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2009-2010 Rotary International Theme: The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
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Program for August 4, 2009, reported by Neil Rawnsley. Photos by Jack Petrie. CLICK HERE for Print Version

One Love, was the global vision of Bob Marley and the Playing for Change music video was the choice of President Vicky to kick off our meeting. After the foot stomping and hand clapping, Tom Lidkea accompanied the National Anthem and Pablo Diemecke provided the invocation. The Four Way Test was capably read by David Sills and after a bountiful lunch Jack Petrie introduced the visiting Rotarians and guests.


Tuesday August 11
Barbecue Meeting

Bring a Friend

Sunday, August 16
Home and Garden Tour
Contact Peter Lawrie if you wish to volunteer. This is our major fundraiser for the year so all are encouraged to take part.

Click here for more information.

Sunday, August 23
BallGame: Victoria Seals at Royal Athletic Park. Tickets $12. Game time is at 1:30 p.m. Let Jack know if you will be joining us.


Neil Rawnsley spoke about the October 3rd event “An Evening to Celebrate Ted Harrison". Tickets are $95 per person and tables of 10 can be reserved. Sponsors for the evening are Carlton House of Oak Bay, the University of Victoria and the Penny Farthing Pub.

Peter Lawrie summarized the results of the Fairway Mustard Seed Food Drive which raised a total of $4000 cash and $2400 in food from 5 stores. He noted Rotary brings a value to the food drive and we need volunteers for the next drive day, September 12th. Peter also advised that the Home and Garden Tour could use some additional volunteers as spares for the big event. Lorna Curtis noted that we still need to promote ticket sales for the event on August 16th and asked you to forward her earlier email to your data base. Tickets are $30 and include 6 homes, one garden and tea at the Victoria Golf Club.

Sills Diemecke

David Sills (seen above interrupting busy Greeter Pablo - probably worth a fine) introduced our guest speaker Corey Burger. In addition to being a geography student at UVIC focusing on transportation and community planning, Corey is the grandson of Mary Canty and has been a frequent visitor to our club. His talk was “Biking in Oak Bay – The Next 20 Years” and dealt with what has been done in the past and what can be done in the future.

While statistics are hard to get, CRD reports indicate that 10% of the population of Oak Bay ride to work. Men are more likely to ride to work (14%) than women (7%) and that would likely relate to biking on the dangerous streets of Oak Bay. The Foul Bay/ Henderson bike lane with its access to the University of Victoria is the single busiest bike lane in Greater Victoria and the only one in Oak Bay.

On a volunteer basis, Corey and other volunteers are building a ‘bike master plan’ for Oak Bay which will include route maps, policy and concept goals. That involves counting people on various routes to determine where they ride and at present he has identified and plotted approximately 150 route maps. On the question of who bikes: there are sports and training cyclists, recreational cyclists, people who bike to work, and children. To increase the use of bikes we need quiet streets, trails, and parking. Quiet streets can become bike boulevards with sharrows (shared lane markings), roundabouts, and speed bumps, and by slowing traffic we can have safe routes to schools. More facilities for bicyclists are needed and would include uncovered and covered bike racks such as the bike shelter at the Recreation Center. Better signage of routes and the addition of bike trails are needed.

Once completed the bicycle master plan will be presented to Oak Bay Council and our support by cycling, talking about cycling with our neighbours, and financially supporting biking would be beneficial.

Tom Croft (below) thanked speaker Corey and presented him with the much coveted Oak Bay Rotary Four Way Test Mug.

Corey Burger

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Jack Petrie

Vicky Grabb, West Shore;
Wilf Erickson, Victoria;
David Stocks, West Shore
Lou Albeniti, Grande Prairie, Alberta

Guest of the Club, Speaker, Corey Burger

Sergeant Leslie

Greeted by scattered applause, Leslie quickly extracted funds from Peter Lawrie, those who have never attended the Symphony Splash, and those who have not paid their annual dues, as well as Tom Croft for retention of the Sgt.’s kit. Happy bucks from Tom Croft who is looking for additional donations for the MS two-day ride; Jack Petrie saluted Shelley Best for including her family in past and upcoming events, Tom Lidkea had a joke ?, Gary Nazar was glad to be back from Bangkok and Jim Force reported on the "club in a pub" and the Shelterbox  purchase by Ted Chambers.

50/50 draw reached the end today as two marbles remained and two draws were held as the kit was missing last week. Tav Macpherson, last week's draw winner drew the black marble which left the money ball and the approximately $120 to this weeks draw winner, Hans Ockermueller.



Don't forget our Club in a Pub "meeting" at the Penny Farthing Pub on Oak Bay Avenue every last Thursday of the month. This month's date is August 27. It's always a terrific success - and a pint and a half of laughs.

August 11

Rebecca Vermeer: Eco-Kalan Stoves


11-Aug Schopper Sim O'Coffey Snively Toal
18-Aug Taylor Aked Bamji Beauvais Timmermans
25-Aug Best Beyer Carter Canty Chambers
Cash Desk: Firkins; 50-50: Timmermans

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