Rotary Club of Oak Bay
  Service Above Self 2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: Service Above Self District Governor: Joan Firkins

Programs for January: (at Oak Bay Beach Hotel)

January 17 New Member Vocational Talks.
January 24 Christie Johnson on her Malawi project.
January 31 Oak Bay High School Interact luncheon. NOTE: This meeting is to be held at the Oak Bay Rec Centre


Roster January 17, 2006

Greet/Grace Greet/Intro Bulletin Introduce Speaker Thank Speaker
Chambers Croft Curtis Davie
Cashier: Cooley; 50-50: Munro

Leslie Rogers-Warnock, our Rotarian of the week.
Thanks Leslie for the work you are doing for the

Oak Bay High
Interact Club

Program for January 10, reported by Mark Bedford

President David presided and reminded us that, this being Rotary Awareness Month, we should all read Race Against Time, by Stephen Lewis. Joan has several copies available. Tom Lidkea played O Canada and Mary Canty said grace.

Rotarian of the Week was Leslie Warnock for her faithfully attending every Monday meeting of the Interact Club.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests, introduced by Wynn Taylor:

Joe Prentice, Whitehorse, S/A
Pteter Gooch, Saanich, Agrologist
Chuck Newmarch, Calgary, S/A
Jim Porter, Calgary South, S/A.
Bill Hollands was a guest of David Sills
Larry Skaggs was a guest of Pablo Diemecke.

Les Canty thanked the members for their support of the Lillydale School project. This is a school in South Africa with 600 students, but no running water or electricity. All the tickets have been sold. Joan explained that we are now seeking matching grants. More money is still needed, but there is almost $15,000 in the bank. A few more clubs have yet to report on their efforts. The sales included a draw for $250 to the Foundation in the name of the winner, John Edgell. Thanks to Les and Mary for their solid effort in the success of this fund raiser.

Salvation Army Kettle: Mark thanked all who had participated in this project. Special thanks to Rod Sim who took over the management role. Kettle proceeds amounted to $2,873.94, or, approximately $80 per shift. Esther Holm (Salvation Army) sent a letter of sincere thanks. Esther also said that, if invited, she would be willing to speak to the club about their Community and Family Services work.

Mark also thanked the club members for their care and love during Mair’s lengthy illness, and for continuing support through this time of bereavement.

New Member: Tsuyoshi Takahashi.
Don O’Coffey introduced Tsuyoshi, and explained that the “T” is silent as in Tsawwassen! Tsuyoshi now lives in Oak Bay and has retired from his business career in electronic components. District Governor, Joan, conducted the Induction and emphasized the theme of Service before Self, and asked Tsuyoshi to wear his Rotary pin daily with pride. President Dave presented Don with a star to mark his recruitment of a new member. Tsuyoshi thanked the club for receiving him, and asked that we have patience with him in his efforts to become fluent in English.

Sergeant At Arms

Jack Petrie tried his hand at testing club members with questions relating to Rotary Awareness Month but most were answered. Lori was fined for wearing the incorrect badge; Angele for being late as cashier; and Ron Cooley for being late. Happy/Sad dollars: Tom Lidkea (Marathoner); Tom Croft (Not Fined); Heather (5 hours of torture at Ikea); David Philip (Christmas cruise); Mary/Les (Off to Cancun); Ted Harrison (Chinese Food); Wynn Taylor (Same Sex, - nightly!).

Pablo Diemecke won the draw but no white marble.


Committee Chairs gave brief reports:

Club Service: - John Snively.
John thanked the members of his committee for their diligence and dependability in setting up the meeting room, preparing the service roster, planning social events and fulfilling the role of Sergeant at Arms. Next social function: “Salute to the Stars!” on March 5th. Change in room set-up and service seems to be well accepted. Kevin Walker will address the club in the near future regarding future plans for the hotel. Suitable program suggestions are always much appreciated.

Vocational Service: - Tom Croft reporting.
Thanks to Leslie Rogers-Warnock and Doug McDougall for their continuing support of the Interact Club. Interact members are invited to attend our meeting on Jan. 31st. Next week a sign-up page will be circulated so that members can volunteer to “sponsor” (i.e. pay for and host) an Interact member. As a fund raiser, the Interact members are considering a project to wash the police cars at $10 per car. Plans are underway to sponsor youth to attend RYLA and Adventures in Citizenship.

February 14th: visit to the Thrifty Foods kitchen at Keating Crossroads.
May 22nd: tentative date to visit the new Aberdeen Health Care Centre.

Membership: - Brian Lamb. No report.

Rotary Foundation: - Tav Macpherson. “This has been a good year for our club.” Our goal for contributions was $7,200 and we now have over $12,000. Bequests: ($10,000 U.S.) – we have met our goal. Benefactors: - the goal is to have 14 members bequeathing $1,000 or more. The coin boxes were well used, and we now have over 50% of our membership who are Paul Harris sustaining members. The goal is to have 100% sustaining members or full Paul Harris members by the end of this Rotary year. Many thanks to Neil Rawnsley and George Pritchard for their very helpful work.

Community Service: - Jack Petrie. Committee has focused mainly on the Peter Pan Water Park. They are now awaiting confirmation of grant money so that we can proceed with renovation and painting this summer. The ‘Smile Card’ project is going well. Planning for the Oak Bay Tea Party will be underway very soon.

International Service has no committe but Jim Force has prepared an extremely thorough report on the Clean Water Initiative. This is a project in Zanzibar where water supply to 14 villages needs to be upgraded, renovated, or in some cases, initiated. Some seed money is available but this is a costly, long-term project in which several clubs need to participate. Pat Elias will coordinate the local end of things through her Rotary Club in Zanzibar.

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA


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