Rotary Club of Oak Bay
Service Above Self 2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: Service Above Self District Governor: Joan Firkins
Programs for February: (at Oak Bay Beach Hotel)


February 21: Kevin Walker, owner of OBBH
February 28: Speaker for Police Victim Services

Roster February 21 & 28, 2006

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Whan Tong

Cashier: L. Canty; 50-50: L. McLeod

Vocational Program for February 14
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Reported by Neil Madsen

Thirty-five members and guests gathered at Thirfty's Warehouse at 11:30 AM and were divided into two groups for our tours. The group your editor was in had our tour guided by Grant, a foreman with 12+ years employment at Thrifty's, and Sean, a stock controller with 11 years experience. The second group's tour guide was the assistant warehouse manager, Richard. They explained that fresh produce was kept in large rooms kept at various temperatures, depending on the type of produce. Thus we went through rooms at 54 and 34 degrees with 85% humidity. Grant explained the origins of the fresh produce. Although they try to spend most of their money in Canada, for the four months of the winter season, a large amount must be imported from California, Arizona, Mexico, and various Latin American countries. An increasing proportion of fresh produce is supplied by organic growers. An interesting series of rooms were designed to ripen bananas under controlled temperatures using ethylene gas (a gas produced naturally by ripening fruit which speeds ripening in adjacent fruits). Although the warehouse was enormous and contained thousands of different items, it supplied only 34% of the needs of the 19 Thrifty's stores on the island. Thus meats, most dairy products, and many other items are sent directly to the stores.

After the tour we repaired to the board room for lunch and a lively question and answer session with our tour leaders and some additional resource people. It was a fascinating glimpse into the work and the people who provide our daily food. Our thanks go to the people from Thrifty's who were such gracious hosts, and to organizers John Snively and Tom Croft. Images below by Jack Petrie.

Thanks to the Rotary Hearts volunteers, Bert, Leslie, John S., Jerry with Brett and Jaime, Mary and Les, and Tricia who helped out at Thrifty's Hillside last Friday and Saturday. Thanks also to those who bought the hearts. We netted about $200 while increasing Oak Bay Rotary's visibility at a popular shopping venue. The following is a short collection of comments made by folks who passed by in Thrifty's:

"Our grandson is in Brazil because of Rotary."

"You don't often see Rotary out."

"We don't want any hearts but here's a contribution to all the good things Rotary does."

"These are just great for when I'm riding my bike."

"Do you take Visa?"

"My dad had polio..." (She didn't buy a heart!)

"It's a great cause."

"You're flashing!"

"I should put one here (pointing to his chest) .. it would be the only one beating."

"What is pulp?" (New Canadian having trouble with the orange juice label.")

Below are some of our Rotary heart sellers at the Hillside Thrifty's store.
(Photos by Tricia)

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA, V8S 2N2

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Saturday, March 4th
Night before the Oscars!

7pm at  Lorna's House
1842 Penshurst Road

Theme: Salute to Movie Stars and Wine Tasting

Email Heather or Lorna if you haven't already signed up for the

Salute to the Stars

$15 per person

An Appetizer

Dress up as:
Your favourite star from the movies.

(But don't reveal your identity as guessing with be part of the evening.)

Thrifty's Warehouse Vocational trip (Photos by Jack)

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