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2009-2010 Rotary International Theme: The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
District 5020 Governor 2009-2010: Alex Alexander. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
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Program for December 1, 2009, reported by Joan Peggs. CLICK HERE for Print Version

Visiting Rotarians And Guests

Tony Joe (speaker); Royal Oak Centennial.
Robert Mitchell; guest of Tony Joe.
Lois Hayes; guest of Jack Petrie.

Past President Heather Aked volunteered to recite the 4 Way Test – excellent work Heather!!


Joan P. thanked Don O'C., Peter L., Joan F., Lorna C., and Will C., for their help with the poinsettia distribution; Rotarians who sold and purchased were thanked for their support. The Club should materialize approximately $1,500 – Treasurer Brian will inform us of the exact amount.

Salvation Army Kettles – Rod S. is in charge of the schedule. Friday and Saturday for the following three weeks; Monday through Thursday of the week of Christmas. Please consult the schedule and sign up. Great fun and fellowship.

Mark B. has returned from his travels; Club banner presentation – Windrush Valley, just outside of Oxford (UK); Kochin, (SW India). Mark reported that our Club banner was very well received.

T-shirts $10 each – on sale in the spirit of Black Friday!!!

Guest Speaker - Tony Joe

Mark B. introduced the speaker for the meeting, Tony Joe, chair of the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness, and Robert Mitchell, Program Manager of the Coalition, who assisted Tony in his presentation.

Homelessness exists in all areas of Greater Victoria – not just in the downtown core. The homeless in outlying areas (Sooke, Langford) stay in their own areas - they find the downtown core too dangerous (an interesting comment made to Tony when he stopped to talk to a group of homeless folks in Sooke). Persons are considered homeless if they have no permanent residence; they could be living on the street, in temporary shelter, or couch surfing. 1500 people are thought to be in one of these categories (75% of them male). Aboriginal women, women (seniors), youth and lone parents make up the largest portion of the homeless. There are numerous reasons for the increase in the numbers of homeless:
·       closing institutions
·       lack of affordable accommodation
·       tight vacancy rate

Tony told us that the Coalition was struck in 2007 to end homelessness – not to manage it. Both the general public and businesses of Greater Victoria wish to solve this dilemma. The homeless are costly but in support services as well as police time. (342 persons over a period of 40 months used $9.2 million worth of police time.) Numerous organizations are working together towards solutions – health, housing, police, United Way, UVic, Chamber of Commerce. To date 594 persons have been housed (of those, 400 remain housed) and support is available for them. There are 15 detox beds available. Cool Aid Access Health Centre was officially opened today in the former Bingo Hall on Johnson Street.

As the concerned public we can assist in numerous ways:
·       become part of the solution by volunteering your time and skills
·       donate clothing, food, bus passes, tools for trades
·       support a housing project in your neighbourhood

It is more reasonable and rewarding to house people than to allow the present situation to continue.

Tony was thanked by Jack P. Jack noted that any of us with a stroke of poor luck could be in this situation. Vicki presented both Tony and Robert with the desired Oak Bay Rotary mug.

For the month of December Tom Croft is filling this role. Members were fined if they did not have Rotary pins and name tags on; Jim F for ensuring everyone signed in; those who were sitting at the same table as last week (make certain you move to a different table next week!!); those who did not shake the hands of the 'mystery member' – Corey. He even had a list of the members! those wo did not watch the Grey Cup game; those who did not know it was Family month; and Wyn T was fined for wearing blue jeans. Pablo D. and Wolf S. have birthdays – the Club members sang for Pablo (Wolf was not present).

Happy and Sad $$$
Neil M. put in $5 for the unfortunate outcome of the GC game – and challenged others of the same sympathy to do the same; Pablo D. for a great birthday ahead of him; Joe P. put in $2 on behalf of Jack P.; Ron C. for positive comments from his daughter; Mark B. not certain if they were happy or sad $$$ but he is back home!!; Foster I. was sorry SK lost and he is celebrating 57 years as a Rotarian (first joined a Club in Hope in the first week of December 1952.

December 8: Brian Price Cancer Survivor to Olympic Gold! My Life, My Road, My Lessons
December 22: Christmas New Year Celebrations - Club Members

08-Dec Prentice Pritchard Sills Rawnsley Sim
Christmas Dinner
22-Dec Nazar Toal Taylor Snively Sims
No Meeting
Cash Desk: Edgell; 50-50: Lawrie

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