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2010-2011 Rotary International Theme: Building Communities Bridging Continents
District 5020 Governor 2010-2011: Robert Martin. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
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Program for February 22, 2011 - Reported by Jim Force; Photos by Tricia Timmermans

President-elect Joan Peggs called the meeting to order.


Tav Macpherson encouraged club members to attend the DTLA, which is to be held in Victoria April 1st-3rd and to attend the District Conference in Tacoma, Washington June 3rd-5th. A Rotary bus will be available to take participants to Tacoma – should be a great time. He also announced that our club’s all-time giving to Rotary Foundation has now passed the $300,000 mark. Congratulations Oak Bay Rotarians! Finally, Tav presented Joan, as acting President, with the Dean Peggs Award for Oak Bay Rotary, being the club in District 5020 with highest per capita donations to the  Foundation for the 2009-2010 Rotary Year. This is the third time our club has received this award.
Deans Peggs award Joan was caught by surprise and noticeably moved to receive the award on behalf of the club, an award named after her late father, Deans Peggs.

Tickets for the April 30th play, Crazy for You, by the Canadian College of Performing Arts on April 30,are available from Lorna Curtis. Lorna also passed around the Tuscan Dinner donation folder that has all the information regarding the donation process. Be sure to have a look at it over the next couple of weeks or contact Lorna directly if you have any questions regarding making or soliciting donations.

Pete Lawrie updated us on the Interact Bake Sale in which the students raised $200 (matched by our club) for their Rabbits for Rwanda project. (Read club member John Jordan's latest blog here.) He also informed us that the selection of two students for RYLA and one student for Adventures in Citizenship is now in progress.

Neil Rawnsley invited club members to join the Rotary Choir that meets on Tuesdays from 7 to 9 pm at the Centennial United Church.



February is World Understanding Month
RI Banner 2011

Banner Presentation: President Elect Joan Peggs (note the impressive tatoo - ouch that must have hurt Joan!) presented the RI Banner for the up-coming Rotary year to David Sills our club historian. Joan received the banner while at PETS (Presidents-elect Training Seminar). In case you're wondering who the name on the banner belongs to, Kalyan Banerjee, a member of the Rotary Club of Vapi, Gujarat, India is President of Rotary International for 2011-12. He earned a degree in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, in 1964. His goal is to see Rotary "blossom from being the world's most recognized service organization to being the most important NGO in the world".

Speaker: Dr. Robert Kowalewski

Dr. Robert KowalewskiPeter Johannknecht introduced our speaker Dr. Robert Kowalewski whose presentation was titled Antimatter in Science and Film. Dr. Kowalewski is the Chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UVic. He spent 8 years conducting research at the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) particle physics laboratories, located in the suburbs of Geneva.

The title of Dr. Kowalewski’s presentation comes from the film Angels and Demons in which CERN and antimatter were both featured. The talk focused on the history and nature of antimatter (science vs. film fiction) and on the scientific questions explored at CERN.

CERN’s particle accelerator is 27 km long and is used to smash protons into each other. While there are a variety of research projects being conducted at CERN, Canada has limited its involvement to the Atlas Experiment which was initiated at UVic in 1992 and which takes place in the 7-stories-high Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

The discovery of antimatter came about through the integration of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Antimatter is the opposite of matter. Whenever matter is created, an equal amount of antimatter is created. When matter and antimatter are brought together there is a flash of light energy. Despite what is shown in the film Angels and Demons, antimatter can’t be used to destroy the Vatican nor to create weapons as there is just too little of it that can be produced. Also, it takes more energy to create antimatter than it produces, thus it is not a potential source of usable energy. Since the Big Bang 14 billion years ago there has developed an asymmetry of matter and antimatter. The reason for the annihilation of antimatter is not currently understood. It may have to do with “dark matter/mass,” whatever that is. In response to Corey Burger’s question, Dr. Kowaleski indicated that collider research, while it can create very minute black holes, they are of such small magnitude that they aren’t a threat in regard to devouring the world.

Pete Lawrie thanked Dr. Kowaleski and awarded him one of the coveted Oak Bay Rotary mugs.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Corey Burger
Ryan Stewart (former Interact Student in Campbell River);
Geneviève Lemay;
and today's speaker,
Dr. Robert Kowalewski

Celebrations Master

CM, Jack Petrie, has taken the role to new dimensions with the addition of humorous jokes. “You know you are getting old when getting lucky means finding your car in the mall parking lot.” Jack noted that there seems to be a trend of not attending the meeting for those who have birthdays. He figures this is either due to our poor renditions of Happy Birthday or their embarrassment about growing old. Fines where given to Lorna Curtis for her pronunciation of thee-ay-ter, Heather Aked for her Spanish, David Sills and Joe Prentice for their long white manes, Joan Peggs for the Rotary Decal tattoo she was wearing on her face, and to the all male table. A couple of tables were fined for not being able to correctly answer Jack’s Rotary questions. One wonders though if Jack actually knew the correct answers himself.

Club Anniversary: Tav Macpherson celebrated 9 years as a club member.

Happy & Sad Dollars: Tav Macpherson, Joan Peggs, Dallas Chapple and Pablo Diemecke all shared happy and sad stories.

50/50 Draw: Pablo Diemecke had the winning ticket, but unfortunately drew the black marble – better luck next time Pablo.

Sing along to a beautiful new song COME JOIN US that describes the essence of what we do in Rotary.

Click here to read of club members' Jacqueline Mealing and John Snively's work in San Antonio Palopo on Lake Atitlan, in Guatemala. Please show your support for this program, as three club members are physically involved in Guatemala in "MAKING IT HAPPEN!" This is what Rotary is about: Service Above Self. View photos of the project here.

Microcredit Conference in Victoria; March 4th and 5th; registration is $80; register on-line or contact Jenn Raappana at 250-893-2204.

Dr. Robert Kowalewski

Greeter & Grace
Greeter & Introduce Guests
Bulletin Minutes
Host & Introduce Speaker
Thank Speaker
PROGRAMS - MARCH - Literacy World Rotaract Week (March 13)

March 1

Sgt. Ray Maxwell – Oak Bay Police – Changes to BC’s Drinking and Driving Laws

March 8

Mayor Chris Causton – What Makes Oak Bay Unique

Mar 15

St Patrick’s Day social meeting

Mar 22

Committee Brainstorming

Mar 29

Daphne Hitchcock – SenseABILITY


Letter from Geoff Hall, a member of the organizing committee for the 2011 District 5020 District Leadership Training Assembly (DLTA):  This year's DLTA will take place in Victoria, April 2nd-3rd 2011, with a social evening - Fellowship Friday - preceding on April 1st for those who are interested. This is a wonderful opportunity for 5020 Rotarians to learn about Foundation Grants, building ever better Rotary clubs, ways to include youth, and more.  You can check out this link for complete program info: Program Outlines. There will be no shortage of opportunity for fellowship with Rotarians from all around Washington and Vancouver Island, including the opportunity for a night on the town with Saturday Night Specials.  Attendees have the chance to check out some of the best spots beautiful Victoria has to offer! Please visit the web site I have set up here. Registration is now open for paying by cheque or Credit Card. Base registration is $90.00 CAD. Remember, registration is limited, so you are encouraged to register ASAP to ensure availability!

Yours in Rotary, 
Geoff Hall
Sidney by the Sea Rotary Club
District 5020

Service above Self - He Profits Most who Serves Best
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