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2007-2008 Rotary International Theme: Rotary Shares
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Program for April 15, 2008, reported by John Edgell. CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Jack commented on all the problems in the world which Rotarians are trying to ameliorate, including polio, clean water, food and literacy. With regard to the latter, he and Giles Bixler presented 35 dictionaries to Grade 3 students at George Jay Ementary School. Wel done!. Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and Tom Croft said grace.

Visiting Guests introduced by Ron Gaudet

Deborah Wakeham was guest of the Club;
Sarah Murphy was a guest of Ted Harrison;
Bonnie Sayers was a guest of John Snively.


The very busy month continues. May and June are going to be busy also. Jack wants everyone to enjoy joining in all the activities.

President Jack invited announcements of Club activities:

Palm Tree Sale Saturday 19th.
A few volunteer positions were open which were promptly filled. Irene Davie will send each person an email outlining duties. Time 0900 until 1400 hours or until all sold out.
Available this year: Hardy Palms, Monkey Puzzle Trees and Palm Tree seeds.

Joan Peggs drew everyone’s attention to the attendance sheets on each table. She thanked Lynne for preparing the reports and encouraged all members to keep up their attendance by participating in club events, doing a makeup at another club or do an on line makeup. Jack wanted everyone to know that Mary Canty has the tea on at 4 PM every day and she would love to have company. Jack reminded everyone that Les Canty’s Memorial will be April 26, 2008.


Acting Sergeant this week was Joan Peggs:

Fined for not letting the Sarg. know he was an environmental engineer:Tom Lidkea
Asked a table for name of bike rider riding to Newfoundland--Ramesh Ferris--nobody got that but Perry almost got in trouble suggesting he was Sri Lankan not Indian.
The theme of the latest Rotarian Magazine --Technology--Tom Croft got that.
Nels was cited for cutting the Sarg. off on the way to the meeting.
Perry fined everyone who puts all member names on emails.
Mark Bedford fined Cedric for wearing David Philip’s name badge.
Giles fined Pres. Jack for commenting on Irene’s lovely accent.
Barbara made everyone who had not escaped this winter pay a fine.
Dallas got Jerry for not having his name tag on.
Tom added to Perry’s email etiquette lesson suggesting “bold” is like yelling.

Happy Dollars: Shannon was happy to be home after a visit to Toronto.
Joe was glad that more than 200 had showed up to send Ramesh on his way.
Note: follow his progress at
Heather reported she had a good trip to Palm Springs.
Vicky Pitt had the lucky ticket in the draw but did not get the white marble.

The guest speaker this week was introduced by Ted Harrison.
Deborah Wakeham is the Regional Manager for Vancouver Island, Junior Achievement.

Her excellent PowerPoint-supported presentation had 3 objectives:
First, to introduce herself and reacquaint us with Junior Achievement;
Second, to talk about the programs being offered on Vancouver Island.
Third, to solicit our financial support as well as asking for volunteers to help deliver the programs.

Deborah is a former Rotarian, having been a member of Clubs in Terrace and Prince George. She said she was the only female in a club of 16 and remembers being fined every week. Junior Achievement is there to educate and inspire youth. The way this is done is by having motivated and well trained business people volunteers share their experience with “free enterprise”. The Companies Program is actually active at Oak Bay High where a reusable shopping bag with the Oak Bay High logo was developed and has turned into a fund raiser. JA is currently active in 98 countries around the world with 2.6 million youth taking part. The program was brought to BC in 1955 by John Saunders, David Poole and Stephen Owen. This year on Vancouver Island JA will deliver 190 Business education programs in total with 140 of them taking place in the Victoria area. Volunteers are key. The programs are free of charge to the schools, with the operating costs covered by donations by businesses, individuals and 18% by government grants. Fund raising is one of the biggest challenges each year. The Programs are aimed at Grades 5 through 10. The presentations include serious business operational information which is enhanced by fun activities and discussion with the students. As the grade level rises the programs lead to creation of an operating business and clear experience on making it profitable if possible. This can often be lots of fun for the volunteers and the students. Titles of some of the programs are as follows:
Business Basics: Our Business World--Gr 5 & 6. Four sessions of 1 hour each.
Business Basics: A Business of Our Own-- Gr 7& 8. Five sessions of 1 hour each.
Dollars with Sense: A project to develop Personal Financial Literacy--Gr 8--a half day event.
Economics of Staying in School: Gr 10--acquire knowledge and skills needed for long term career success (Largest program on Vanc. Island). This one is a half day and each student will be much clearer on the advantages of finishing school.
Investment Strategies: Learning about making educated investment decisions - online portfolio management experience. Gr 10. Five one-hour sessions.
JA Titan: an online program where planning and running a company teaches effective decision making. Gr 10. Six sessions of 2 hours.
Deborah encouraged all Rotarians to become involved. She handed out Volunteer Application Forms and encouraged all of us to get in touch if we could help.

Wendy thanked Deborah and Jack gave her one of our “4 way test” Mugs.


Jack Petrie

President Elect:
Neil Rawnsley

Past President:
Tav Macpherson

Victoria Pitt

David Sills

Neil Rawnsley

Public Relations:
Tricia Timmermans

Tav Macpherson

Joan Peggs

Service Projects:
Tom Lidkea
Joe Prentice

Heather Aked

Sergeants @ Arms:
Brian Lamb

Lynne Murray


April 15 Deborah Wakeham  "Junior Achievement - Economics of Staying in School"
April 22 PDG Ross White: Rotary in Sunyani, Ghana & Malawi
April 29 Peter Lawrie, Vocational Talk
15-Apr Froese Gaudet Edgell Harrison Hogarth
22-Apr Jackson Johannknecht Lawrie MacPherson Lidkea
29-Apr Marsh Maxwell McLean McLeod McLaughlin
April Cashier: RAWNSLEY; 50-50 NAZAR

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