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Program for February 12, 2008, reported by Neil Madsen. CLICK HERE for Print Version

Bryce Kendrick
Speaker Bryce Kendrick - who rekindled interest in our seashore

The meeting was chaired by Ron Cooley and the slide show featured highlights of his year as president, 2004/05. Ron also referred to some of the achievements of the Club during that year. The piano being unlocked, Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and Barry Mutter recited grace

Visiting Rotarians and Guests introduced by Lori McLeod:

Bruce Hacker,
Saanich, Real Estate, Retired;
Doug Downs, Harbourside, Constuction.
Shannon Hillyer
was the guest of Jack Petrie;
Gary Smith
was the guest of Doug Downs;
and Bryce Kendrick, our guest speaker pictured above, was the guest of the Club.

Health of the Club: Mary Canty reported that Mark Bedford is now convalescing at the home of his daughter in Calgary. He is tired but recovering. Lynne Murray is also home and impatient to be doing things.

Past President Ron recounted some of the Club’s achievements over the last few years, including 3 Shelterboxes this year, one from the Club and two from members. He invited Foster Isherwood to recall some of the highlights of his year as President and, among other items, he mentioned our outreach to Uganda through Norvold Penney, a former member.
John Snively, from the back of the room, mumbled something about Pablo Diemecke once more offering premium Mayan coffee beans at $14, of which $4 goes to the Club.

David Sills fined any table without a past President and fined the Social Queens for all the good times they have provided members over the years. He recounted that the treasurer resigned during his year as President, and Tom Croft volunteered to do the job provided he didn’t have to keep the books, then done by Rod Sim; both fined. David recounted that during his year, 1995/96, 10 new members were recruited of which, he said, only two are left: Neil Madsen & Ben Andersen. He forgot that Will Carter joined in 1996, just before Neil M. That’s $5 you owe the pot, David.

Happy $ included Foster’s grateful thanks to the health professions for keeping him alive after many heart problems, and David Maxwell for having his company named one of the 50 best- managed in Canada. Joan Peggs won the draw but drew black.

Guest Speaker, introduced by Neil Madsen:

Bryce Kendrick grew up in Liverpool and took his education, including a Ph.D., at the University of Liverpool. He came to the Plant Research Institute at Canada Agriculture, in Ottawa, in 1958, where Neil first met him. Later he went to the University of Waterloo. He has studied mycology (fungi) for over 50 years and published more than 300 papers on the subject, as well as several books including a widely distributed textbook. On retirement he bought a sea-side house south of Sidney and this rekindled his childhood passion for marine biology. Bryce explained that he began taking pictures of shore-life in the intertidal zone and accumlated hundreds. He also enjoyed showing the shore life to his grand-children. Aware at age 73 that he might not be around to continue to mentor his grandchildren, he assembled some 500 photographs along with descriptions and produced a CD-ROM in 2007, dedicated to his five grand-children, then aged 2 to 8. He then treated the Club with selections from his beautiful collection of pictures.

Bryce began by showing us the types of shores that we have on the B.C. coast. These range from steep cliffs into the water, which one can only examine from a boat, through various types of beaches, sand dunes and salt marshes. Rock and pebble beaches are particularly interesting because under every rock will be found various wonderful creatures. Next he introduced us to various members of the Echinoderms. These include seastars, brittle stars, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and sand dollars. They are all distinguished by having five-fold symmetry. This is easily seen in the five arms of the purple sea star. (Bryce admonished us not to call them starfish as they are not fish.) Bryce had a number of striking pictures of various types, including one of numerous sea stars in a heap while spawning (he added that it is not known if they were enjoying themselves). He then showed some pictures of sea anemones, which have radial symmetry. The most common ones, which we have all seen on local rocks, are the aggregating anemones. Another variety is the brown plumous anemone which sometimes is seen hanging down from rocks, One young grand-daughter, seeing this picture, compared it to a certain human male appendage. Obviously, said Bryce, she had seen things she wasn’t supposed to have. Other pictures shown were of jelly fish of which there are a number of types in local waters. Often seen washed up on the beach is a stranded Lion’s Mane. Don’t touch it! There were other pictures shown, too many to describe, and all these were just a sample of the 500 on the disc. Bryce has these available for $15 (some were snapped up at the meeting). He can be contacted at 655-5051 or

Giles Bixler thanked Bryce for a spectacular presentation of so many beautiful pictures of the local shore life. A number of members were especially intrigued, including Ron Cooley who spends a lot of time with his nine-year-old daughter exploring these same scenes with the aid of various books to identify the creatures. Obviously a budding marine biologist, she will be especially delighted with this disc.


Jack Petrie

President Elect:
Neil Rawnsley

Past President:
Tav Macpherson

Victoria Pitt

David Sills

Neil Rawnsley

Public Relations:
Tricia Timmermans

Tav Macpherson

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Service Projects:
Tom Lidkea
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Sergeants @ Arms:
Brian Lamb

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