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2008-2009 Rotary International Theme: Make Dreams Real
District 5020 Governor 08-09: Brian Beagle Assistant Governor: David Stocks
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Program for April 7, 2009, reported by Wendie Hogarth. CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Neil noted that April is Magazine Month. Every month The Rotarian brings readers up close and personal with individual Rotarians through a special Up Front portrait. This month it was Grace Agwaru, a member of the Rotary Club of Soroti Central, Uganda, which she helped found in June. In 1975 Agwaru was the first patient treated through an effort that became known as Gift of Life, paving the way for 10,000 children who have since received heart surgery through the program. The Rotary World Magazine Press publishes 32 magazines from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe that inform, inspire and entertain in 25 languages. In addition to The Rotarian, Rotay’s English language flagship publication, it offers magazines such as Vida Rotaria (Argentina), Rotary in Bulgaria (Bulgaria, Serbia) and the Rotary-No-Tomo (Japan).

Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and Mary Canty said Grace.

Great Rotary turnout for Victoria Soul Gospel concert on Saturday night! Applause to Jack and Lori for all their efforts. Lori thanked everyone for all of the club’s support to make this event a success. Thanks were given to Heather and Lorna for organizing the 50/50 at the concert which earned $1,500. Thanks also to the person who won, and who donated their share back to Eldercare. Thanks to Jack for all his work and time towards making this concert a success. Lori presented Jack with a gift. of $15,807.00 raised. Absolutely fabulous.

Joanne Bedford
Guest Speaker, Joanne Beford, receives the Four Way Test Mug from President Neil Rawnsley

Guest Speaker, Joanne Bedford, on PROJECT AROOR

Joanne was introduced by Perry Bamji.

While vacationing in India, sipping fresh pineapple juice on a hillside overlooking the Arabian Sea, Jo made her decision to return to India to help in some way. There is much chronic sickness and malnutrition among children there. Her mother thought she was mad but her five sons told her to go for it. She spent time in Cochin learning about the people and watching their old ways of fishing, which dates back to Marco Polo’s time, and the fascinating embroidery the women do.

Jo is a retired professional Social Worker; upon her return to Cochin she brought bandages and other medical supplies and set to work helping the sick. Very quickly she found herself helping about ten families with medicines and the numbers were growing. It was then she realized she would need other financial help. Project Aroor was founded in 2001 and now has 80 children who are receiving help. As little as $10.00 per month from a sponsor pays for books, school uniform, food and medicine.
The complete endeavour has been planned, developed and operated without incurring any administrative costs, all achieved through the vision, efforts and generosity of volunteers. Any help would be much appreciated.

The speaker was thanked by Brian Lamb.

Announcements (continued): Next fundraiser is the Home & Garden Tour on August 16th. The club will be looking for volunteers for this event. We have 5 houses & 1 garden, would like 1 more of each.

Tav MacPherson advised we will all be receiving a letter to help raise funds for The Foundation. He is requesting each Rotarian to become a sustaining member by donating $100 U.S. You will get additional recognition towards a Paul Harris Fellowhip if you donate $200U.S. Please visit the new website at of Tav, as you may know, he has been named Assistant District Governor for Area 4A. Congratulations!

New member: Shelley Best will be inducted as a new member of the club at the next meeting.

Doug McDougall has gone back to Saanich Club. We will miss you Doug.

Harbourside Rotary Club is hosting a garage sale on Saturday April 18th. If you have items to donate you can drop them off at the Central Middle School this week between 9AM and 5PM.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Peter Johannknecht:

Jon Watson, Harbourside (Club Secretary) Education Counsellor;
Jim Porter, Calgary South, S/A;
Dave Falk, Portage La Prarie (MB), Fertilizer Distributor.
Colleen Force was the guest of Jim Force, Josephine Bedford, Guest Speaker, was the guest of the Club and Al Bruton was the guest of Joan Peggs.

Sergeant-at-Arms Mark Bedford fined Ron Cooley because when he phoned his office, he was told that he was just out for a 2-minute coffee break but it was 20 minutes later that the call was returned. Vicky Pitt was fined for not knowing the last time an archbishop was on the cover of The Rotarian. Then he fined everyone because no one else knew either. Everyone who had not done any outdoor activities yet in this great weather was also fined. Peter was fined for not returning the pen to the registration table. Jack was fined for sitting in one chair and having his jacket on another, and was also fined for his low energy level while singing O Canada. Each table fined where there was not a guest at their table. And Lori was fined for taking in more money for the concert than the church ever did.
Happy and Sad Dollars: A Happy dollar was received from Joe Prentice – his daughter kissed the Stanley Cup while it was in Whitehorse. Lori had $25 Happy dollars for the success of the concert. Vicky had a Happy dollar for the first female to be in command of a Frigate in the Canadian Navy-HMCS HALIFAX.
50/50 draw: $17.50 won by Lori, which she returned to the pot.


2009 Programs
April 14 - Newfoundland - Tom Croft
April 21 - Literacy is the key to Peace - Rachel Williams
April 28 - GSE - Australia
14-Apr Beauvais Bedford Beyer Bixler Canty
21-Apr Carter Cooley Chambers Chapple Croft
28-Apr Curtis O'Coffey Edgell Force Firkins

Cash Desk: Snively; 50-50: Diemecke


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