Rotary Club of Oak Bay
2006-2007 Rotary International Theme: Lead the Way
District 5020 Governor 06-07: Erik Frederickson

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel - 1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA, V8S 2N2
Directions to Hotel

Program for August 15, 2006, reported by Heather Aked

President Tav called for O Canada to be sung a cappella and grace was said by Joan Firkins.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests, introduced by David Maxwell:
Ross McLaughlin, harbourside, CA;
Jud Buchanan, Harbourside, Resort Devlopment;
Tom Martin, Harbourside, Automotive;
Bruc Willats, Laguna Beach.
Maureen Madsen was the guest of Neil Madsen;
Mike Sharlow & Christopher Jones of Bill Sharlow;
Liz Banda Rodiles, incoming Exchange Student from Mexico and
Julien Cecco, outbound student to the Czech Republic, were guests of the Club; Evan Canty of Mary & Les;
and Mr. & Mrs. Adam Rogers were the guests of Ted Harrison.

Nels Granewall, Liz Banda Rodiles from Mexico, and
Julien Cecco, outbound student to the Czech Republic

Health of the Club reported by Mary Canty – Bert Whan Tong’s brother died, and while in Trinidad Bert fell and hit his head. As a result he can’t hear now and is considering resigning from Rotary – we hope that he will stay. John Picken’s father died; there was an obituary in the TC; and Lorna’s back – it’s great to see her.
David Maxwell reporting on the Foundation let us know that there is a charity navigator in the US that looks at 1.4 million charities and that Rotary was one of only 1,000 charities to receive a 4-star rating.
Jack Petrie reminded us that is Membership month and that we should be bringing out potential members to our Rotary meetings.
Brian Lamb noted that 10 members have not yet paid their dues. WHAT!!

Friday August 25th at Cordova Bay. Please contact Dave Maxwell or Lori McLeod if you can help, and Ron Cooley if you can be a Hole Sponsor.

Golf Tournament News

Lori McLeod reported that we have 110 golfers registered – we’re hoping for at least 120 as we will then have the whole golf course.

We have 19 hole sponsors
so far. ...

Thanks to Lorna for organizing the prizes and auction items; please have these items to Lorna by the weekend.

Thanks to Joan we have 2 for 1 passes for Woodland Gardens for all golfers.

Home and Garden Tour

Saturday's Home and Garden Tour was a rip-roaring success.

Thanks to all who volunteered. Read a full report in next week's bulletin. Pictured below, Volunteer Tav Macpherson, tour home owner Gary Collins, and a happy tour member

Sergeant-at-Arms Irene Davie fined Ron Cooley, last in and late sign-in; Cedric – not signed in; Joan Firkins – no name tag, and anyone else without a name tag; anyone who hasn’t yet paid their dues $3.00; anyone who was ahead of a guest in the lunch line; Rod Sim for standing up half way through the National Anthem.

Happy and sad dollars from Joan: $5.00 in thanks for supporting Donna’s MS bike ride; Barbara $20.00 as she’ll be away for the next 6 weeks in Lunenberg, and Vicki because she won’t be. Brian, his son was married on the weekend and all went well; and finally Ted as he’s going to England with Irene next week to celebrate his 80th birthday with his twin sister, Algar, and then stopping in Halifax to spend time with Barbara and John on the way home.

Birthdays and anniversaries – John E, Don O, Bob B, Bert, Dallas, and Leslie. Anne Sims won the draw but chose a black marble.


Nels Granewall on The Youth Exchange Program. Hans very nicely introduced our very own Nels Granewall, thanking Nels for all the hard and efficient work that he does for Rotary.

Nels graduated from the University of Victoria in 1964 and went on to work at the University of Victoria for 33, years mainly in the Student Services area. In 1972, when youth exchange became an official program of Rotary, Nels hosted a student who he still keeps in contact with; he continues to this day to be involved in Youth Exchange. It’s rumoured that the Youth Exchange program began in 1918/1919; however; the first documented exchanges took place in Copenhagen in 1929. In 1972 the Youth Exchange Program was officially recognized by Rotary International. With this recognition the laissez faire attitude toward Youth Exchange ended. Changes included incorporating insurance for the students, and making sure that appropriate coverage was in place.

Why do we do it? It’s fairly expensive at $300/mth for the student and host families, school fees and miscellaneous expenses. We do it because we believe that it’s a powerful way to change attitudes and promote peace and goodwill if we have good ambassadors and they do their job. It’s idealistic on some levels, and sometimes we’re disappointed, but of the 9000 students that participate every year less than 1% of the group have problems. Unfortunately sometimes the issues are blown out of proportion. Also Youth Exchange offers an opportunity to further one’s education and participate in studies that they might not be able to at home. And there are opportunities to understand the differences in culture. We feel positive that we’re making a difference and that the experiences that the students take home with them with make them (in the long run) better business and trading partners.

The selection process begins in the fall of each year. Children of Rotarians can participate. Rotary goes into the schools where we have a contact and the process begins. The candidate must be a student, usually in grade 11, so that they come back to the school to complete grade 12. This year our inbound student is Liz Banda Rodiles from Pueblo, Mexico and our outbound student is Julian Cecco. There are 2 youth exchange programs – the one-year program and a short-term program which runs through the summer only. With the short-term program the student comes for a month and then goes home with the student from here. As the long-term program becomes more complex we may see more students participating in the short term program. Normally, just 1 student is selected from any given club, as you have to host the number of students that you send. Student and parents are interviewed so that they are fully committed in every respect. A counselor is also assigned to each student. Nels is always looking for host familes, so if you are interested, please contact him.

The speaker was thanked by Lori McLeod, who found the presentation very informative.

Finally, Joan Firkins introduced Rotary wrist bands, which will donated to Oak Bay members, and which can be sold to raise funds.

Programs for August
August 22 Maureen Fritz-Roberts. Rotary theme.
August 29 Club Assembly - in the Snug.
Roster August/September, 2006
Greet/Intro Bulletin Intro Speaker Thank Speaker
22 Murray Munro Mutter McDougall O'Coffey
29 Picken Pitt Pritchard Rawnsley Phillip
Sep 5
Rogers-Warnock Sills Sims Snively Taylor
Sep 12
Takahashi Timmermans Bedford Whan Tong Aked
August Cashier: R Sim ; 50-50: P Diemecke
September Cashier: D Chapple ; 50-50: H Ockermeuller

President - Tav Macpherson
President Elect - Jack Petrie
Past President - David Maxwell
Secretary - Leslie Rogers-Warnock
Treasurer - Brian Lamb

Service Directors:
Administration - Barry Mutter
Public Relations - Tricia Timmermans
Foundation - David Maxwell
Membership - Jack Petrie
Service Projects - Dallas Chapple
International - Jim Force
Sergeants @ Arms -
Mark Bedford & Ben Andersen
Attendance Chair: Angele Munro

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