Rotary Club of Oak Bay
2006-2007 Rotary International Theme: Lead the Way
District 5020 Governor 06-07: Erik Frederickson

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel - 1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA, V8S 2N2
Directions to Hotel

Program for August 8, 2006, reported by Carl Jackson

President Tav called for O Canada to be sung a cappella and grace was said by Jim Force.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests, introduced by Nels Granewall:
Bruce Hooker, Saanich, Real Estate;
Gary Nazar, Calgary S., Oil/Gas;
Bruce Willats, Laguna Beach, Ca.
Jan Stirling was the guest of Jack Petrie

Mary Canty
reported on the health of the club:
Tom Lidkea’s mother in law has died; Lorna Curtis is mending.

President Tav awarded a Bookmark Award to David Sills for service to the Club and one to Doug McDougall for reviving the Chain of Office and adding names of recent Presidents. Tav noted that the last one previously was Joan Firkins.



David Sills

Photos today by Jack Petrie

Golf - Friday, August 25th - Lori McLeod reported that we have 93 players who have indicated that they will attend and 17 hole sponsors. The Club is hoping for a full field of golfers; more sponsors and more prizes. Volunteers still needed; please contact Lori.

Home & Garden
- Saturday, August 19th - Heather Aked reported that volunteers should hear from their captain to confirm time and location. If not, contact Heather. There are enough volunteers but some reserves would help. Bootees are being provided as no shoes will be allowed in the residences. There is a need for more posters to be displayed and more ticket sales.

Leslie Rogers-Warnock reported that she had received a letter from Kaitlin Currie thanking the Rotary Club for the $500.00 Scholarship Award. Kaitlin attends Uvic.

Volunteers are needed on the day.
Contact Heather Aked
if you can help.


Friday August 25th at Cordova Bay. Please contact Dave Maxwell or Lori McLeod if you can help, and Ron Cooley if you can be a Hole Sponsor
These are our major fundraisers;
it is hoped all members can help.

Sergeant-at-Arms Irene Davie was asked to fill in for Mark Bedford. She raised a lot of money for the club--even if we couldn’t understand her! Among fines were: - Two people did not sign in - Tav for the chain around his neck - Hans for getting off on a red light offence and Ben for snitching but not ticketing - Carl for comments about Irene & Ben taking the long way into the meeting - All those who did not attend the “Air Show” and - All those who attended the “Symphony Splash” and not boycotting it in support of Pablo.

Birthdays: Giles Bixler; Anniversaries celebrated by Wynne Taylor, David P & David S.
Happy & Sad Dollars included Les & Mary for their Okanagan Holidays; Jack for a trip through southern Calif., and Hans because “Liz” will be in Victoria. Ted Harrison won the Draw--but no White Marble!


Ted Harrison introduced our guest speaker, Ken Stratford, whose topic was “The Current and Future Economic Prospects for Victoria”. His experience and achievements have included: 16 years in senior management in government & the private sector; 15 years as a specialist in the field of Economic Development & the social impact of Information Technology. In 1998 was chosen as Victoria’s Business Leader and many other accomplishments. Opening remarks by Ken were that “It was nice to hear your eulogy before you die”! The following are some of the highlights of his address:- Worked for the government of Japan for 5 years - Worked in Europe for some years. Ken is now the Economic Advisor for this region. 1982-86 - Unemployment in Victoria was 18%, mortgage rates were 21% and inflation was 12%. However, there has not been a serious recession since then. Now we have unemployment at 3.5%, no serious real estate drop in 20 years and Victoria is rated #2 in B.C.

What If Game: What is coming down the pipeline? A looming skill shortage is the most serious problem. When unemployment of less than 5% makes it difficult to find workers and employers must resort to paying bonuses and bounties for workers. With Canada’s birthrate far below replacement values, some 200 - 250,000 immigrants are needed per year but few of these come to Victoria. 21,000 people move to Victoria from other parts of Canada each year, for a net gain of 9,000. However, contrary to popular conception, only 4% of these are older than 60 because seniors can no longer afford the high housing costs. Instead, 85% of new comers are aged 35-50, and are well-educated professionals. These incoming baby-boomers will maintain real estate prices for the next 7 years. They enjoy the good things in life and are willing to spend good money for them. In spite of rising housing costs, we are still cheap compared to other comparable cities such as Santa Barbara, CA, and Plymouth, England. The entire Pacific Northwest is a wealthy and booming economy and this will continue to be so. The Skill Shortages will have to be met by increased labor costs, increased training facilities and shortening the time of training, for example, from 4 to 2 years. In addition, better use of skilled immigrants is needed, but these don’t come to Victoria anyway. If the skill shortage is not addressed, a recession could result. Complacency is a real problem here; we must recognize the challenge. The speaker was thanked by Brian Lamb.

Programs for August
August 15 Nels Granewall - Ambassadorial Scholarships
August 22 Maureen Fritz-Roberts. Rotary theme.
August 29 Club Assembly - in the Snug.
Roster August, 2006
Greet/Intro Bulletin Intro Speaker Thank Speaker
15 Lidkea Maxwell McLean Ockermueller McLeod
22 Murray Munro Mutter McDougall O'Coffey
29 Picken Pitt Pritchard Rawnsley Phillip
August Cashier: R Sim ; 50-50: P Diemecke

President - Tav Macpherson
President Elect - Jack Petrie
Past President - David Maxwell
Secretary - Leslie Rogers-Warnock
Treasurer - Brian Lamb

Service Directors:
Administration - Barry Mutter
Public Relations - Tricia Timmermans
Foundation - David Maxwell
Membership - Jack Petrie
Service Projects - Dallas Chapple
International - Jim Force
Sergeants @ Arms -
Mark Bedford & Ben Andersen
Attendance Chair: Angele Munro

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