Rotary Club of Oak Bay
  Service Above Self 2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: Service Above Self District Governor: Joan Firkins

Programs for January: (at Oak Bay Beach Hotel)

January 10 Assembly meeting
January 17 New Member Vocational Talks.
January 24 Christie Johnson on her Malawi project.
January 31 Oak Bay High School Interact luncheon. NOTE: This meeting is to be held at the Oak Bay Rec Centre


Roster January 10, 2006

Greet/Grace Greet/Intro Bulletin Introduce Speaker Thank Speaker
M Canty Beauvais Bedford Bixler Bristol-Price
Cashier: Cooley; 50-50: Munro


Program for January 3, reported by Heather Aked

Jack Petrie presided over the meeting, in the absence of both President David and Tav. Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and grace was recited by Wynn Taylor. Jack noted that January
is Rotary Awareness Month and urged us all to be aware of the many good works performed under Rotary auspices, such as PolioPlus, and to let others know too.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests, introduced by Irene Davie:
Micki Stirling, Harbourside, Arts Events Mngt.
Randy Randhawa, St. Albert, AB, Senior Active
Pat Elias, Zanzibar Stone Town, Director/Educator
George Baerg, Chilliwack/Fraser, Land Surveyor
Gillian Eades Telford, Vancouver Downtown, Gerontologist
Ruth Underhill, Speaker (along with Micki Stirling), was a guest of the Club
Leona & Antoni Randhawa were guests of Randy Randhawa
Andrew Livingston of David Sills
Colleen Force of Jim Force.

Les Canty announced his disappointment that not only had Oak Bay Rotary not completed 2 sheets of the Lilydale fundraising “sheet”, but we hadn’t even completed one. Les challenged
us to complete at least one for D.G. Joan. (Editor’s note; a concerted effort resulted in two completed sheets by the end of the meeting. Well Done!)

Jack Petrie noted that Pat Elias is going back to Zanzibar, after attending our Club for several meetings. She has our best wishes for continued success there.

Smile Cards: Jack announced the receipt of a first check from Thrifty’s for several hundred dollars for November. If you have not begun using them, start now!

Sergeant At Arms

Sergeant at Arms, Dallas Chapple, began with past birthdays and anniversaries including Ben Andersen (birthday), Rod Sim (anniversary), and Bedriya Hromic (birthday). Dallas then proceeded to levy a variety of fines including late fines on said reporter, Bedriya, and one other that I can’t remember. And of course $$ were fined to any and all who gained weight over the holiday season. Happy and sad dollars flowed: a sad dollar from Mary Canty for the loss of a friend and happy dollar for the scheduling of surgery being sped up. A happy dollar from Dallas for her upcoming trip to Hawaii and sad dollar from Rod for the loss of Mair Bedford (the memorial was scheduled for Jan. 4th). A happy dollar from Jim Force for having 3 of 4 children at home for Christmas, and another happy dollar from Barbara Bristol-Price for having her son home from Bangkok. And finally, a happy and sad dollar from this reporter for a happy Christmas, happy that it’s over and a sad dollar for forgetting copies of the duty roster. The draw for $12.00 was won by Rod Sim – but only a black ball for Rod.

Guest Speaker

Bert Whan Tan introduced our guest speaker, Mikki Stirling. Mikki is currently the Operations Manager for the Sierra Club of Canada and a member of the Harbourside Rotary Club. Mikki, an Employer Task Force participant in the Quality of Life Challenge, came to talk to us about this program. In the Capital Region, more than 43,000 people of working age live below the Low Income Cut Off line. Of these, 18,000 work at least part of the year, and 4,040 work full-time all year round. The Quality of Life Challenge is a challenge to the community to create a sustainably vibrant community. A group of employers has formed the Employer Task Force. These empoyers recognize that a healthy workplace makes for a healthy business. By intoducing good human resource practices, they have benefited with increased retention, greater productivity and increased profits. Mikki provided us with examples such as Shady Creek Ice Cream located on the Saanich Peninsula - they have matched the business hours for employees to the bus schedule, and Brown’s Florist employer, Chris Dysart (a past President of Harbourside Rotary Club), found that by opening the books and introducing profit sharing, ‘creative’ waste and the overfilling of orders has been eliminated. Work balance, flexible hours, work experience programs, creating a full-time position out of two part-time positions, surveying employee needs are all actions that employers can take to benefit their employees, the community and their business.

Mikki encouraged all employees to take up the challenge and make a positive change. (For additional information visit the websites and

Ben Andersen thanked our speaker.

Jack closed the meeting with a Rotary moment – to think about what we as Rotarians will be challenged with this upcoming year.

Below are Ruth Underhill, Jack Petrie & Micki Stirling, photographed by David Sills.

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