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Program for Aug. 21, reported by Lori McLeod.
Ola Chajecka, Exchange Student from Poland

President Jack presided over the meeting and gave a special welcome to our newly arrived Exchange Student from Poland, Ola Chajecka (above left with Lynne Murray). Tom Lidkea, just back from his cross Canada odyssey, played for O Canada and Angele Munro said grace.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests: ( introduced by Lynne Murray)
Bob Hawes, Royal Oak, Rertired;
Bill McDaniel, Calgary Chinook, Retired;
Gary Nazar, Calgary South, Exempt;
Doug Downs, Harbourside, Construction.
Peter Sherk, guest speaker, was guest of the CLub, as was
Ola Chajecka, Exchange Student.
Maureen Madsen was the guest of Neil M.,
Colleeen Force, Sonnet Force and Layne Stewart were the guests of Jim Force; Sean Bendall was the guest of his mother, Lorna Curtis;
Jim & Bonnie Peacock were the guests of Doug Downs.

Lori McLeod thanked Lorna Curtis for hosting last night’s golf work party and for all the volunteers who attended. She reminded everyone about the golf tournament this Friday and noted more players are needed (have 103 of the 120 target). People can register over the phone by calling the Eldercare office at 370-5664.

President Jack acknowledged that our club is known as well organized with lots of good energy and this is in no small part due to our exceptional members. He recognized Tom Lidkea, who was voted Rotarian of the Year, and commended Tom for making us a little more musical and a little more relaxed.

Sergeant At Arms:
Brian Lamb acknowledged the $2 Anne Sims paid to scoot early. He then rattled off a lengthy list of members who forgot to sign in including George Pritchard, Lori McLeod, Ted Chambers, Dallas Chapple, Irene Davie, and, most surprisingly, Joan Firkins! A general fine of $1 was levied to the entire membership for failing to stop talking and pay attention to President Jack when he called the meeting to order. Brian made note of a newspaper article heralding the benefits of doing “planks” and then fined everyone who hadn’t done any since Monday $1. Tom Lidkea was fined $1 for winning the Rotarian of the Year award and congratulated at the same time. A warning was given to David Sills – if he doesn’t collect all the dues by the first meeing in September he will be fined!

Happy/Sad Dollars: Heather Aked was sad that she won’t be here next week, but is happy about all the fun her golf team is going to have on Friday. Neil R. was happy that Joan got caught not signing in. Bob presented a happy dollar on behalf of the District Youth Exchange Program saying he was proud of our club for participating and he was very pleased to meet our new student, Ola. Visiting Harbourside Rotarian Doug Downs won $20 in the 50/50 draw.

happy birthday Birthdays & Anniversaries:
Happy birthday was sung to Bob Beauvier (Aug 19) and Angele Munro (Aug 24). An anniversary card was presented to Don O’Coffey.

Paul Harris Fellows:
Paul Harris Fellows
President Jack asked Joan Firkins, Jim Force, Sonnet Force, Neil Madsen and Maureen Madsen to come forward for a Paul Harris Presentation. Joan Firkins conducted the ceremony and presented Sonnet Force and Maureen Madsen with Paul Harris Fellow certificates, medallions and pins from their fathers Jim Force and Neil Madsen. Jim commented that his daughter is a role model for him and exemplifies the Rotary pledge Service above Self as she donated half of her liver to a friend who was dying of cancer. Joan noted that this is Neil’s seventh PHF, and presented him with the coveted ruby pin. Jack thanked Joan and acknowledged the importance of Jim’s and Neil’s presentations to their daughters. He then noted that Lynne forgot to introduce his wife Brennan who was visiting today (But Jack, you didn’t sign her in).

Guest Speaker
Dr. Peter Sherk was introduced by Barry Mutter. Dr. Sherk practices Critical Care Medicine at Victoria General and Royal Jubilee hospitals. He studied medicine at the University of Toronto and received fellowships in Respirology and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Western Ontario. He moved to Victoria from Ontario in 2003 with his wife Amanda, who is a pediatrician, and their two sons. According to Barry they may have questionable judgement as they bought their home from Jack Petrie! Dr. Sherk presented a slide show and commentary of the medical services provided at the Canadian led Multinational Medical Unit in Kandahar. Peter is a civilian who was on contract with the Canadian Forces to provide intensive Care Services at the hospital on the Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan. Dr. Sherk noted that there were 37 nations represented at this base and there are approximately 11,000 to 12, 000 people on the base at any given time. Most of the buildings are make-shift tents, including an exercise tent with rows and rows of exercise equipment. Crushed rock is used to keep the dust down and concrete barriers are placed around the grounds to protect from shrapnel when the Taliban attack. One of the highlights he shared was when the Canadian hospital ball hockey team beat the US team by 2 – 1. He noted that they didn’t get to interact much with the Afghan people other than the patients who came to the hospital. Their hospital had 2 operating rooms, a CT scanner, as well as Danish and Canadian surgical teams and was well staffed. He found it very unnerving that you weren’t able to go to dinner with a fanny pack, but you could take your M-16 and ammo! He shared a number of very moving photos and commented on the extreme violence of land mines. Dr. Sherk was thanked by Hazel Meredith who commented on how moved she was by his practical look into Afghanistan and his courage. Below, Jack Petrie presents Dr. Sherk with an Oak Bay Rotary Mug.

Peter Sherk
Jack Petrie

President Elect:
Neil Rawnsley

Past President:
Tav Macpherson

Leslie Rogers-Warnock

David Sills
Steve Harthill

Public Relations:
Tricia Timmermans

Tav Macpherson

Joan Peggs
Service Projects:
Tom Lidkea
Joe Prentice

Heather Aked

Sergeants @ Arms:
Brian Lamb

Lynne Murray

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L Canty
M Canty

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