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Program for January 12, 2010, reported by Giles Bixler. CLICK HERE for Print Version

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
There were no guests other than our speaker for the day, Marnie Hamagami, a former Rotary Exchange student, who was introduced by Mary Canty.


An additional attraction has been added to the scotch tasting on January 29: Besides the tasting and dinner, guests will take a virtual tour of some leading scotch whiskey distilleries.

Past President Neil conducted the meeting because President Vicky was unable to be present. Neil's first official duty was to present a certificate and plaque to new Paul Harris Fellow Ron Beyer, followed by presentations to three multiple Paul Harris Fellows, Peter Lawrie, Anne Sims and Tom Croft.

Corey Burger Marnie Hamagami
Speaker Marnie Hamagami, thanked by Corey Burger


Marnie spoke extremely positively about her experience as an exchange student in Germany, despite it being very stressful adapting to living in a completely different culture, partly because of her youth and being from a small town in the Kootenays. At 17 she looked like an adult but was still a child. On the other hand she reported that being younger made it easier to soak up the language and culture more easily than someone just a few years older. Marnie said that the lengthy interview here and preparation at a camp in the United States were very helpful in readying her for the stresses of being abroad in a strange culture for the first time. Another thing that helped was frequent visits to Rotary clubs in Germany where she connected with other exchange students. She said she is still close friends with several of them.

Marnie noted that although she grew up in a mixed race family, race was never discussed at home. The exchange year in Germany opened her up to acceptance of differences in people. For example, a friend of hers recently entered into an arranged marriage, something she would have found difficult to understand before her experience in a different culture. Now it was easier to accept after living in a different culture. Marnie now lives in Sidney, B.C. and works as a field organizer for the Green Party.

We closed with an a capella rendition of the Queen.


Sergeant-at-Arms Leslie Rogers-Warnock returned to her weekly duties with gusto starting with fines for Joe Prentice, Dave Maxwell, Don O'Coffey and Lorna Curtis for being in the news recently and Cory Burger for being on television. Some other fines: Joe and Cedric for their beards, Peter Lawrie for staying three days in London free because of the weather in Europe, David Sills for talking to two beautiful women before today's meeting (to which Mark Bedford responded that it's a sad day when the company of beautiful women can be sold so cheaply), Perry for going to India for the first time in 10 years, Ron Cooley and Dave Maxwell for going skiing with Ron's daughter and Dave's son. Tom Croft won the draw but not the white marble.


19-Jan Chambers Cooley Chapple Diemecke Curtis
26-Jan Force Firkins Johannknecht Rawnsley Lawrie

Cash Desk: Croft; 50-50: Burger

January 5 Memory Cafe – Joe and Lori
January 12 Marnie Hamaqami
January 19 Maeve Lyndon- Resource/Active/ Green Mapping
January 26 Vocational – Corey Burger/Mary Canty

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