Rotary Club of Oak Bay
Service Above Self
2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: Service Above Self
Members of the Oak Bay High School Interact Club ham it up at their weekly noon-hour meeting this past Monday.

Program for February 28 - reported by Tricia
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President David opened the meeting by reminding us that it is still World Understanding Month.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests, introduced by Brian Lamb:
Jim Porter, Calgary S., S/A;
Ross McLaughlin, Harbourside;
Cedric Marsh's daughter, Rowan;
Burton Kennedy;
Tom Martin.

President Dave invited Margarita Barbara to report on the Health of the Club. She informed that Ted H. was not feeling well and was presently being looked after at the Bristol-Price Nursing Home!

Dave thanked Lorna, Leslie, Jack and Tricia for work done on the Women of Distinction Awards on behalf of us all—he expressed that he sincerely hoped that a certain renowned member of our club may be honoured.

( 1 ) Lorna reminded us to sign up/come to the Salute to the Stars this coming Saturday (March 4) see info at right.
( 2 ) Dave reported that the Strathcona Sunrise Rotary Club is holding a ski day this Friday, March 3 at Mt. Washington. It includes lunch, dinner, and a Rotary meeting. Check-in is at 8:00 a.m. For more information, contact Alan Hampshire at (250) 338-5495, or email
( 3 ) The tax receipts for the Stephen Lewis Evening will be issued for the next financial year.
( 4 ) Jack thanked all who are using the Thrifty Smile cards. He is ordering 30 or 40 more, so please tell him how many you (and all your friends and relatives) want.
( 5 ) Jack announced a Community Service Meeting at 5:00 PM on March 16 in the Snug to begin planning for the Carnarvon Water Park renos. Tom Lidkea has offered to work with the Municipality on this. He feels, though, that he needs to visit the Cancun Water Park before he can begin!
Working bees will start in April or May to begin cleaning, painting, etc.; hopefully we can get the Interactors involved too.
( 6 ) Tav congratulated the club which was singled out for lying 2nd out of 87 clubs in Foundation contributions. Bainbridge Island (98 members : $22,683) was 1st. Our contributions were in the vicinity of $16,000, but we only have 52 members. A warning: Tav may be after you to see if you can come up with the US$100.00 to maintain our excellent average.

Sergeant At Arms

Sgt. @ Arms : Dallas, who was having a bad day, was fined for being late and going to the wrong place. Dave pinned Saturday's article about her attractive home to the mike—which was the #1 reason for the fine. She paid up $5, and expressed delight that no constabulary were about (they were all at our meeting) to nab her for speeding, as she got here in record time. Fines : No-sign-ins: Doug, Giles, Pres. Dave, and Jack. Barry was fined for leaving early and taking Dallas 's seat! $2 each from Tom C. and John P. for leaving early; and Cedric for not “name-carding” his daughter. Birthdays : Anne and Cedric (both March 2). More fines : $1s for no guests at table; $1s for not going to the social; and $1s for those who didn't write to support the hotel (this from Neil M.). Carl paid up as he is very pleased with his recovery; Jerry paid up to announce he is playing drums at the Central Bar and Grill on Thursday (for charity). Barb paid for being in Mexico (but complained that nobody told her Margaritas put on weight); Tom Porter congratulated Nels for winning an Olympic Gold in hockey and then railed at Canada for lack of a team, but he had forgotten the women—yes, he paid! Rod paid up for Tav's excellent collecting habits; Neil R. thanked Tom C. for the great visit to Thrifty's warehouse; and Tom C. spoke of how we should all go to Darcy's Pub to see the Victorians who have made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Anne won the draw—a blackie.

Bert Whan Tong introduced the speaker, Derek Greer, who is on his third career, this one as Executive Director for Greater Victoria Police Victim Services. Derek served 26 years in the Navy and 14 years in financial and program management positions with the Provincial Government. He gave examples of the many ways the 50 volunteers at Victim Services help those who have been traumatized through accidents or have been victims of crime. Victim Services offers emotional support, understanding, referrals to relevant agencies or professionals, information on the justice system and court orientation, liaison with police, courts and other agencies, and assistance in completing applications for Crime Victim Assistance and in preparing Victim Impact Statements. Volunteers are carefully selected and receive 80 hours of extensive training. The program works in co-operation with 7 police forces—4 Municipal, 2 RCMP, and the Military Police. It started in the 1980s as a backlash against so much attention being given to the rights of the accused. As well as the volunteers, there is a staff of 5 who do casework with the volunteers. They work in all municipalities except Sooke, which has its own program. One of the main support services is that the volunteers allow the police time to do their job, especially in the area of immediate crisis intervention at the scene of a crime or accident. Major benefits are that the Victim Services' volunteers help the victims heal and get back to their lives faster; they also help them become better witnesses. Cost of the program is $300,000 per year, which is funded by the government (Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General), participating municipalities in the CRD, United Way of Greater Victoria; and donations.

Derek asked Rotary for assistance with the purchase of a new vehicle, as their 1992 Chevy Astro Van is not up to snuff.

Derek introduced Constable Tim Henderson, the Oak Bay Police Department member on the Board, and an ex Navy brat! Tim informed Dallas that she was extremely lucky not to have been caught speeding, as there are a lot of them (7 today) out there. He mentioned traumatic incidents (murder, suicide, traffic death) in Oak Bay that he has been involved in recently, and how he had used Victim Services' compassionate volunteers in all cases. Funding, however, was a big issue.

Ben Andersen asked what the cost of the vehicle might be ($25-30,000), and what responses they had had from other Rotary clubs (cheque received from Victoria club). Leslie thanked the speakers, describing her first-hand experience of seeing Victim Services in action.

Brian concluded with a Membership Minute where he described a membership development strategy implemented by the Rotary Club of Lacombe in Alberta . Club members pre-purchase lunch tickets punch-card style. The only way unpunched dates can be redeemed is by bringing a guest. This has proven to be an excellent way to increase new membership and improve retention.

Programs for March (at Oak Bay Beach Hotel)


March 7: Mayor Christopher Causton speaking
March 14: Leanne Kopp, Victoria Prostrate Centre
March 21: Chief Vern Jacks, Tseycum First Nation, with Kevin Doyle
March 28: Julie Holder, Victoria Read Society

Roster March 7& March 14, 2006

Greet/Grace Greet/Intro Bulletin Intro Speaker Thank Speaker
L. Canty Carter M. Canty Chambers Cooley

Cashier: D Sills; 50-50: J. McLean (March)

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA, V8S 2N2

Directions to Hotel

Our Roots Run Deep


Saturday, March 4th
Night before the Oscars!

7pm at  Lorna's House
1842 Penshurst Road

Theme: Salute to Movie Stars and Wine Tasting

Email Heather or Lorna if you haven't already signed up for the

Salute to the Stars

$15 per person

a savoury Appetizer and any movie soundtracks you might have.

Dress up as:
Your favourite star from the movies.

(But don't reveal your identity as guessing with be part of the evening.)


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