Rotary Club of Oak Bay
2007-2008 Rotary International Theme: Rotary Shares
District 5020 Governor 07-08: Norm Watts

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre, 1975 Bee Street, Victoria, BC, V8R-5E6

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July 3, 2007

2007-08 Theme

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Directions to Oak Bay Rec Centre




Jack Petrie

President Elect:
Neil Rawnsley

Past President:
Tav Macpherson

Leslie Rogers-Warnock

David Sills


Steve Harthill

Public Relations:
Tricia Timmermans

Tav Macpherson

Joan Peggs

Service Projects:
Tom Lidkea
Joe Prentice

Heather Aked

Sergeants @ Arms:
Mark Bedford
& Ben Andersen

Lynne Murray

Meeting of July 3 reported by Heather Aked

President Jack welcomes new members, Wolf Schopper, Ron Gaudet,
and Ross McLaughlin

Apology to Wynn Taylor: Your editor failed to notice that Wynn was faithfully taking notes at the installation dinner, so I barged ahead and took brief notes myself and sent them in. Very sorry, Wynn. President Jack called on Jan Stirling for O Canada, followed by an Induction of New Members: President Jack inducted:

Wolf Schopper, iintroduced by Hans Ockermueller
Ron Gaudet, introduced by Ben Andersen
Ross McLaughlin, introduced by Rod Sim

Their Bio’s are in your e-mails (and printed copies were on the tables). Congratulations & welcome!

Grace was recited by Jan Stirling.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests, introduced by Tricia Timmermans:

Perry Bamji, Kingston, Professor;
Wilf Erickson, Victoria, Property Management;
Walter Wenterhoff, Ratingen, Germany.

Liz Banda Rodiles was guest of the Club;
Liz introduced her guest, her sister, Chella Banda Rodiles;
Doug B?. was the guest of Barry Mutter;
Carrol ? of Dallas (not signed in);
Jessica Lea & Rhiana Raesler of Therese Eley.

Walter Wenterhoff exchanged a banner from his Rantingen Club.

Mark Bedford - a request for more volunteers for the July 7th garage sale.
Heather Aked – a reminder of the social event July 8th – Lawn bowling
Tav MacPherson – presented a bookmark to Vicki Pitt in appreciation for the work that she did on Oak Bay Rotary’s by-laws.

Sergeant-at-Arms, Brian Lamb, has determined that this year there will be two collection pots rather than one and had Lori McLeod and Lorna Curtis circling. Dallas, Tav, and Barbara put in $2 for early departure; Lori and new member, Ron Gaudet, were fined for not signing in – there was some discussion about whether Ron was actually a member at sign in time but Brian felt that he should have circled back after being inducted. Fines were handed out to Mark (for being so relaxed now he is no longer S@A, as well as for leaving Brian with a bag of unclaimed items); Leslie (for escaping fines while she was away); Lorna, Dallas, Tav, Jack and Don. Not to mention the group fines and happy/sad dollars. The latter included Irene’s sad $5 for Scotlands’s loss. Happy Birthday was sung for Jan Stirling while Anniversary cards were given to Hans & Lesley, Heather & Tim and Tav & Diane. Finaly, Lorna won the draw but drew a black marble.

Jack presents his first mug (officially as President) to speaker, Jeremy Kinsman

Guest Speaker:
Barry Mutter introduced our speaker, Jeremy Kinsman. Jeremy spent 40 years as a foreign service officer including that of High Commissioner to London and Ambassador to Italy, and from 2002 until his retirement, the European Union.

Jeremy Kinsman ’s talk was about the Community of Democracies. The aim of the Community of Democracies is to bring democracy to the world without ruffling the feathers of those who resist. Democracy has made great strides in the last three decades, increasing from 43 countries to 90, and the number of non-democratic countries has been reduced from 69 to 43 over the same period. The numbers, however, have stagnated recently and some countries such as Thailand have gone backwards. Democracy is not easy – it’s a behaviour that takes time to learn. Also it’s a perception – many countries, e.g.. China, believe that there’s a hidden agenda when it comes to spreading democracy. England and France dislike American democracy because they perceive an agenda. However, no one would choose “unfreedom”.

The key questions are do ‘we’ have the right to help and do ‘they’ have the right to be helped. We should be a support to them, support their requests but not interfere in the business of their economy. Abuse within the borders of a country such as Rwanda lead to the creation of an initiative that enables the world to go into a country, as there is a responsibility to protect. However, even this has met with resistance and the principle could be used to justify an ‘invasion’ which was confirmed when America invaded Iraq.

The key point really is that democracy comes from within and that only non-violence works, as was demonstrated by Ghandi. Withholding consent is what works. The fears of non-democratic countries will be groundless over time. Relations have, however, to be repaired; you cannot have development without security, especially in the case of Africa where there are 23 million orphans….and in some cases, no police.

Mark Bedford thanked the speaker for his passion, career, interest and participation.


JULY 7th


9.00 AM to Noon

2829 Foul Bay Road




Lawn Bowling July 8
3:30 PM - Dinner at 6:00.









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Rotary International's standard procedures.

July 10 Tim Willis of BC Museum - Titanic Exhibition (and Liz Bandiles)
July 17 Club Assembly
July 24 Gil Parker - Looking Through Glasnost
July 31 Vocational Talks - Steve Harthill, Jerry McLean, Hazel Meredith.
This meeting will be a barbecue on the deck (Rec Centre - Sports View Lounge). Music by Jan Stirling and anyone game enough to sing - Jack is really really game.
August 7

Kyle Danielson - Malawi Update

August 14 Christopher Bowers - Power of Personal Story
August 21 Peter Sherk - Humanitarian Aspect of Afghanistan
August 28 Mandy Parker & Veronica Osborn - Mount St Mary Foundation
September 4 Assembly - DG Norm Watts attending
September 11 Cops For Cancer / Tour de Rock - Ron Gaudet (new member)
September 18 TBA
September 25 TBA
10-Jul Bixler Bristol-Price L Canty M Canty Carrigan
17-Jul Carter Chambers Chapple Cooley Croft
24-Jul Curtis Davie Edgell Firkins Force
31-Jul Froese Granewall Harthill Harrison Hayworth

CLICK HERE FOR Full List of Speakers and ROSTER FOR 2007

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