pass through the stages at different rates of acceptance, but change is incomplete until all have adopted it. Our president and other officers initiate change as they plan our activities for the year and for long term planning.

DGE 5020 David discusses Rotary (maybe?) with
DG Nominee 5370, Kevin Hilgers and his wife, Jan.

Joe Prentice thanked our speaker.

President John announced that that he will be absent next week as he and Linda are heading to Hawaii to bring home their 10 month old grandson, Harrison, and his parents Mike and Karen who have been living in Brisbane Australia for the past year. Rod Sim will chair the July 13th meeting.

Health of the Club:
Mary Canty reported on the health of the club: both Barbara Bristol-Price and Carl Jackson are improving and both hope to join us soon.

Sergeant-at-arms, Dallas, collected fines for a variety of things: four early leavers; not displaying the Maple Leaf on Canada day. birthdays, Heather’s anniversary, and three members in summer casual attire, and sundry other misdeeds. The draw was won by Joan Peggs, (looking triumphant at right) but she missed the big dough.


Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Heather

Larry Johnson, Medicine Hat;
Kevin Hilgers, Grande Prairie;
Janice McNeice, Grand Prairie; (DG Nominee 5370 2012-13, Kevin, and Jan are pictured below)

Kevin Hilgers Janice McNeice

Troy Alexander
, Royak Oak Centenniel; (below)
Troy Alexander

David Stocks, our speaker, Westshore;
Tomiko Ludwig, Vancouver Arbutus, below.

One visiting guest: Jill Schielle of Grande Prairie.

Winning Joan


13-Jul Rawnsley Sills Rogers-Warnock Schopper Sim
20-Jul Petrie Nazar Taylor Toal Timmermans
27-Jul Wakely Pitt Bamji Bannerman Bedford
Cash Desk: Macpherson; 50-50: Jordan
July 13 Jack Shore – Leadership Victoria
July 20 Quarterly Club Assembly
July 27 Johan Nielsen - Mexico Rotarian
August : Membership and Extension
August 03 Hilda Bolton – Camp Uganda
August 10 Jim Force – Strengths and Weaknesses
August 17 Committee Brainstorming
August 24 John Jordan – Classification Talk. See Oak Bay News Story here and John's blog here
August 31 Social Meeting, no speaker

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