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Program for January 22, reported by Donna Carrigan
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President Jack reminded us that January is Rotary Awareness Month and pointed out that many non-Rotarians attended the very successful whiskey tasting event on Saturday and saw for themselves that Rotarians could really celebrate. He expressed the Club’s thanks to Tom Lidkea for organizing this event. Tom then proceeded to play for O Canada and Lynne Murray said grace.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests introduced by Lorna Curtis:

Burton Kennedy, Winnipeg West, S/A.;
Naz Rayani, Saanich, Pharmacy;
John Sansom, Harbourside, Engineering;
Troy Alexander, Royal Oak, Mortgage Broker;
Christopher Causton, Harbourside, Restarant Operator.

Eric Beever-Potts, Guest Speaker, was guest of the Club;
Lesley Cobus, Interact Club, was Lorna’s guest.

President Jack had an announcement:
There is a dance and benefit being held on February 16th at the Union Club. It has been sold out in the past and so our club has purchased 6 sets of tickets. Ask Jack for tickets. It promises to be a fantastic evening.

Lesley reported that the Oak Bay High School Interact Club is holding a Gala evening on Wednesday February 6th from 6pm - 9pm at the Oak Bay Rec Center. There will be dinner and a Silent Auction benefiting the “Malawi Girls on the Move”. Silent Auction items such as gift certificates to Tigh-na-mara, Moxies, Pags and Munroe’s have already been donated, however they are still seeking additional donations from the Club. Come bid on some great prizes: tickets for the Gala can be bought at the Oak Bay Rec Centre reception desk for $20. Jack commended the interact club for an amazing job and effort in organizing this event and encouraged members to attend.

Naz Rayani introduced himself as a member of the second best Rotary Club in Victoria: Saanich. He invited the Oak Bay Club (the first best club in Victoria) to attend a meeting
at the Victoria Conference Centre on Feb 4th. This meeting will benefit the Aga Khan Foundation of Canada and will be showcasing “Bridges that Unite” a coast to coast travelling exposition that will debut in Victoria. Naz also suggested that if you were looking for a make up meeting this would be a great opportunity.

John Snively reported on the health of Mark Bedford. Overall his health is good and he is in good spirits. Many cards have been received by him however this is a critical time and any encouraging well wishes would be well received. Jack will be organizing a special card with pictures of members, so follow up with him if you’d like to participate.


Brian Lamb began his weekly rounds. He first dealt a fine to Lorna Curtis accusing her of being late with her briefing duties. He then pulled two gloves from behind the podium which he claimed had been left over from the fireside evening and added a third glove. Trying to fish fines from the owners of these mix-matched gloves no one came forward. Brian claims he can’t sell them - who wants to buy them? Next a fine was issued to those who had not yet stuck or displayed the “Good Bye Polio” stickers that were found on the table last week. There was a fine for those who did not attend Saturday night’s scotch tasting a fine for those and another for those who attended and then drove themselves home. Those who sold any investments this week were also fined. Irene issued a fine for all of those in attendance at the Scotch tasting who, in the interest of the Scottish economy, did not go out and buy a bottle of scotch there after. Next week those whose names end in G, H or I will be asked to issue fines.
Happy and Sad Dollars:Rod Sim had sad dollars because when Irene speaks he wished there could be a spontaneous translator as he cannot understand what she is saying through her Scottish accent. Joe Prentice contributed happy dollars for having just spent a week in Disneyland with his family. Tom Croft contributed a sad dollar because the sun is shining but its too cold to go golfing. Troy Alexander, visiting Rotarian, contributed a happy dollar as his club is actually the number one club in Victoria. Vicky Pitt won the Draw AND the jackpot of $161, which she donated to the Foundation.

Guest Speaker
Speaker Eric Beever-Potts
was introduced by Neil Rawnsley. He is a Power Smart Champion who is travelling the province to educate on how to become Power Smart. He would like to educate us, as Rotarians in particular, because we have the opportunity to share this information with many others. Most agree that global warming and climate change is an accepted concept. There is anticipated population growth in the province which will lead to a stronger demand on our resources. Clean low cost reliable energy is something that to date we have taken for granted. With the anticipated growth over the next 20 years we will be facing a 45% increase in the demand for energy. How do we address this gap? Eric discussed energy efficiency, energy conservation and Power Smart programs. It is anticipated that 50% of this energy needs to come from energy conservation. Eric went on to discuss energy efficient technologies including: light bulbs appliances and faucets. He then went on to discuss that another important factor for British Columbian’s will be to start changing habits including: the use of programmable thermostats and installing energy star windows. Other recommendations to conserve energy included: blanket insulating hot water tanks, using cold water when running appliances and turning off lighting and electronics when they are not in use. These habits can help us dramatically in conserving energy. Eric discussed that removing barriers to help promote change will be and are currently in place including: product incentive program - fridge buy-back programs. He discussed current Power Smart rebates such as ones issued for front loading washing machines. He then invited the Club to join Team Power Smart, with Steve Nash as Captain. Team Power Smart can be accessed online. You are able to track your energy savings and learn more about the topic that was discussed today. We were left with the thought “If you think you are too small to make a difference try sleeping in a room with a mosquito”. Eric answered many questions from Club members and was thanked by Ron Gaudet.


Jack Petrie

President Elect:
Neil Rawnsley

Past President:
Tav Macpherson

Victoria Pitt

David Sills

Neil Rawnsley

Public Relations:
Tricia Timmermans

Tav Macpherson

Joan Peggs

Service Projects:
Tom Lidkea
Joe Prentice

Heather Aked

Sergeants @ Arms:
Brian Lamb

Lynne Murray


January 29 Dermot Foley: "Climate Change and Global Sustainability"

DUTY ROSTER January/February 2008

29-Jan Granewall Harrison Hogarth Johannknecht Jackson
5-Feb Lawrie MacPherson Maxwell Marsh McDougall
12-Feb McLean McLeod McLaughlin Meredith Munro
19-Feb Murray Mutter Nazar O'Coffey Ockermueller
26-Feb Peggs Patrick Prentice Philip Picken

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