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Program for December 4 reported by Neil Madsen. Click here for PRINT VERSION

christmas party oak bay rotary

President Jack reminded us that December is Family Month in the Rotary calendar. We should remember not only our own families but also that mankind is our family. Jack also announced that our theme song for December is an old spiritual,“Go Tell it on the Mountain”.

Peter J

Peter Johannknecht was inducted this week.

Joan Peggs, Membership Chair, called on President Jack to induct Peter, sponsored by Wolf Schopper, into the Club.

Welcome to our newest member!

(Photo taken October 23 by Tricia)

Visiting Rotarian introduced by Anne Sims: (All were guests of the Club.)
Ralf Newton-White, our guest speaker;
Peter Johannknecht and Sharon Stoose-Johannknecht.


Wendie, John, and Leslie
Mary and Perry
Jim - an icon for the Fireside
Leslie, Lorna, and hostess Brannan

These images (thanks Jack) were taken at the recent FIRESIDE at President Jack's new home.


Playing Rotary Jeopardy: Leslie, Heather, Wendie, Les, and Colleen.

Health of the Club - Barbara Bristol-Price reported that Mark Bedford is progressing well but is still quite tired and must rest. Barbara also has Rotary jackets available for members.
Christmas Kettles - Rod Sim still needs more volunteers. He gave details of location (by the Village Clock) and that his office (across the street - top floor Athlone Court) will have the kettle. Karl Jackson will take over from Rod as the latter is leaving on a trip.
Joan Peggs presented a banner from the Rotary Club of Dubai and reported on her impressions.
Christmas Party - Heather gave details: 6:00 for 7:00 PM; $50 at door and it is a buffet so you will have choice. Parking is a flat $2;00; get ticket from machine and place it on your dash whether you park by a meter or in area for permit holders.
Whiskey Tasting & Dinner - Tom Lidkea announced that there will be 100 tickets. Tasting on January 19, 2008 (at 6:30) and dinner (at 8:00) is $90; dinner only is $50.

Brian - Sergeant

Happy Birthday


Brian Lamb fined Giles and Jerry for not signing in; Lorna for not having key for locked piano, Neil for numerous mistakes in the Bulletin, for which David Philip tried to take responsibility (no luck) and reminded us that next week the new Rotarian would be the subject of questions. There were also lost article fines.
Snitches: those with names starting with R or S: Neil R. fined Tav for an unnamed offence, Leslie fined anyone with negative thoughts about snow, Wolf fined Lorna for not labelling food dishes; Sills fined all who joined Club before him and Sims fined himself for being late.

Happy Birthday was sung for Wolf Schopper and Wendie Hogarth.
Among Happy $ was $10 from Joan Peggs for the Gates donation to Rotary and also for our great tax auction (with extra donations we now stand at $13,250). Dallas had a shaggy dog story about a lost and found wallet and finally, John Edgell, just back from India, had happy $ and thanked God for Canada.

Neil Madsen won the draw ($15) but generously left the jackpot for someone else.

Guest Speaker, introduced by Giles Bixler:
Ralf Newton-White was a realtor in Victoria and retired in 2003. He took up adventure travelling and what he found in Burma changed his life. When he first visited Myanmar he was impressed by the beautiful country and its charming people. Only with time did he learn the grim reality - that the fascist military dictatorship, which had high-jacked the country in 1962, had driven the people into poverty and deprived them of freedom and dignity. The average life expectancy is only 50 and the people suffer from malnutrition and disease, for which there is no medical care. A high birthrate results in many orphans and abandoned children, who are exploited in the sex trade or in the military, into which they are drafted at an early age. The country of 50M is 70% Buddhist, and they ran the schools, which were quite good. However, the military closed these and substituted their own which are not properly funded or equipped and are merely government indoctrination instruments. The only decent schools are those in orphanages run by various Christian denominations. There the children are fed, cared for, and given a good education. They also learn English and some computer skills, and when they return to their villages they are the best educated and in a position to help their people. Ralf deplored the almost wilful manner in which the rest of the world has ignored Burma and provided no assistance. Ralf and his colleagues are in a position to channel any donations directly to the schools and orphanages where they can do the most good. He said there is a great need for schools for girls and that $20,000 will build one. He will be happy to talk to anyone who wishes to help. He may be contacted at
Wynn Taylor thanked the speaker for a vivid account of a very troublesome situation.

Jack Petrie

President Elect:
Neil Rawnsley

Past President:
Tav Macpherson

Leslie Rogers-Warnock

David Sills

Steve Harthill

Public Relations:
Tricia Timmermans

Tav Macpherson

Joan Peggs

Service Projects:
Tom Lidkea
Joe Prentice

Heather Aked

Sergeants @ Arms:
Brian Lamb

Lynne Murray

SPEAKERS - December

Devember 11 Christmas Party at Faculty Club - no noon meeting.
December 18 Annual General Meeting
December 25 CHRISTMAS!!

ROSTER - December

11-Dec Takahashi Timmermans Bamji Aked Andersen
18-Dec Beauvais Bedford Bixler Bristol-Price Canty, L

Cashier: Maxwell; 50-50 McLaughlin

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