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2008-2009 Rotary International Theme: Make Dreams Real
District 5020 Governor 08-09: Brian Beagle Assistant Governor: David Stocks
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Program for April 21, 2009, reported by Ted Chambers. CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Neil reminded us that the RI Theme of RI President D.K. Lee is Make Dreams Real and reflects his focus to provide food, water, care, and schooling for the world’s children. Last week the world saw 47-year-old Susan Boyle captivate us all with her incredible vocal rendition of, “I Dreamed a Dream”. Tom Croft then reproduced the YouTube clip of that event for our enjoyment. Thank you Tom.
O Canada was rendered a cappella and Mary Canty said grace.

Mark Bedford
had a number of fines, including any member who had an election sign on his or her lawn (Joan Peggs for one). Some personal grievance was aired by Mark against all those six foot tall members who stood in front of him and made it difficult to see the YouTube clip. Joe Prentice was also fined, not that he is six foot tall but, well, you get the idea.

Mark, admitted to your editor after the meeting that in fact he was feeling rather short today. This reminded me of another diminutive but distinguished man of the cloth, Tommy Douglas. One day in Parliament when Tommy was addressing the Speaker, a member from across the aisle called out, “Why don’t you stand on a box so we can see you?” To which Tommy replied, “I have always considered that the measure of a man is what resides above his shoulders, not that below his waist”.

Guest Speaker: Rachel Williams, seen below.
(Photo by Neil Rawnsley)

Rachel Williams

Dallas Chapple introduced our guest speaker, Rachel Williams. Rachel is the District 7930 Literary Resource Co-ordinator. The speaker’s theme was threefold: to have peace in our neighbourhoods we need good public schools; to have peace in the world we need to help with global literacy; literacy efforts are most likely to be levers of change when directed at daughters. Her talk stressed the last two of her three themes with special reference to Pakistan and Afghanistan. She presented interesting photos of her many friends in these countries and of the schools to which she has given support. She pointed out ways in which we as individuals could support literacy. She further emphasized the role that Rotary could play both locally and internationally in these efforts.


Birthday cards were presented to Bob Beauvais, Leslie Rogers-Warnock, Hans Ockermueller, Tsuyoshi Takahashi and Ted Chambers. Leslie Rogers-Warnock won the draw but missed the white marble and therefore left $222 in the pot.

Banner Exchange:
A banner was presented to the Club from the Courtenay Rotary Club.

Notice re Announcements
Too many announcements have innaccurancies when printed in the Bulletin. It is hard for a reporter or your editor to get a full and accurate account from a verbal announcement, especially
if it is delivered from a far corner of the room. Therefore all making announcements are requested to provide a written statement to the reporter or your editor, that is, if you want it printed in the Bulletin. Thank you.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Ron Cooley:

Bob Thiesburger, Courtenay;
Way Ford, Victoria Harbourside;
Doug Downs, Victoria harbourside;
David Stocks, West Shore, Management Consultant.;
Rachel Williams, Ipswich MA.
Debbie Hunt and Brad Rotto were the guests of Doug Downs and Sara McLauglin was the guest of Peter Lawrie.


Wayne Ford from Harbourside Rotary announced the upcoming May 9 ‘Harbourside Hoot’ to be hld at CFB.

Sarah McLaughlin, Co-President of Interact told us that she has been nominated to go on the Rotary- sponsored parliamentary visit to Ottawa (Adventures in Citizenship) next month.

Sarah also stated that in March 2010, 38 Oak Bay High School students wil be doing a visit to Mexico. They need to raise $12,000 by the end of June. A major event for this purpose will be a May 25 dinner at the Blue Crab Restaurant. Tickets are $50.

Lorna Curtis reported that the Water Park needed some work and requested volunteers to help on Saturday May 2 from 9AM to 1PM.


2009 Programs
April 28 - GSE - Australia
May 5 Adriane Schroeder – A pesticide free CRD  
May 12 Club Assembly  
May 19 Tourism in Victoria – Helen Welch  
21-Apr Carter Cooley Chambers Chapple Croft
28-Apr Curtis O'Coffey Lamb Force Firkins

Cash Desk: Snively; 50-50: Diemecke


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