Rotary Club of Oak Bay
Service Above Self
2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: Service Above Self

Program for February 21 - reported by David Sills

President David opened the meeting by reminding us that February is World Understanding Month. He remarked that the latest Rotarian Magazine had an item about the four Rotary Clubs in the Comox Valley that have raised almost $14,000 in aid of ALS treatment and research.

Jack Petrie, Lorna Curtis, and Mayor Chris Causton enjoy a joke at the the 2010 Olympic Live Sites presentation at the Oak Bay Bowling Club
Jack accepts the $20,000 commitment package for upgrades to Canarvon Water Park from Maureen Halstead-Rogoza, Constituency Assistant for Ida Chong.

$20,000 Fine! President David indulged in some criticism of Jack Petrie for swanning around and coming in late. He then called on S@A Dallas to come to the podium. She fined Jack $20,000! Jack then waved an envelope which, he said, contained a commitment for grants totalling $20,000 to cover the cost of renovations and upgrades to the Canarvon Water Park. This will be a hands-on project involving members. The grants include $10,000 from the Province, and $5,000 from Oak Bay Municipal Council. Our club will kick in a matching $5000. Congratulations are in order to President David & Lorna Curtis for stickhandling the applications.

Rotarian of the Week is Vicki Pitt, who has undertaken the revision of our Club constitution with the aim of eventually achieving the status of a charitable organization.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests, introduced by Heather Aked:
Art Newman, Chatham Ont., Consulting Geologist;
Joe Prentice, Whitehorse Y.T.;
Jim Porter, Calgary S., S/A;
Sig Balfour, Lethbridge;
Ross McLaughlin, Harbourside;
Kevin Hilgers, (accompanied by his wife) from Grande Prairie.

Richard Faryon was the guest of Ted Chambers;
Jeanette Munzio of Wynn Taylor;
Dwight Whitson & Ralph Hahmann of David Maxwell;
Alexander Roethel of Rod Sim;
Colleen Force of Jim Force.

Also guests were Kevin Walker, our Guest Speaker, and his wife Shawna, as well as Therese Eley, Director of Communications, Oak Bay Beach Hotel.

New member Proposal: Richard R. Faryon has been proposed for membership by Ted Chambers, and this proposal has been approved by the Board. Richard is a former member of the Victoria Rotary Club; he retired as Executive Director of York University Centre for Continuing Education. Volunteer positions include Board of Directors, Broadmead Resident’s Association, and others.

Sergeant At Arms

Ain’t She Sweet. Dallas Chapple went back to her normal nickel and dime routine as she extracted dollar fines from our President for suggesting that he only gave his opening remarks because he had to, from the indefatigable Jack Petrie for injudicious cell phone use, from Irene for looking so good, and from at least six late arrivals. Birthday wishes and cards were presented to George Pritchard, Martin Holden, David Philip and Wynn Taylor. Les Canty won the draw and drew a black marble. Happy/Sad Dollars were paid by Mr. Petrie to point out Carl’s nice new Caddy, Wynn Taylor for some obscure comparison of the Walls of Jericho to the playing ethics of Todd Bertuzzi, and finally, from Tom Likea for pointing out that he would opt for Dick Cheney’s shooting skills over Ted Kennedy’s driving abilities.

Tricia reported that the Club will be supporting two RYLA students for the annual visit to Washington State and one student for Adventures in Citizenship in Ottawa. She also reported that the Club raised $181 from the sale of flashing Rotary Hearts at Thrifty’s Hillside. Thanks to volunteers: Jerry, Jack, Leslie, Les and Mary, John S., and Tricia.

Tav gave an enthusiastic pitch for members, especially newer members, to attend the DLTA (District Leadership and Training Assembly) to be held at the Victoria Conference Center on April 1 and 2. As an incentive, the Board has set aside $900 to help defray part of the modest $175 attendance fee. Register HERE!

GUEST SPEAKER, Kevin Walker, outlining the exciting future he and his team are planning for the Oak Bay Beach Hotel.
Rod Sim noted that this Club has had several past members who influenced our development, and whose children continue to benefit the Oak Bay community. He mentioned Nancy Poole, daughter of Werk Poole, and Joan Peggs, daughter of D.P. Peggs, as well as our speaker, Kevin Walker, the son of charter member Bruce Walker. Rod also noted that we have been associated with the Walkers and the Oak Bay Beach Hotel since our charter as a Rotary Club in 1974.

The Oak Bay Beach Hotel Legacy Project

In Kevin Walker’s words: “How to condense four years work and planning into a 20 minute presentation?” As he said, his patience with the process may be waning but not his enthusiasm for the project. Regrettably the present building, parts of which date back to 1927, has reached the end of its useful life. Impediments to any type of renovation include serious deficiencies in earthquake preparedness, accessibility for guests, and fire vulnerability. The building does not come close to meeting the current Building Codes. To attempt to do so would be extremely difficult and costly. In the words of the Professional advisors: “To save the existing hotel is not a viable course of action.” Kevin refers to the construction of a new hotel as a Legacy Project, an approach to redevelopment that embraces many significant elements of the existing building. The legacy will be a seismically-sound hotel that embraces its past through retention of familiar landmarks, an approach called “adaptive reuse”. The grand lobby and fireplace, the main entranceway, and many of the antiques and furnishings will be removed, stored and reinstalled in the new hotel. The Snug Lounge will be recreated in its original 1930’s form as will the Oak Bay Theatre, where we now gather for our weekly meetings. The new hotel is planned to be a pedestrian destination, a place to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Kevin showed slides of the proposed building as it will appear alongside its neighbours, notably the White House across the street and the condominium units along the waterfront. It will be an impressive building, but at three times the size of the existing hotel will take much patience and negotiation to become a reality. If members want this new hotel, please write Mayor Causton & Council. In thanking Kevin, Don O’Coffey remarked on the formidable process and the neverending challenge to meet the demands of neighbours and the municipal authorities.

Programs for February/March (at Oak Bay Beach Hotel)


February 28: Speaker for Police Victim Services
March 7: Mayor Christopher Causton speaking

Roster February 28, March 7, & March 14, 2006

Greet/Grace Greet/Intro Bulletin Intro Speaker Thank Speaker
Whan Tong
L. Canty Carter M. Canty Chambers Cooley

Cashier: L. Canty; 50-50: L. McLeod (Feb)
Cashier: D Sills; 50-50: J. McLean


Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA, V8S 2N2

Directions to Hotel


Saturday, March 4th
Night before the Oscars!

7pm at  Lorna's House
1842 Penshurst Road

Theme: Salute to Movie Stars and Wine Tasting

Email Heather or Lorna if you haven't already signed up for the

Salute to the Stars

$15 per person

An Appetizer

Dress up as:
Your favourite star from the movies.

(But don't reveal your identity as guessing with be part of the evening.)

Lorna Curtis put in a plug for the “Salute To The Stars” social event - see details above.
You might want to use the 2006 Oscar nominations as a guide if you expect to garner a prize. She also advised that the Club will participate in the Oak Bay Heritage House and Garden Tour on Aug. 20 and 21. Volunteers will be needed for this fund-raiser for the Club and the Heritage Society.

Our Roots Run Deep