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2008-2009 Rotary International Theme: Make Dreams Real
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Program for February 10, 2009, reported by Ron Cooley. CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Neil's Rotary Quote was from RI President DK Lee’s Rotary Message for February: “In Rotary, February is World Understanding Month - a time to focus on the importance of goodwill and understanding for peace. It is a time for all of us to pause and consider how we are pursuing Rotary’s fourth Avenue of Service - International Service - because it is our international service and our international fellowship that will do the most to help us build a more peaceful tomorrow”.

Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and Will Carter said grace.

Sergeant @ Arms, Jack Petrie introduced Shelly Best as the new owner of Lifestyle Travel. Told a joke about love that he should have been fined for. Fined Giles $2 for his wife Amanda’s new job. Early leavers were Heather, Lorna, Lynn and Dallas. Few escaped the $2 fine if you did not bring a guest. Jack auctioned off a book Here Be Dragons, by Peter Newman for $15.50 to Tom Croft.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests Introduced by Ted Chambers
Oliver Schmidke, guest speaker, was guest of the Club.
Shelley Best was the guest of Jack Petrie. 


Dallas Introduced our speaker, Oliver Schmidtke who moved from Germany in 1999 to teach Political Science and History at UVic. Oliver’s talk was on World understanding and History from the dark ages of war to the current golden age. The European Community contributed to world understanding and peaceful reorganization. The European Union just celebrated its 50th birthday and became a true political union with the ratification of the constitution. The real driving force was the utter destruction and failure after the 2nd World War. The former centre of the European communities was destroyed. Churchill had a vision in 1946 to build the United States of Europe. The ECU is the culmination of that vision. Jean Monet stated that there will be no peace if states rebuild on basis of national sovereignty. There must be a federation formed. The 1st attempt to overcome Extreme Federalism was the European Coal and Steel agreement in 1951. Germany was involved as a partner instead of the previous method of punishing the loser. The Roman Treaty of 1957 set up the frame work of the ECU and included France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Monaco Luxembourg and the Netherlands. A mobile work force has been created which is good in times of growth but with the current slowdown, there is a concern about rising nationalism. The Constitution was very detailed, and outlined what could and could not be done. It was very bureaucratic and while the elected officials expected it to pass, the general public distrusted it. Therefore it failed in referendums in some countries. In the past, a strong French and German tandem worked to propel ideas forward. Oliver suggested that it would help if the UK stepped up to help work things out for the future.

Tom Croft thanked Oliver for a insightful and thoughtful talk.

Rotary Wheel


Jim Force: Sat 9-11 meet at Windsor Park to pack Kids Kits. Needs help on Tuesday to transport kits.

Joan P. reminded us of the vocational visit on Feb 24 to Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence. She has now e-mailed members with directions on how to get there.

Perry Bamjee of the International Committee showed us the Grace Booklet that will be part of their fund raiser for the year. It has over 100 graces and sells for $10 each and the committee would like each of the members to commit to selling 5 books each. The money raised will be used to purchase 2 Shelter Boxes. Let's all help out.

The Lieutenant Governor will visit our Club on March 17. Please be here and seated by 12:30 prior to his arrival.

Health of the Club: Jack Petrie told us that Carl Jackson was cancer free.

Happy/ Sad $
Ron B. Just back from 2 weeks in Aruba said nothing beats Victoria. Draw for $13 was won by Wendy.

February 2009 Programs
February 17 Perry - Bamji - The Myriad Faces of Japan
February 24 Tour of Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE)
17-Feb Curtis Sills Davie Firkins Force
24-Feb Harrison Johannknecht Hogarth Jackson Lamb
Cash Desk: McLean; 50-50: Prentice


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