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2009-2010 Rotary International Theme: The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
District 5020 Governor 2009-2010: Alex Alexander. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
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Program for January 26, 2010, reported Peter Johannknecht. Photos by Neil Rawnsley.
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Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Joan Firkins:
Rotarian Gill Taylor from Stony Plain, Alberta;
Linda Nicoll,
guest of Jim Force.

peter J
Scribe, Peter Johannknecht, hard at work.


President Vicky informed the club of our donation of $250 to the Rotarian Centennial Project, where schools are built in Afghanistan.

The District Leadership Training Assembly is coming up in Port Angeles, Washington, February 20-21. Vicky reminded us that this is a great opportunity to refresh the Rotarian spirit and get motivated again.

An Italian Theme event is coming up in the spring. President Vicky said that the whole club will have to provide support and help to make this event a true success, financial as well as social.

Five members of our club have currently signed up to go to the International Rotary Convention in Montreal.

Joe Prentice gave a brief update on Interact. A signup sheet went around for the February 10th “Memory Café Project” at the Oak Bay Lodge @ 3:30pm. Two Interact members are planning to participate so far.

rotary emblem

President Vicky welcomed us with a video on the Shelter Box delivery to Haiti. Jim Force presented a musical invocation with his natural and impressive singing voice.

The 4 Way Test was read by Will Carter. Number 4 received an especially resounding reading. (It is his favorite because it includes his name.)

Neil R. presented Rod Sim with Paul Harris pin number 5 and thanked him for his wonderful work for the Foundation.
Neil Rawnsley introduced speakers Mary Canty and her grandson, Corey Burger, pictured at right, for two extensive vocational talks.

Mary: Born in Essex, England, but feels like a true Canadian. Grew up in Regina and moved to Vancouver at age 18. Had polio at age 3. Her physiotherapy was swimming a lot throughout her life. Her father was a teacher. She studied nursing at UBC and after three years at Vancouver General Hospital she returned to UBC for some teaching courses and finally taught a pediatric nursing program at UBC. Many moves followed to smaller hospitals throughout BC such as New Denver with a 13-bed hospital. In the smaller communities it was expected that a nurse would do voluntary community work. Mary and husband Les' first Rotary connection was in Peace River. Their first exchange student was from Perth, Australia. She is still in contact with most of the exchange students they had over the years. Mary later worked as a nurse in Victoria for 12 years and then moved on to teach at Camosun College with lots of involvement in the community and Rotary to this day.

Corey: spoke about his seven months with Katimavik where he stayed with a group of 11 at 3 different places in Canada. One had to be in the French speaking part of the country. Katimavik is funded by the federal government and is free for the accepted applicants.  Service in the smaller communities is key to this program, which exists since 1976. His first stop was in Gimbli, Manitoba, in the winter. Gimbli is called ‘New Iceland’ as well, with approximately 1000 residents. He worked in youth programs, environmental programs, social supports, daycare, etc. and referred to being a ‘Katimavictim’.
The second town was Mirabel, Quebec. Due to the tight living quarters it was important to learn how to live with other people. Here Corey had to do a lot of manual labour on a farm or park.
Third and last destination was Summerside, PEI, with wonderful sandy beaches and suitable weather for lots of fun at the beach. Corey met his girl friend during this time and overall, the increasing numbers of Katimavik babies show, that the young adults had a great time indeed in PEI. Brian Lamb thanked the speakers.

lois and shelley
Brand new member, Lois Hayes, with Shelly Best


New Member Proposal

Joan Peggs proposed a new member: Dr. Eugen Bannerman, Professor Emeritus of psychology at Ryerson University where he taught from 1967-2001. He will be one of our guest speakers in May.

Sergeant at Arms Leslie fined: whoever didn’t support the bake sale, $1;
Mary Canty for her excellent pie;
Will Carter for his 4-Way Test reading;
Jack Petrie for pointing out that Montreal has wonderful lofts for sale;
Ted Harrison for flirting with Sheila Roberts on CBC;
President Vicky for making it such a hard job for the cashier last week;
Anyone with no Scottish connections because of Robbie Burns Day;
Hans Ockermüller for combing his hair during the national anthem.
Happy and sad $:
Lynn gave 20 happy $s for her excellent vision on both eyes (the result of recent eye surgery).
Jack P. had happy $2 for his upcoming trip to Maui.
Tom Croft was so happy to be finished with his cashier job, that he donated 5 happy $s.
Will Carter gave happy dollars for his parents move to Victoria.
Corey Burger pulled the 50/50 ticket which Neil M. had in his pocket. As if that wasn't enough he then picked the white marble and won over $190 which he instantly donated back to the Foundation.

rotary emblem


02-Feb Lidkea MacPherson Maxwell Madsen McLean
09-Feb McLeod McLaughlin Murray Mutter Nazar
16-Feb O'Coffey Ockermueller Petrie Peggs Philip
23-Feb Pritchard Prentice Rawnsley Rogers-Warnock Schopper

Cash Desk: Carter; 50-50: Bristol-Price

Feb 2 Joan Firkins, Ethiopia
Feb 9 Leyland Cecco – Ambassadorial - Tav to speak
Feb 16 Assembly
Feb 23 World 'End Polio' Day - Oak Bay Avenue activity

Service above Self - He Profits Most who Serves Best
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