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2009-2010 Rotary International Theme: The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
District 5020 Governor 2009-2010: Alex Alexander. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre ( MAP)

Program for January 19, 2010, reported Jim Force. Photos by Tom Croft. CLICK HERE for Print Version

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Ron Cooley introduced visiting Rotarians David Newberry of  Victoria and Burton Kennedy of Winnipeg and guest Theresa Fingler who accompanied our speaker, Maeve Lydon (pictured at right).

4-Way Test
Instead of simply reading out the 4-Way test, David Sills told a childhood story about placing a dime under his pillow when he was 10 years old. In the morning he told his mother that the tooth fairy had actually come. The question is, was David telling the truth? Can one be his or her own tooth fairy?


Club Directors met after lunch to discuss the allocation of club funds for Shelter Boxes.

Tom Lidkea reminded us of the January 29th Whiskey Tasting event. About half the tickets are sold. It would be great if it was a sellout as then the event would be a fundraiser as well as a social event. The cost per ticket is $90 which includes 6 shots of fine whiskey, a Scottish dinner and a virtual visit inside a few whiskey distilleries. This is not a stage event. Women are welcome. Tickets are available from Tom Lidkea, Pete Lawrie, Tom Croft, Tav MacPherson, and Vicky Pitt.

Health of the Club

Tom Croft announced that Lynne’s eye surgery went well. Shelly Best has heard from John Pickens that is wife Katherine isn’t doing well.

President Vicky started the meeting by informing the club that today’s speaker would be on the agenda first as she had to leave at 1 o’clock.

Maeve Lydon and Teresa Fingler

Speaker Maeve Lydon (above right), Associate Director of the University of Victoria’s Office of Community-Based Research, spoke with great passion and enthusiasm to the club about the Oak Bay Green Mapping project. This project is done in conjunction with the Oak Bay Community Association. The purpose of the project is to bring community people together in order to create plans for a healthy living community. This is done through an outreach program conducted by the Office of Community-Based Research in which local citizens, businesses and indigenous people are interviewed around such questions as: What are the most important places in your community? What is needed to for a healthy community? What things do you value in a community? What are your community’s greatest assets? What do you have to offer your community?

Maeve indicated that the process of bringing people together and making connections about what folks valued and what they see as their vision for the future of the community is more important than the actual end product. It is through this kind of community interaction that local governments are both informed as to what people want and how they are influenced in making their decisions. For more information related to this project visit Green Map website at For more information related to the Office of Community-Based Research visit their website at


Gary Nazar announced that an interview with Shelly Best regarding being a Rotarian will be appearing in Friday’s Oak Bay News. Do look for it.

The 3rd Annual Rotary Valentine’s Ball will be held Saturday February 6th at the Union Club. Tickets are available for $95 each and can be obtained from President Vicky or Ali Edgell.

Induction of New Member
Lois Hayes

Lois Hayes (above) was inducted as our newest member. She is sponsored by Jack Petrie, who describes Lois as a quick decision-maker and quite fun. She has been a long-term friend of Jack’s and manages Newport Realty's property management arm.

Sergeant-at-Arms (aka Fine Master):
Ron Beyer served as this week’s Fine Master. He levied fines for those who weren’t wearing their Rotary pins, those who forgot to sign-in – a great groan went up when it was announced that one Neil Madsen had not signed in. In ensuring justice to all, in light of last week’s fining of left-handers by right-handed Leslie, Ron fined all right-handers – and rightly so.

Happy & Sad Dollars
There was a flood of Happy and Sad Dollars this week. These included ones from Mary Canty, Rod Sim, Jack Petrie, Tav MacPherson, Hans Ockermueller, Vicky Pitt, Jim Force, and Joe Prentice.
50/50 Draw: Brian Lamb had the winning ticket for which he won $11.50. Unfortunately, he failed to draw the white ball. Better luck next time Brian.

Club Anniversaries
Anne Sims and David Maxwell celebrated 6 years each as Rotarians. Congratulations Anne and David.


26-Jan Force Firkins Johannknecht Rawnsley Lawrie

Cash Desk: Croft; 50-50: Burger

January 26 Vocational – Corey Burger/Mary Canty

Service above Self - He Profits Most who Serves Best
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