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2009-2010 Rotary International Theme: The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
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Program for April 13 , 2010, reported by David Sills.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Heather:

Russ Kinghorn, Cranbrook, Forest Engineering.

Betty O'Coffey and Bev Kippen, guests of Don O'Coffey;
Olive Bailey, speaker, and husband Norman Bailey, guests of the club;
John Jordan, guest of Perry Bamji;
Jim Watson, guest of Brian Lamb.

Camp Organization
(President Vicky)
Our president produced a short cartoon video showing how a camping expedition is organized in the twenty-first century. The parties are linked up via a new web program. The leader circulates a list of suggested participant duties which is passed along the pipeline with each participant volunteering for a task and/or inserting a new one.


Springtime In Tuscany – This major Club fund-raiser is only a month away – Saturday May 15 at the Monterey Center. Joan Firkins spoke to the need for all members to be involved in this project. Heather Aked pointed out that a sign-up sheet is circulating about the room and advised that donated items for the silent auction should be given to Lorna by May 4.

Group Study Exchange – Joe Prentice announced that the GSE team from Germany will address the Oak Bay Rotary Club on June 8. He needs volunteers to assist in arranging activities for the group during their stay in Victoria.

Grace Books – Perry announced that there are only 14 Grace Books left in his inventory so move quickly to acquire a copy. He is to be congratulated that his efforts have resulted in the purchase of two Shelter Boxes.

Ben Andersen - Hello to you all from Ben, who I (Tricia) ran into at Saanich Rec Centre today, proudly looking after his 2-week old grandson. Ben is going to visit us one of these days.

Rotary Emblem

Guest Speaker:
Counter Espionage and Clandestine Activities ... With these intriguing words, Lori Macleod introduced our speaker, Olive Bailey, pictured at right. Olive was born in Berwick-On-Tweed and moved to London as a child where her father was chief engineer at the B.B.C. She was evacuated to Southport in 1939, but soon returned to London when called up for service in an aircraft factory. By happenstance she became part of the Bletchley House cryptography bunch assigned to counter-espionage work. Olive and her husband, Norman, were with friends in London shortly after the war. Rita and her friend Olive had been in the same line of work and both had signed the Official Secrets Act. Rita said to Olive “Have you told him yet?” Her secret life was so buried that it took Olive some time to realize what Rita was talking about…. It was only then she told Norman. Olive visited us to share her tale; but not to reveal any top secrets. The reader will have to settle for a series of anecdotes as this reporter was unable to capture all of her extemporaneous comments in his notes. Below is the Bletchley Park Computer, Colossus.
Factory for Bombers
As Lori mentioned, Olive was initially assigned to clerical duties in a factory producing Halifax bombers. They were expected to continue working during air raids until the “Take Cover” alarm was sounded. During one particularly nasty raid she found that her favourite pin was stuck in her typewriter. In the few seconds spent trying to dislodge the pin she was far behind her group as they left the factory. The group fell victim to a direct hit, but she and her friend were spared. The specifications for the control panel differed for each bomber and someone was leaking the detail information to the Germans. Olive was assigned to watch out for unusual activity on the assembly floor. Her efforts resulted in the culprit being captured. This action brought Olive to the attention of Bletchley Park and the start of her secret activities. Bomber construction soon moved to a new factory which was camouflaged to look like a bombed out building. Olive recently visited a friend in London and learned that the factory is still standing and is now an entertainment studio and the site for the Harry Potter movies. Her friend’s son is Daniel Radcliffe who plays the title character.
Bletchley Park
Bletchley Park, a large mansion outside London, was home to the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). Their duties included tracking the movement of enemy vessels and eavesdropping on enemy communications. The top brass took over the manor house and the staff was assigned to hastily constructed wooden huts, Olive being assigned to Hut 6. Primitive computers the size of small rooms were utilized to process the volumes of information. They were all destroyed at war’s end, however one has been reconstructed.
Zig Zag
Eddy Chapman, a safecracker in the Guernsey Islands, was recruited by the Germans as a double agent and smuggled into Britain. By Olive’s account he was a rogue and lounge lizard very attractive to the ladies. His assignment was to blow up the aircraft factory. We learned that he was the only Englishman to earn the German Iron Cross but we never did learn his eventual fate. We were referred to two books relating his exploits – Zig Zag by Nicholas Booth and Agent Zig Zag by Ben McIntyre.
One thirty came all too soon and there were many stories still to be told. Olive suggested that we get the book, Most Secret War by R.V. Jones, for more interesting information about the Bletchley Park operations. Olive received a spontaneous standing ovation, followed by words of thanks from Heather Aked. When she received the special Rotary mug from Heather, Olive dropped in a few coins thinking it was a continuation of the Bedford Blitz.

Olive Bailey

4-Way Test (Jim Force)
 Some college students had stored a case of beer on the window ledge of their dormitory. The house superintendant, making his rounds, asked the students - “Is there any beer in this room”? Jim Force posed this question and asked for our response in the light of the 4 Way Test.

(aka Mark’s Blitz)
Our Sergeant-atArms, Mark Bedford, quizzed Jack P, Don O and John E on particular questions posed in the Rotary Magazine crossword puzzle. Fines were paid by all three for not knowing the Paul Harris connections. Jack was also fined for his temerity in singing the love song to Josephine as he entered the room. (Refer to the member roster for a hint as to the reason for the S-At-A’s umbrage.) Mark paid the fine levied on David S for entering the parking lot via the exit sign, since he had unduly urged the driver to make the illegal entry.
Happy / Sad dollars paid by Neil M for managing to complete his tax return without outside assistance, and Joan F for the Polio Plus campaign reaching 117 million dollars in donations out of its 200 million dollar goal. John Edgell paid $40 for missing 40 meetings although he attended many make-up meetings during his extended vacation down south.


Memory Lane Café – Lori McLeod noted that the next Café will be held at Oak Bay Lodge on April 28.  

Ola Card – Jack Petrie is circulating a card for signing by Club members expressing to Ola our sorrow at the loss of Polish lives in the dreadful plane crash in Russia last week.


Rotary Emblem


20-Apr Murray Mutter Prentice Lidkea O'Coffey
27-Apr Peggs Petrie Edgell Philip Pritchard

Cash Desk: Taylor; 50-50: Hayes

April 20 Club Assembly
April 27 Chris Nucci - Piracy in Somalia

Service above Self - He Profits Most who Serves Best
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