Rotary Club of Oak Bay
  Service Above Self 2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: Service Above Self District Governor: Joan Firkins

Programs for January: (at Oak Bay Beach Hotel)

January 24 Christie Johnson on her Malawi project.
January 31 Oak Bay High School Interact luncheon. NOTE: This meeting is to be held at the Oak Bay Rec Centre
February 7 Bedrija Hromic: Rotary in Bosnia. Talk and slides.


Roster January 24, 2006

Greet/Grace Greet/Intro Bulletin Introduce Speaker Thank Speaker
Edgell Granewall Holden Harrison
Cashier: Cooley; 50-50: Munro

Program for January 17, reported by Tom Croft

President David started late because we apparently had lots of time. David spoke to us of the importance of Rotary Awareness and referred to the message from R.I. President Karl-Wilhelm in this month’s Rotarian. He said there will be a test next week. The usual events followed: O Canada led by Tom Lidkea, and Grace, said by Will Carter, followed by the meal (Quiche and spring rolls).

Visiting Rotarians & Guests, introduced by Ted Chambers:

Joe Prentice, Whitehorse, S/A.;
Jim Porter, Calgary S., S/A;
Hugh Mitchell, Coquitlam Sunrise, S/A.

Health of the Club:

Carl Jackson has finished his treatment and intends to be here next week. Barbara will be scuba diving in San Jose so Mark will be covering her beat in her absence.


Lorna asked for help to help organize home hospitality for the District Conference, May 12-14, in Victoria. Lorna has some help but needs a total of 6 volunteers. Please contact her.

Tom Croft reminded members of the joint meeting with the Interact Club next week at the Rec Centre. To that end, he asked for members to sign up to host an Interactor with a $10 subsidy for their meal, the interactor will pay $5.
Jim Force has a provisional interim budget of $650, approved by the Board, to start work on the Clean Water project in Zanzibar.

Sergeant At Arms

We had Jack Petrie as the sarge in the absence of Dallas, who is away (Hawaii?). He reminded us that this is Rotary Awareness Month and that during the next two weeks we are to bring guests. So if you don’t get the test right you don’t have to pay if you bring a guest. Otherwise, DOUBLE JEOPARDY! It was Jack’s birthday today so of course we all had to sing, and everyone who’s birthay it wasn’t had to pay $1. (Editor’s note: isn’t Tom’s syntax amazing?) Incidentally, Jack contributed $58 for his years on earth, and Tom noted that it used to be the custom for all members to do likewise, thus augmenting their Paul Harris contributions.

Tsoshi and Jerry were fined for not signing in. Heather, Lorna, Barry and Bedrija all paid for leaving early. Happy/sad dollars included Barbara’s (with crocodile tears) for being away for four weeks; Ted H. with a weird tale about his medication, and David for not getting fired by the Salmon Kings.

Vicky Pitt won the draw, but drew a black marble. S@A Jack had to be stopped from putting it back in the pouch, as is apparently his want.

The Program this Week was a Vocational Talk by Angele Munro, introduced by John Snively.

Angele is one of six siblings who grew up in Victoria. She obtained a BA - English and Psychology, from UVic and then took her practicum. She taught Grade 1 for 8 years and was then the manager of the Empress stores for 8 years before beginnining her Real Estate career. She has two sons, Brad and Justine, and currently has a kitten at home which apparently taxes her mothering instincts. Her hobbies are golf - year round, reading, running, yoga, and travel. She has been a Realtor since 1992 and her motto is “getting you from here to there." Her 10 strengths are: good listener, good communicator, staying informed, creative, consistent, patient, confident, hard worker, service oriented, relationship oriented, and follows up. Angele provided us with a market insight and a real estate quality of life brochure. She was thanked by Irene Davie. Rotary Moment by John Snively. John referred to the Rotarian for January which focuses on World Hunger and asked us to consider increasing our own efforts. He also told us of the Paul Harris recognition on the Extra Mile pathway in Washington, DC.

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA


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