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Service Above Self   2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: SERVICE above Self District Governor: Joan Firkins

August 26, 2005

Third Annual Classic
Golf Tournament
Cordova Bay


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Last Week at
Oak Bay Rotary

Program for August 2, 2005
Reported by Neil Madsen

Past-President Ron presiding. O Canada was sung a cappella and Doug McDougal said grace. P-P Ron named Brian Lamb Rotarian of the Week for his attendance at the Masters' Games in Edmonton. Brian was one of 22,000; he sprained his back in practice and did not participate in the rowing.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests, introduced by Tom Croft
Bruce Hooker, Saanich, S/A; Paul Luxford, Calgary, S/A.;
Susan Kurushima, Harbourside, Literacy; Tom Martin, Harbourside; Automotive.
John Jurucic was the guest of Barry Mutter, Angele Munro of John Picken while Sally Glover (guest speaker) and Marnie Ainslie, outbound exchange student to Japan, were guests of the Club.

Marnie (below) points to where she is going to live in Japan, a small city of 100,000. She will keep us informed.


Tom Croft passed around a sign-up for the Legislative tour. He also urged us to sign up more golfers for the Tournament, with an Aug. 12 deadline for registration. He also encouraged members to do make-ups at other clubs and to spread the word with the registration cards at those clubs. Remember, the tournament is Friday, Aug. 26. If you can't golf, at least come to dinner and/or pledge a prize to Irene.

Barbara Bristol was pleased to have nothing to report on the Health of the Club.

Sergeant-at-Arms Dallas Chapple began by fining all those still sitting at the same table as last week but she exempted your humble agent since his poor hearing and failing eyesight requires sitting close to the podium. Cat-calls all around! No-sign-in fines for Irene and Tricia; lates for Barbara and Lorna. Heather was fined for sporting a very noticeable hair cut and Tom Martin for staying so slim. All those who did not attend the Symphony Splash were fined, as was Beriya, our newest member, just to make her feel welcome. There were numerous happy and sad dollars, which, together with the fines and the contribution of his draw winnings by Barry Mutter, added up to the incredible sum of $67. If Dallas keeps this up, we will have a great Foundation Tax Receipt auction in November.

Guest Speaker, introduced by Cedric Marsh.
Sally Glover is one of the co-founders of the Values-Based Business Network (VBN). It was started 11 years ago and how has more than 100 members. Their mandate is to develop and promote a values-based, sustainable business culture in Victoria's capital region by promoting:

1. The well-being and prosperity of every person in society
2. Environmental consciousness in the products and services we provide, in our business practices and in our use of resources.
3. Economic viability that provides a fair return to investors, employees and the community.

VBN emphasizes dealings with local businesses. e.g., in taking advantage of their dinner at Laurel Point, they persuaded the hotel to use local businesses to supply local produce where possible. Sustainability (e.g., recycling, etc.) can be a pain in the neck but in the end it does help the bottom line.

VBN holds regular breakfast meetings and other events to help networking among its members. Among its successes was an eco-fashion show at St. Anne's Academy, at which three local fashion businesses agreed to cooperate to further their mutual interests. Among major challenges is the attraction of businesses that are already well established and doing well. For further information, visit their web site:

On some personal notes, Sally contributed happy dollars because Rotary has helped her two children: her daughter to attend RYLA, and her son with a scholarship (from Harbourside) for his first year at UVic. She uses humour in her work and was impressed at how much fun we have at our meetings while organizing our good works.

The speaker was thanked by Hans Ockermueller, who recounted that allowing his employees the occasional half day off for family matters resulted in loyalty and a low turnover rate.

NOTICE: There will not be a conventional printed bulletin to cover the August 9 and August 16 meetings - they will not be regular business meetings with speakers. A short summary will be inserted in the next bulletin. For Tricia's pictorial coverage of our Rotary Day in Oak Bay on August 9, and the Legislature visit on August 16, consult the web site.

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA

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