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2009-2010 Rotary International Theme: The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
District 5020 Governor 2009-2010: Alex Alexander. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
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Program for April 6 , 2010, reported by Peter Lawrie.

Brian Lamb pulled double duty including Grace and Introducing Guests & Visiting Rotarians. Under pressure and short notice on Grace, having done a stirring job, he unabashedly plugged the Invocations for All Occasions booklet as a necessary lifeline for all conscientious Rotarians. We have a few left – only $10 (a bargain at twice the price!). Contact Perry.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Brian:
Jane Butler McGregor, CEO, Victoria Conservatory of Music, who was our speaker;
Heidi Worthington, Director of Marketing, Victoria Conservatory of Music;
Ron Kerr – Guest of Jim Force.


NEW MEMBER: President Vicky advised that John Jordan, sponsored by Tricia, has been endorsed for membership by the directors, with notification hereby to be published in the bulletin as is required by RI. John was a recent guest speaker to the club.

Lorna requested additional support for auction items for the Springtime in Tuscany Dinner. This is an opportunity for everyone in the club to participate in some way. A sign-up sheet was circulated. All auction items need to be in Lorna’s office at the Recreation Centre by May 4th! If you haven’t signed up yet, please contact Lorna.

Tricia had fliers for the upcoming Palm Tree sale. She asked for and generously received four volunteers (Anne, Don, Ron, and Jerry) to take them to local businesses for display. Our club is a beneficiary of the funds raised.

New Members:
Corey, Lois, Lee and Eugen were asked to stand up and were applauded by the group. President Vicky encouraged everyone who had not yet signed their “new member” sheets, to introduce themselves and to welcome them ASAP.

Guest Speaker Jane Butler McGregor, CEO of the Victoria Conservatory of Music, seen below with Heidi Worthington, a former Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar (to Brussels), who is now the Director of Marketing at the Conservatory.

Jane Butler McGregorHeidi Worthington

Hans introduced our guest Speaker, Jane Butler McGregor, the CEO of the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Jane is an alumnus of Oak Bay High and has had a varied and successful career in business, HR and leadership with several different businesses in turnaround situations.  Jane came to her current post ~18 months ago and inherited an organization in financial and organizational disarray, but with great potential and great reputation in the community. She, her board, her faculty and her management team have taken on the challenge of “Staging a Revival”. She gave a very interesting account of how the organization has inclusively developed a new 3-year strategic plan, expanded services, improved revenue generation and cost control, launched new satellite services and increased youth programs. The organization last year balanced its budget. This year it has launched a new fundraising “Transformation Campaign”, targeting $2 million in 2 years. The money will be used to pay off earlier cumulative budget deficits plus the mortgage for their heritage facility. Bottom line: The Future Looks Bright!

George thanked our speaker for her presentation and her good work in leading the revival of the VCM.


Leslie, Jim and Perry look on while a generous donor makes out a cheque to support ShelterBox Canada. Over the two-weekend display, we raised enough for two ShelterBoxes - $2110. Thanks go to Jim for all his hard work with arranging this. In the foreground is the Spiral Wishing Well that was a winner with passers-by. (The link is to a Rotary Club WW in the UK.) This YouTube video of kids playing with one will set you laughing. Perhaps our club will purchase one of these fascinating coin funnels for future fundraising efforts!

Four Way Test
Neil Rawnsley completed 100%, unassisted, to a spontaneous, tumultuous standing ovation (or at least to high praise).

Sergeant-at-Arms (aka “Warnock the Wringer”)

The SAA cleverly, mercilessly and at times deviously drained cash from everyone – and wrung life savings from some. John Snively had to take out a line of credit. The “formerly” reverend Mark Bedford was fined for maniacal, life threatening parking lot offences endangering our beloved SAA. Dentists in our midst were fined for the excessive use of Easter candy given to young patients in a blatant business development strategy. John, Anne, David, Lee were all complicit in developing their own range of intricate fines and challenges to their previously well wishing colleagues.

Happy and Sad Dollars – Joan Peggs had a happy dollar because Heidi, one of our guests, was a former Ambassadorial Scholar who studied in Brussels.

Joan Peggs enjoyed a quiet victory when her ticket was drawn. Two heart attacks and a cracked window later, she collected her winnings.


Joan Peggs reminded everyone of the 5K Polio Plus Walk on April 18th. The event will start at 11:00 a.m. and finish with lunch and beverages at the Penny Farthing. T-shirts and sign-up sheets were available. Please let Joan know if you are planning to participate yourself, with friends, family (and/or random strangers).

President Vicky announced that a Rotary Club in Las Vegas was doing a draw/lottery. For only $50 you can buy a ticket and could win a roundtrip to Vegas, accommodation in a 5-star hotel, and $500 spending money. If interested, contact Vicky for more details.


13-Apr Madsen Maxwell McLean McLeod McLaughlin
20-Apr Murray Mutter Edgell Lidkea O'Coffey
27-Apr Peggs Petrie Prentice Philip Pritchard

Cash Desk: Taylor; 50-50: Hayes

April 13 Olive Bailey - Bletchley Park - code-breaking and counter-espionage
April 20 Club Assembly
April 27 Chris Nucci - Piracy in Somalia

Service above Self - He Profits Most who Serves Best
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