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Program for January 13, 2009, reported by George Pritchard. CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Neil’s quote was from 1955-56 RI President A.Z. Baker of the Rotary Club of Cleveland, Ohio. His Rotary Vision: That Rotarians would use their great resources to extend neighbourliness around the world. In addressing the 1956 RI convention in Philadelphia he said: “What could be more symbolic of Rotary than a great symphony orchestra, bringing people together in perfect harmony from many different countries, nationalities, races, creeds and cultures, expressing many specialized talents but each playing a different note on a different instrument, and each essential for the perfection of the whole.” He reminded us that January is Rotary Awareness Month, and then called on Tom Lidkea to play O Canada and Jack Petrie to say grace.

Health of the Club: Barbara Bristol was visited by three members of the Club last week and she seemed quite good and will be visiting a specialist today. We all wish her continued improvement and hope she will be back among us soon.

Depression Daze:

Since many pundits fear that we are entering a period of economic depression similar to that of the Dirty Thirties (let us hope not), your Editor, who lived through that period, will, from time to time, enlighten the young folks in the Club about life then.

Today’s Definition,
Bennett Buggy: The former family car which was now too expensive to run, was converted into a conveyance pulled by a team of horses. It was named after R.B. Bennett, the hapless Conservative Prime Minister who seemed totally inept at any attempt to alleviate people's problems.

Visiting Rotarians And GuestsIntroduced by Joe Prentice

David Stocks, West Shore, Management Consultant.
Joy Weismiller, guest speaker, guest of the Club;
Carrol Toal, guest of Joan Peggs.

Joy Weismiller with Vicky Pitt and Neil Rawnsley

Today’s guest speaker was Joy Weismiller (seen above accepting a Rotary Mug from Vicky Pitt and Neil Rawnsley), who was introduced to us by David Philip. Joy is a management consultant with a Master’s in Public Administration. She mainly deals with the public sector including the provincial and local governments. Her association with Rotary goes back to 1982 when she attended an Adventures in Citizenship program in Ottawa. She was attending Vic High at the time and worked summers for the Oak Bay Recreation Centre. Joy said that was one of the best jobs she ever had. Two years later she went to RYLA in Tacoma. Her Rotary experiences continued as a Rotary graduate scholar and she was sent to Perth, Australia. In Australia she had many Rotary experiences which impacted her in many ways:
1. Culturally and spiritually
2. Academically and professionally
3. Socially

Joy’s cultural experiences included meeting people of all stripes and faiths, and eating Lebanese food and other Middle Eastern delicacies. She lived in a house in Perth where her host counsellors were part of a vibrant Jewish community. Growing up in Victoria she had first-hand knowledge of being part of a visible minority, but she had not experienced what it was like to be part of an invisible minority until meeting her Australian counsellors. Joy had very fine comments about a former member and a current member of our Rotary club. “DP, Joan Peggs' father was the most passionate advocate of the Rotary Foundation she had ever met.” Present members of our club who knew DP would certainly agree with that statement. Joy also expressed her appreciation that her Rotary Counsellor, Mr Bob Beauvais, prepared her for her journey as an outbound scholar 21 years ago, that she was well during her outbound year, and that she had a smooth transition home. “Bob, I’ll never forget the care and generosity you have provided to myself and others who followed in my path.” Joy gave us a marvellous talk; she was thanked by Victoria Pitt, our incoming President.

Bennett Buggy


President Neil with the help of various members announced that the Whiskey Tasting is sold out.

ADG David Stocks spoke of the District Leadership Training session, scheduled for February 21/22 at the Empress; brochures were on the tables for anyone interested in attending.

And finally, for students wanting to attend the Adventures In Citizenship program in Ottawa, applications must be received by the committee by February 11th.

Sergeant at Arms

Pete Lawrie was in fine form, fining almost everybody for various infractions. These included Barry Mutter for not showing up to say grace last week, all those who did not move to the front of the barricade when asked to do so by President Neil, and anyone who had not spoken to one of our visitors. All in the Spirit of Rotary, he fined all of us who had not brought a guest to the meeting in the last two months (Xmas Party did not count) and those who had not thought of the 4-Way Test when making decisions. He mentioned that we should make sure we make our guests feel welcome; on this cue Tom Lidkea gave all the female guests a big hug. We sang Happy Birthday to Jack Petrie and wished Barry Mutter a Happy Anniversary.

Among Happy $ was one from David Stocks because, he said, it is always a delight to visit our Club. Mary Canty won the draw, but only a black marble.

Seen at left (courtesy of Wikipedia) is a Bennett Buggy - although this may be an "Anderson cart" named after Saskatchewan Premier James T. M. Anderson. The US version was called a Hoover Wagon.

January 2009 Programs

Jan 20

Mary Coward – Microcredit Project in Guatemala


Jan 27

Shelterbox – Anne Ohlgen

20-Jan Lamb Schopper Sills Sim Sims
27-Jan Snively Taylor Timmermans Aked Bamji
Cash Desk: Peggs; 50-50: Beyer


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