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Program for January 25, 2011 (Robbie Burns Day). Reported by Victoria Pitt

Announcements (Jan 18)
Pat Crofton (Victoria Club) outlined an upcoming Victoria Rotary Club concert to be held in June which will benefit the Mustard Seed and the Military Families Resource Groups. They are looking for volunteers for the Rotary choir which will participate along with soloist Richard Margison and a guest soprano. Practices begin in February and will be every Tuesday night through May. No experience necessary, just a desire to entertain and have fun along with a group of 60+ Rotarians and friends. I’m in… what about you.

Below are photos sent by John Snively from San Antonio Palopo, Guatemala.

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Louis Pasteur Kindergarten Project Completed: Click here!

Legislative Assembly

Ida Chong

Instead of our usual meeting at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre, club members went to the Parliament Buildings  for a vocational tour and lunch in the Legislature dining room. They were met upon arrival by the Minister of Science and Universities and Regional Economic and Skills Development, Oak Bay Gordon Head member, Ida Chong (left), who welcomed us and hoped we would enjoy our tour.

Ms. Chong invited us to attend the legislature some time they are in session if we wished. Eugen Bannerman thanked her. Francis Rattenbury, who designed the buildings apparently lied on his resume, claimed to be older than his real age of 25, and to have designed some buildings which were built before his birth. He went scandalously over his $100,000 budget spending more than $500,000. Our tour guide, Jennifer, started the tour on the second floor at the Chamber itself. As the Legislature was not in session, the iron gates were padlocked, but we could view inside. The Province is out-growing the size of the Chamber. There are 85 MLA’s and, even  by narrowing each desk by 10 cm, and extending the wall behind the Speaker, the desks will no longer fit without a noticeable bend in each row. The Premier sits to the right of the Speaker in the fifth chair, and the leader of the opposition sits immediately opposite. No one knows why they use the fifth chair and not the first - probably just tradition! The acoustics in the Chamber are quite poor, apparently; there are now six cameras (controlled by Hansard) which videotape the sessions.

We then walked out to the main entrance which is under the dome. Here there are remembrances of World War II and paintings of the four major industries of the province in the 30s - which is when the paintings were done - logging, farming, mining and fishing. The main entrance is the ceremonial entrance used for the opening of the Legislature by the Lieutenant Governor. It is quite beautiful, with lovely proportions, and mosaics made of gold leaf and marble. The mosaics were threatened with destruction in the 1950s when the government of the day was going to replace them with red linoleum; activists camped out in the area to prevent it. The downstairs main reception hall was not so fortunate, but the red linoleum and the hanging ceiling were removed and the hall restored to its original elegance in the 1970s.

The reception hall features Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee window which is notable for the tiny diamond shaped slices of BC jade at the bottom of the window, and the correct coat of arms. Apparently Rattenbury had the coat of arms carved into the stone and stamped on the light posts shortly before the rejection letter for that coat of arms arrived from the College of Heralds. The reception hall also features Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee window which was made in Britain and which, upon arrival, was found to have the wrong coat of arms. This window was taken down and stored while the Library was being built and was “lost” for the next 62 years.

After the tour, we proceeded to the dining room for lunch where some of us indulged in haggis in honour of Robbie Burns.

Click here to read of club members' Jacqueline Mealing and John Snively's work in San Antonio Palopo on Lake Atitlan, in Guatemala.

Announcements (Jan 18)
Joan Peggs advised of the February 23 plans to highlight the “End Polio Now” initiative of the RI  Foundation. This will include an evening display of “End Polio Now” on the Customs House Building, a hot dog sale at Cobbs on Oak Bay Avenue and hopefully a Mayor’s proclamation and media PR. Just in from John Ratel of the Victoria Public Relations Committee: He has had confirmation from the Victoria Mayor’s office that “he will be delighted to participate in a Rotary Flag Raising Ceremony on the morning of Wednesday February 23 at 0830 hours.” More information coming on this – hopefully many of us will attend to cheer on the mayor! 

Below are photos sent by John Snively from San Antonio Palopo, Guatemala.

Greeter & Grace
Greeter & Introduce Guests
Bulletin Minutes
Host & Introduce Speaker
Thank Speaker
Feb 01 Lori McLeod - Eldercare
Feb 08 Ron Schuster - College Director, Canadian College of Performing Arts
Feb 15 Committee Brainstorming
Feb 22 Dr. Robert Kowalewski –Antimatter in Science & Film

Letter from Geoff Hall, a member of the organizing committee for the 2011 District 5020 District Leadership Training Assembly (DLTA):  This year's DLTA will take place in Victoria, April 2nd-3rd 2011, with a social evening - Fellowship Friday - preceding on April 1st for those who are interested. This is a wonderful opportunity for 5020 Rotarians to learn about Foundation Grants, building ever better Rotary clubs, ways to include youth, and more.  You can check out this link for complete program info: Program Outlines. There will be no shortage of opportunity for fellowship with Rotarians from all around Washington and Vancouver Island, including the opportunity for a night on the town with Saturday Night Specials.  Attendees have the chance to check out some of the best spots beautiful Victoria has to offer! Please visit the web site I have set up here. Registration is now open for paying by cheque or Credit Card. Base registration is $90.00 CAD. Remember, registration is limited, so you are encouraged to register ASAP to ensure availability!

Yours in Rotary, 
Geoff Hall
Sidney by the Sea Rotary Club
District 5020

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