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2008-2009 Rotary International Theme: Make Dreams Real
District 5020 Governor 08-09: Brian Beagle Assistant Governor: David Stocks
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Program for January 27, 2009, reported by Wynn Taylor CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Neil noted that we are now planning for the home & Garden Tour on Aug. 15 and deems this quote appropriate. It is from Harold T Thomas, Rotary Club of Auckland, N.Z., the 1958/60 RI President, in addressing the 1960 RI Convention in Miami, Florida: “One of the most impressive examples of international cooperation is in those gardens where we find plants, shrubs and trees flourishing side by side in perfect harmony. There is much wisdom to be learned in a garden, especially that all final results depend on proper preparation of the soil. So it is with Rotary, where the crop we envisage is world peace, the seed is fellowship, friendship, understanding, and the soil is the minds of individual Rpotarians.”
Tom Lidkea played for O Canada & John Snively said grace.

Sergeant at Arms
Acting S@A, Jack Petrie, imitated Peter Lawrie with a fake nose and moustache.
(Peter and Jean Lawrie are proud new grandparents to a girl on Saturday and are in Philadephia for a few weeks.)

Joan Peggs won the draw but drew a black marble.
Tom paid for leaving early. Due to a shortage of time the only fine was for those who had not attended at the ‘Back Door’ work party.

Health of the Club: Lynn Murray gave an update on Barbara Bristol. She has been taken to the hospital with severe angina, hopefully to soon resolve some of her recent heart problems. Please remember her and John.

Announcements (cont.)

President Neil complemented the work crew for their good work in painting the ‘Back Door’ Teen Centre last Saturday. The health inspector has approved this facility and for those who wish to see the results of the work party, Lorna Curtis will be conducting a tour of the ‘Back Door’ immediately following
this meeting.

Rotary Wheel

Teen Centre Workers
Workers at last weekend's Back Door Teen Centre "Paint-in".

Visiting Rotarians And Guests Introduced by Wynn Taylor

Burt Kennedy, Winnipeg, S/A;
Kip Veale, Whitehorse, Social Worker;
Tim Paul, Daybreak, Campbell River, Fire Department;
George Baerg, Chilliwack/Fraser, LandSurveyor.

Heather Aked introduced our Guest Speakers, Ron and Ann Ohlgren, Members of the Royal Oak Club, who gave us a most inspiring presentation on the Shelterbox program.

Shelterbox was founded in 2,000 by retired RN diver Tom Henderson of the Helston-Likgard Club in Cornwall and it has expanded year after year delivering 38,000 boxes since its inception. Ron and Ann thanked the Rotary Club of Oak Bay and several of our members invidually for their generous support. Joan Firkins has recently joined the Board of Shelterbox and she and Donna along with Joan Peggs, Lynn Murray and Tav McPherson have been generous benefactors. Oak Bay boxes have been sent to the Asian tsunami in 2004, the Indonesian earthquake, to civil unrest in Kenya, and to Nepal; another waits to be sent to an upcoming disaster. Don and Ann presented a most moving video on the history and work of Shelterbox. This can be viewed at


Don demonstrated the latest water purification kit. Perhaps we should all get one for ourselves in case of the ‘Big One’ here on the west coast. This excellent and moving presentation reminded your bulletin reporter that we too should, in the motto of the Boy Scouts, Be Prepared. We may joke about ourselves being the recipients of Shelterboxes but we at least have the luxury of foresight and the ability to provide for ourselves. Some interesting statistics include the donation of $60 M for the purchase and deployment of the shelterboxes. More than 38,000 of these have so far been distributed to disaster victims in 43 countries.

Perry Bamji thanked our speakers. He announced that the Club hopes to sponsor two more shelterboxes, funded, at leat in part, by the sale of the Grace Books which will soon be ready.

Teen Centre
At the Back Door Teen Centre on Saturday:
Lynne, Heather, President Neil, Lori, and Vicky


Jim Force circulated a Membership Report (New Web Page). He urged us to look at the statistics from July to December to set our own personal Rotary goals from January to June. Highlights of his report: 87% of members had 60% or better attendance while 19 members had at least 90%. 19 members contributed at least $100 US to the Foundation while significant numbers had particiapted in service activities or in fundraising events.

Foundation Recognitions: Joan Firkins was pleased to present several Paul Harris pins. Ross McLaughlin: first Paul Harris; Tav McPherson: first ruby; Heather Aked: first sapphire; Neil Rawnsely: second sapphire; Tom Croft first ruby; Joan Peggs: third ruby; Ann Sims: first sapphire.

President Neil announced several upcoming events:
February 24: The Club will meet at the Pacific Institute of Sports Excellence. Hopefuly we will receive details (time, address, etc.) at a subsequent meeting
March. 17: our Club will be honored by the visit of The Honorable Stephen Pointe, Lt. Governor of B.C.

KidsKits: Packing for our CLub is on February 24 at Windsor Sports Pavillion and the date for an all clubs' packing party date is February 17.

Fund Raiser Dates: February 13: One Year Out Family Party to celebrate the upcoming Olympics (Editor wants to know place, time, description).

April 4: Concert celebrating Seniors Awareness Month, Alex Goolden Hall.

ADG David Stocks, a frequent visitor to our club, has been nominated for District Governor of District 5020 for Rotary Year 2001/12.




Rotary Wheel

January 2009 Programs

Jan 20

Mary Coward – Microcredit Project in Guatemala


Jan 27

Shelterbox – Anne Ohlgen

03-Feb Beauvais Bedford Bixler Beyer Canty
10-Feb Carter Chambers Cooley Chapple Croft
17-Feb Curtis Edgell Davie Firkins Force
24-Feb Harrison Johannknecht Hogarth Jackson Lamb
Cash Desk: McLean; 50-50: Prentice


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