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Pub & Tug Social Event
Sunday, September 11 at 1:00 pm

Spinnaker's Pub. Cost: $25.

Sign-up sheet will be passed out at meetings. Contact Heather or Lorna for more details.

Program for August 23 at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Reported by Bedrija Hromic

President David reminded us that August is still Membership Month and quoted The Rotarian about an extraordinary Rotarian in Milwaukee who averages a new member every month, to a total of 100. O Canada was sung a cappella and grace was said by Mark Bedford.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests, introduced by Heather Aked:
Don & Colleen Huntress, Kittel Sunrise & Kittel Wailea, Hawai, Retired Pilot and Interior Design. Jim Porter, Calgary South, S/A; Lynne Murray, Harbourside; Kathleen Milnor, Saanich Sunrise, Bookkeeper; Linda Hood, St. Joseph, Missouri.

Elizabeth Garret was the guest of Barbara Bristol, Angele Munro of John Picken, Dwight Whitson and David Myles of the Club and Dan Grant of Bedriya Hromic. Rebound Exchange Student Leyland Cecco and our new Exchange Student from Germany, Marion Banz, were both guests of the Club.


Due to family reasons, Richard Bowles tendered his resignation as a member. “The Club's 3-Way Test makes our Club the best Rotary Club”, wrote Richard. President David wondered what the 3-Way Test is about. Stay tuned for more.

John Edgell gently reminded us not to miss an opportunity to hear Stephen Lewis, UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, on Nov. 18. Tickets ($80) available on Aug. 30. Still 25 tables available on first come first serve rule.” So hurry up if you want a table of 10, ($75 each person) stated John enthusiastically.

“Everything is lined up for the best Golf Tournament on Friday”, stated Tav MacPherson and pleaded for a few more volunteers, 15 more golfers and a few forgotten prizes to be brought to the table. Don O'Coffey apologized for drinking the wine instead of contributing it to the Golf Tournament and promised to deliver it later. Nothing to report on the Health of the Club stated Barbara Bristol.


Richard Bowles sent a $20 cheque as his contribution to the Rotary Club. Dallas elaborated on a 3-Way Test that is best seen in the presidency's credo: Did the meeting start on time? Did the meeting finish on time? Was the food good?

Happy birthday and anniversaries songs were sung to Wynn Taylor, David Phillip, John Edgell, Don O'Coffey, Bert Whan Tong, Leslie Rogers-Warnock, and Bob Beauvais. Jack Petrie was happy to visit David Philip's branch office. Heather's parents celebrated their 50 th anniversary. They cruised to Alaska on the Princess Line. “Don't ever go on a cruise with a two-year-old”, sadly said Heather. Ted had sad news for golfers; apparently, Kim El Sung, North Korea, had his first game of golf and made 11 holes in one so Tiger can sit back…; Barbara mentioned that they are taking Ted to Cowichan Lake.

Then Dallas started with the money collection: Tav, for not replacing yourself, vacationing too long and spending €; Don O'Coffey, you forgot your makeup; Irene, for not seeing me at Canoe Club; Lynn, welcome back; Bedrija & Barry, too much socializing as new members; Ted, not to be drowned; To make it even, “Anybody who missed the Parliament Tour, please pay $1”, Don O'Coffey was the lucky draw winner. He might buy a bottle of wine and deliver to Lorna for the Golf Tournament

Guest Speaker, introduced by John Snively

Captain David Myles, was a participant in Canada's contribution to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), known as Operation Athena in Afghanistan. In addition to his rich career, numerous diplomas and degrees, David is involved in the city's preparedness program. After a big success at the Downtown Rotary, we were fortunate to enjoy the excellently done presentation and explanation on David's unit role within the Canadian Peacekeeping Mission.

“As we are to enhance the security in Kabul, we are also on the Civil Military Cooperation team (CIMIC) responsible for implementing infrastructure projects such as school renovations, to drill water and construct wells. We are also a link between Canadian troops and the local population. We liaise with the local community leaders. When entering in any place children wave at us and ask for pens and pencils; simple tools and toys that children of Afghanistan love. Kabul is surrounded by mountains (~2000m above sea level) with soil, which, when wet, can grow anything. Drought is a big issue as well as unexploded ordinance,” said David.

The images of Kabul such as war debris, chaotic streets with camels, donkeys, buses, bikes, cars and people, widespread poverty and many, sadly, beautiful children affected by it, were flying through David's PowerPoint slides. The King's Palace might be rebuilt by Germany that responded to the Afghan government's plea. Nomadic people, like any other transients, are part of the landscape. Instead of kneeling, girls and boys now can sit together on the same bench. Later they are sent to either girls' or boys' schools separately.

Although the first results of the education efforts are encouraging and optimistic, there are still villages where women are covered by burqas (a garment that covers the entire body and face) and who disperse when males enter the village. The kids do all the work such as get water, go to school and wash the laundry. The children love kites (one of their favorite pastimes). Chilliwack Rotary responded to the Afghan crisis by sponsoring a school reconstruction project and a new well. The local artist had a difficult time to engrave the Rotary sign on the marble block in front of the school. Canadians are very well respected by Afghan people.

John Snively blessed our peacekeepers and presented Captain David with a coffee mug with the comment: In between earthquakes, floods and heavy snow, have a coffee, David, and a HEARTFELT THANK YOU!

Brian Lamb, Director for Membership, emphasized two points in his Rotary Moment:

1. Needs are greater and we must rely on a larger membership base

2. Rotary provides services, leadership and speaking to its members and emphasize the importance of involving your family members

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA


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August 23, 2005