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2008-2009 Rotary International Theme: Make Dreams Real
District 5020 Governor 08-09: Brian Beagle Assistant Governor: David Stocks
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Program for February 3, 2009, reported by Giles Bixler CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Neil's Rotary Quote was from RI President Richard D. King of the Rotary Club of Niles in Fremont, CA. His Rotary vision was for Rotarians to recognize that Mankind is Our Business.  In a July 2001 Rotarian article entitled, “An Uncommon Man”  he said: “Rotary is of great value.  It changes the course of human life.  It changes the life of every Rotary beneficiary, as well as the life of each Rotarian”. O Canada was sung a cappela and Bob Beauvais said grace.

Sergeant @ Arms
Past President, Jack Petrie, filled in as Sergeant-at-Arms. He began by reporting that, feeling a little rusty at the job, he prepared by researching his duties as spelled out in the Rotary Constitution, which says that the Sergeant-at-Arms function is to maintain order to make sure the atmosphere does not detract from the dignity of the meetings. Enough said. Jack then collected fines from various tables that didn’t know how many Rotary clubs there are in the world (Guesses were in the hundreds, the answer: in the thousands). Brian Lamb was among the happy dollar contributors, commenting on the beauty of a group of Ted Harrison paintings reproduced in the Times Colonist recently, and how fortunate we are to have an artist of his stature in the club. Dallas gave her “last dollar” after returning “broke” from a vacation in Hawaii, and proceeded to win the draw, thereby “refilling her coffers.”

Health of the Club: Lynne Murray reported that Barbara Bristol had successful heart bypass surgery.  She can accept short visits after Thursday.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests Introduced by Mark Bedford
Mike van Strawbenzee, Harbourside, Travel.
Mike and Steve Sharlow, sons of Bill, were the guests of Bill Sharlow;
Pat Bayes, Speaker, was the guest of the Club. 


Pat Bayes
Past District Governor Joan Firkins introduced our guest speaker, Pat Bayes Administration, Program and Fund Development Coordinator of Stand Up For Mental Health, a national program of hope and empowerment for people with mental illness. “Laughter is our weapon of choice in breaking down prejudice, stigma and discrimination against mental illness," Pat told us. Standup comedy by people with mental illness helps change.

Standup comedy by people with mental illness helps change public perception of the problem, Pat told us, and described how the program works to bring members of the general public into contact with mentally ill people in a constructive encounter using standup. “They are not separate and apart from the community,” she said. “They are part of the community. One in five of us will deal with mental illness in our lifetime.”

Performances are not just for the general public. Pat says that a version of the program has been presented to university psychiatry departments across the country and will be streamed to the University of Victoria this year.

She showed us a film depicting the training and performances of some of the fledgling comics who have participated in the program. They were pretty funny and very gutsy. The film was excerpted from “Cracking Up” a CBC Passionate Eye documentary about the program which recently won a VOICE Award sponsored by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Pat said: "Everyone told us we would never succeed, including the Canada Council. But the Canada Council recently gave us a grant for community arts collaboration.” The program is coming to Victoria this year and already has a waiting list.

The Speaker was thanked by Mary Canty.

Depression Daze

In 1933, PM R.B. Bennet addressed the students at the UofA, Edmonton, about the great opportunities awaiting them.  A reporter for the student newspaper accosted him next day and said: "It is hard to impress students with the wonder of opportunities if they lack funds to finish and won’t find work when through”.  RB responded with: “Why can’t they find work?  It is because they feel they are entitled to make a choice. There is plenty of work to be done - but it is not the kind they wish to do.  How many girls do you know who are willing to go out and do housework?  Not many!  Everyone would rather look to the government than go about their work as they would do in normal times.” Weren’t we Canadians lucky to have such a sympathetic and enlightened PM in the depression while all the poor Americans had was FDR?


President Neil recognized Bill Sharlow on his 93rd birthday and led the members in “Happy Birthday”. Neil then recognized David Philip for his “Paul Harris Fellow+5.” as well as for his birthday.

Lorna reported that we have three homes lined up for the August 15th Home and Garden tour, and that we need one more, preferably in Oak Bay. She also reported that a Mexican evening is planned for February 28, 7:00 pm,  at Peter & Jean Lawrie’s home, 1011 Island Road.  Cost: $25  per person which includes two drinks and snacks.

Joan Peggs reminded members of the Vocational Visit planned for next Month and said that she needs to know by February 20 how many members are going.  We will meet at the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence on Interurban Road.  (Joan promises full details on address and parking at next meeting).  The menu will include soup, tossed gourmet of greens, selection of assorted sandwiches or wraps, cookies, tarts and a beverage.

DLTA will be at the Empress on Feb. 21/22.

Dates to remember for coming meetings: 
February 24, Pacific Institute of Sports Excellence.
March 17: Hon. Stephen Pointe, Lt. Gov. of BC, will be our guest.

Kids’ Kits:  Packing for our Club is February 14 at Windsor Park; and on Feb. 17 there will be an all-club packing party.

February 2009 Programs
February 10 EU and European Integration - Oliver Schmidtke
February 17 Perry - Bamji - The Myriad Faces of Japan
February 24 Tour of Pacific School of Sports Excellence (PISE)
10-Feb Carter Chambers Cooley Chapple Croft
17-Feb Curtis Edgell Davie Firkins Force
24-Feb Harrison Johannknecht Hogarth Jackson Lamb
Cash Desk: McLean; 50-50: Prentice


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