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2008-2009 Rotary International Theme: Make Dreams Real
District 5020 Governor 08-09: Brian Beagle Assistant Governor: David Stocks
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Program for January 6, 2009, reported by Brian Lamb. CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Neil opened the meeting by indicating that January is Rotary Awareness month and by encouraging us to introduce new (younger) members to Oak Bay Rotary. O Canada was played by Tom Lidkea. Our blessing was given by Past President Jack who stepped forward when the member assigned the task did not respond to a request that he provide Grace.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by
Lori McLeod

Visitors included two of Lynne Murray’s three sisters, who came for Lynne's birthday, as well as Rotarians:
Sonya Reithel, Victoria Rotary Club (Oak Bay 2000/04); and
Irvine Hare, Saanich.

Donna Murray & Jill Croft were the guests of Lynne Murray.
Carol Toal of Joan Peggs; and Donna Blackstock of Joan Firkins.


Happy & Sad $$ included $60 from Lynne in celebration of her birthday; John S sad about passing of Mary Canty’s brother; Don O happy to back from Vietnam and finally, guest Irvine Hare happy about the way he was welcomed to our Club.
Joan Peggs won the 50-50 draw to help offset all the fines she had paid but did not draw the white marble.

Guest Speaker, introduced by Brian Lamb.

An excellent and witty introduction which, unfortunately, Brian, who reported this meeting, did not include in his notes.

Featured speaker, our own, Tricia Timmermans, who spoke about her Rotaplast trip to Cebu, Philippines in September, 2008. Tricia’s role on the team was photo-journalist. She spoke with much enthusiasm about the value of the trip and encouraged all of us to consider participating on a Rotaplast trip in the future. The function of the team of doctors, nurses and Rotarians is to treat young people who have cleft lips and palates. She mentioned that while about 1 in every 700 human births in North America have cleft lips, the number rises to 1 in 400 among Asians.


During their time in Cebu, the team saw 104 patients and did 159 procedures. Tricia explained that a cleft lip is a physical split of one or both sides of the upper lip and appears as a narrow opening or gap in the skin of the upper lip. Her many before and after pictures of several of the patients treated showed the almost instant improvement that the young person receives. The team consisted of over 25 medical and non-medical volunteers. Tricia’s enthusiasm about her trip was very evident.

Don O’Coffey
offered the thanks of the club to Tricia for her enjoyable talk.

Annual Report of the Rotary Club of Oak Bay for
Year Ending June 30, 2008

David Sills passed out copies of this report to all members as they paid for lunch. It contains the complete President’s Report by Jack Petrie, which he gave in brief at our AGM on Dec. 23. Well worth reading. It also contains the detailed Treasurer’s Report by David Sills. Not being a professional accountant, your Editor cannot summarize this report but it contains many interesting items. I suggest you read it and direct any questions to David (who cleverly avoided questions by not showing up at the AGM. Claims he did not want to subject his precious car to salt on the road).


1. Former club member Sonya Roethel, now a member of the downtown Victoria Club, was visiting to promote the Rotary Valentine’s Ball to take place Feb 7 at the Union club. Please call Sonya at 250-477-3348 for further details.
2 Heather Aked is looking for volunteers to help paint the Oak Bay Rec Teen Centre on Jan 24; please contact Heather if you need a make-up and/or can help with this hands-on project.
3 Almost final call for the Jan 16 Whisky tasting and Buffet dinner, $90 per person, contact Tom Lidkea.

Sergeant at Arms

Sergeant-at-Arms this month is Peter Lawrie who did a great job of extracting many fines from us including: Ross McLaughlin and Lorna Curtis for arriving late to the meeting; Tav MacPherson for parking in a non parking spot; Joan Firkins for not making sure her guest Donna got to the front of the food line; Joan Peggs was noticed from the Canary Islands by Leslie Rogers-Warnock for not promoting Rotary while having her picture on the front page of the Times-Colonist; all those who gained at least 1 pound over the holidays or who felt smug about not gaining weight; all those who did not make a New Year’s resolution involving Rotary; all who were glad to see the end of the snow (NOTE TO SELF: BRING LOTS OF FINE MONEY IN JANUARY & FEBRUARY).

January 2009 Programs

Jan 13

Joy Weismiller


Jan 20

Mary Coward – Microcredit Project in Guatemala


Jan 27

Shelterbox – Anne Ohlgen

13-Jan Petrie Prentice Pritchard Philip Pitt
20-Jan Lamb Schopper Sills Sim Sims
27-Jan Snively Taylor Timmermans Aked Bamji
Cash Desk: Peggs; 50-50: Beyer


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