Rotary Club of Oak Bay Victoria British Columbia Canada Rotary District 5020
2008-2009 Rotary International Theme: Make Dreams Real
District 5020 Governor 08-09: Brian Beagle Assistant District Governor: David Stocks
Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre ( MAP)

Meeting, August 26, 2008, reported by Mark Bedford. CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Neil noted that today’s quote is from 1981/82 RI President Stanley E. McCaffrey from the Rotary Club of Stockton, CA. His Rotary vision was , “To apply its many resources toward achievement of ‘World Understanding and Peace Through Rotary". In an article he wrote for the Rotarian in January of 1983 entitled “Teamwork - Indispensable to Rotary’s success”, he said:
As one who has participated in sports all my life, I am a great believer in teamwork. In sports, one learns early on that teamwork
is essential to a team’s success...An individual star..will not assure vctory unless there is coordination, cooperation and a team spirit among the players..So is (teamwork) vital to Rotary...Rotary cannot achieve complete success without the participation and co-operation of all members of the team.

Sergeant at Arms, Dallas Chapple levied several fines: Ted for his fine haircut; a smart “suit” was worn by Gary Nazar; and Tom C. for his spectacular fund-raising bike ride. There were some absentee birthdays recognized and we sang “Happy Birthday” for Ted H., Ross, and Nels.

Happy and Sad Dollars: Jack paid $2 for a $10 speech about his family tree; Tom C. had happy dollars for the success of the M.S. fund raising ride ($240,000 in total); Tav gloated about ripping off British Airways regarding lost luggage ($200 a day for a 4 day loss!); Liz had happy dollars for her six consecutive make-ups at Oak Bay; Heather had some family stories to celebrate; and Tricia made a contribution to thank the club for its generous donation to Rotaplast. Come mid-September, she will be webmastering from the Philippines where she will be documenting the Cebu Rotaplast Mission.
Mary Canty won the draw, and decided to pull forth a black marble.

David Philip Golf 2008
David Philip looks pleased at last week's Golf Classic. (Photo by President Neil). Watch for more on the Golf Tournament next week!

rotary wheel

Visiting Rotarians And Guests Introduced by George Pritchard

Joyce Frid, Hamilton, Geriatric Care;
Henry Caplan, Saanich, Engineering Education;
Liz Ashton, Harbourside, Education-College.
Susan Cargill was the guest of Joyce Frid
Joanna Fox and Roger Skillings (below), guest speakers, were guests of Joan Peggs.

Roger Skillings
Roger Skillings

Joan Peggs reported on plans for a 5-K walk on October 5th. Each club has a goal for this fund raiser for PolioPlus. It commences at 3.30 p.m. at Joan’s home with a Pot Luck supper at about 6.00 p.m. All Rotarians and families are encouraged to participate. Commemorative T-Shirts in all four sizes (with art by Ted Harrison) will be available for $15 each. Please order early to allow for production time. Go to our web page and click on ClubRunner (events) for more details. Neil reminded us of the luncheon meeting with RI President, D.K. Lee. Tom Henderson and Dave Hallet will also be speaking about the Shelter Box program. They have just returned from distribution of 4,500 Shelter Boxes in China. Dinner is $75.00 with a tax receipt for $40.00. If you cannot make the luncheon, hear DK Lee speak on YouTube.


Guest Speaker
Roger Skillings, C.E.O. of Canadian Sport Centre Pacific (link) and his assistant, Joanna Fox were guest speakers and presenters. They were introduced by Joan Peggs.

Make dreams real!” Roger began by affirming that the dreams of many athletes come true in Victoria. The goal of Canadian Sports Centre Pacific (hereinafter referred to as the Centre) is “to give Canadian athletes in B.C. every advantage to enable them to win medals for Canada.” The programs and facilities at the Centre attract athletes from across Canada. At the recent Olympics, Victoria athletes won seven medals. The Centre actually operates in Victoria, Vancouver and Whistler and over 1,400 athletes are registered.
Keys to success: Excellence in coaching; competitive opportunities; a world class training facilities and environment; up to date sport innovations and technology, and an ongoing focus on performance. The success of this emphasis is seen in the recent Olympic Games: 40.5% of our competitors lived or trained in B.C.; they won 39% of the medals; and we had the third best Olympic results ever achieved in a world event where sporting achievements and records are being surpassed every year. World Class training facilities: must be multi sport specific; be on track with all sport innovations; provide every opportunity to use applied research and testing; have a focus on performance based on expert/objective evaluation; provide performance labs and analysis; and provide 24/7 high performance space for all athletes. Currently, the Centre staff are working with athletes around the world. Joanna showed a world map on which there were about two dozen blue dots that indicated where athletes working with the Centre are currently located. “Get active, - whatever your age!” Roger encouraged us to be active to maintain our own health, but also to actively help to inspire and support athletes of all ages. “Strive for excellence and high goals in all arenas of life. Do the best you can wherever you are.” Financial support: In response to a question, Roger pointed out that all three levels of government need to be involved in financial support of athletes. Corporate donations are also extremely important. Personal philanthropy is extremely high in Victoria. In response, the Centre must always strive for high levels of cost effectiveness. With regard to a question from Gary Nazar re dress, Roger noted that the Hudson Bay Company had the contract for several Olympics and that the athletes liked their uniforms. Also, the much maligned mascot dolls for 2010 were flying off the shelf: the children like them. Perhaps we have an age gap showing?

Jack Petrie

Jack Petrie - Newport Realty



September 12, 2008, Victoria Area Rotary Clubs Rotary Lunch with Special Guests,
D K Lee, 2008-2009
RI President (below), DK LEE
and founder & CEO of
, Tom Henderson (below). Tom Henderson
WHERE: Delta Ocean Point Resort.
Tickets available from Lynne Murray: $75 includes tax receipt of $40.

Did you Know?

That since its inception in 1993, Rotaplast has brought smiles to the faces of 11,197 children born with cleft lips and palates. This year, Oak Bay Rotary donated $2500 to Rotaplast.

If you are interested in learning more about Rotary projects, including Rotaplast, Rotary International has some first-class videos on YouTube. Check them out here.

Thanks of the club were expressed to Roger by Tricia.

In closing President Neil emphasized that to make dreams real, we need real leaders. He also reminded us that Joan Firkins is needing drivers to help bring visiting Rotarians in from the airport on September 6th for the Zone 22 Conference. Please contact Lynne.

September 2: Marlene Goley - Hill House Transition House
September 9: Brian Beagle, District Governor
September 16: Marilyn Harris, The Children's Museum
September 23: Social Tuesday - the Social Committee
September 30: Linda Hallett, African Grannies
2-Sep Bristol-Price Canty Chambers Carter Chapple
9-Sep Cooley Croft Curtis Davie Diemecke
16-Sep Edgell Firkins Force TBA Granewall
23-Sep Harrison Hellyer Jackson Johannknecht Lamb
30-Sep Lawrie MacPherson Maxwell Marsh McLean
AUG Cashier: GRANEWALL; 50-50: PEGGS/SIMS. SEP Cashier:PHILIP; 50-50: SAYERS

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