Rotary Club of Oak Bay
Service Above Self
2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: Service Above Self

Program for April 25, 2006, reported by Neil Madsen
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Club members enjoying slides of France

Tom Croft giving his slide show.

(Photos by Jack Petrie)

President-Elect second class Jack Petrie presided in the absence of President David and in the presence of the real President-Elect, Tav, whose brain was considered to be too fried by all his recent travelling to enable him to function. Jack remarked that our attendance for the past period (year?) placed us among the top ten clubs in the District. Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and Nels Granewall said a Swedish grace (we think).

Rotarian of the Week was Will Carter who is organizing the annual Rotary booth at the Oak Bay Tea Party.

Jack Petrie remarked that sex on an airplane is referred to as mile-high but sex in a helicopter?
Obviously Rotary Sex.


District Conference: May 12-13. Lorna Curtis reminded us to register now. Of those who have, she asked for volunteers to spend two hours at the conference helping the S@A. Almost 100 local Rotarians have volnteered for Hospitality Night, of whom 19 are from our Club.

Water Park: Tom Lidkea said that the 12 volunteers making up the first work party will do their thing this Sunday; preliminary sanding, scraping, etc.

O.B. Tea Party: June 3/4. Will Carter appealed for experienced candy flossers to “man” the late afternoon and evening hours; the peak demand periods.

Patty Juno is leaving Korea for Budapest where she will teach kindergarten at the American
Intl. School; she will be there by August. e-mail is (See email at right)

Visiting Rotarians & Guests, introduced by David Sills :

Barry Lloyd, Innisvail, AB, retired insurance agent.

Joan Peggs, soon to be inducted as a member.

Sergeant At Arms

Dallas Chapple fined David Sills (Greeter) and some others for late arrivals; all those not at the Palm Tree Sale, and tables without women.

Lorna also got nicked for her cute sandals. Finally, caught Tav in attendance for his birthday card, but he had to pay $1 for each thousand of the 10,000 feet he had sky-dived. Jack Petrie won the draw but drew black.

Guest Speaker, introduced by John Snively

Tom and Jill Croft were in France a year ago and Tom took many pictures with his digital camera, which he then incorporated into a computerized slide show, complete with captions and accompanied by music from Faure’s Requiem. This show was originally presented to the photo club at the Monterey Centre. They stayed initially in a suburb of Paris, St. Germaine en Laye, and included a slide of the Chateau of Louis XIV. Then followed slides of the major attractions of Paris, including the Rodin Museum, where the Crofts met up with John Snively and his wife. The Crofts went on to Burgundy country where they stayed at La Roche Vieunease near Macon. As Tom said, France is all about wine, women and cheese, hence pictures of all three. Then it was on to St. Rafael on the Mediteranean, with pictures of quaint fishing villages, Cannes at Festival time, the famous fortress at Carcassone, and the Tautevel Valley, famous for its cave that once sheltered both man and bear (I think the bear was evicted). Well, you had to be there. As John Snively said, in thanking Tom, it was a most enjoyable presentation that we all appreciated.

Top 15 Reasons to Attend the District Conference
15  Home Hospitality to celebrate the Internationality of our District!
14.  Friday Night Disco Fever & Dessert Party with Disco Joan!
13.  Youth Exchange Flag Ceremony
12.  Celebration of Life for Rotarians who have passed on this year
11.  District and Club Awards
10.  Ambassadorial Scholars
09.  Angels for AIDS workshop
08.  GSE Presentations - inbound and outbound from South Africa and Northern India
07.  Fourteen inspirational presentations!
06.  President Carl-Wilhelm's Special Representative - Rosemary Barker Aragon
05.  3KWalk/5K Run for Polio on Sunday morning (Pledge sheet on-line)
04.  Mothers Day Pancake Breakfast after the Walk/Run
03.  Gala Banquet motivational speaker and entertainer Alvin Law - "There's No Such Word as Can't" - you will be amazed!
02. The Conference is for everyone to have fun, fun, fun - and the District Governor wants YOU there to celebrate all of the clubs accomplishments!
01. MJH

Programs for May 2 & 9
May 2 : Holly Seale, Rotaract
May 9 : New member induction, Paul Harris Pins, Rotoplast update
RosterMay 2 & 9, 2006
Greet/Grace Greet/Intro Bulletin Intro Speaker Thank Speaker


Whan Tong



Cashier: L Murray; 50-50: R Faryon

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA, V8S 2N2

Directions to Hotel

Our Roots Run Deep


For information on the
May 12-14
Hosted at the
Victoria Conference Centre.
Click HERE


Sunday, May 14th
3K/5K Race or
Walk for POLIO



For those of you who missed out on the palm tree sale last Saturday, there are 258 unsold palms still available! Michael Prescott will be selling them privately from his home from now through May. If you or anyone you know would like to buy palms, please have them telephone him at 598 2626 to arrange sale.

Patty Juno emailed with the following news:
Hi Everyone,
In June, I will be finishing up my three years teaching kindergarten in Korea at the Seoul International School.  I have enjoyed my time here.  But now I am moving on to a new school; in a new city, in a new country on a different continent. 
I am off to Budapest Hungary!  Start at the American International School of Budapest in August.  I am very excited to be going to Eastern Europe!  I will be teaching kindergarten there as well.  Am expecting to be there for a few years.
I hope everyone is doing well  and would love to hear from anyone who might be visiting Budapest. My email is
Take care everyone!
P.S. I'll have to check to see if there are any Rotary clubs there.

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