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2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: Service Above Self

Program for April 4, 2006, reported by Doug McDougall
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President David drew attention to the message from the R.I. President in the March Rotarian about the failure of the media to recognize Rotary on many occasions, and the frustration felt by members. Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and Tom Croft said grace.

Sierra Anima, our guest speaker. See program notes below.

Guests, introduced by Cedric Marsh:
Sean Bendall was the guest of Lorna Curtis;
Sylvia Dickinson of Jack Petrie;
Gloria Saarinen & Lister Sinclair of Ted Harrison,
Joan Peggs of Rod Sim
Sierra Anima of Leslie Warnock
Marion Banz was a guest of the Club.

Rotarian of the Week was Foster Isherwood, who appeared in a play with guest Lister Sinclair (pictured here on Foster's right) 64 years ago - and is still going strong. Congratulations!


Third Annual Palm Tree Sale, April 22. Brian Lamb has recorded these volunteers:
7:30-10:00 am: Mark Bedford, Don O’Coffey & Tom Croft to pick up trees.
7:45-10:00: Jack Petrie & Dave Maxwell to unload and organize at Municipal Hall.
9:30-11:30: Brian Lamb, Anne Sims, Irene Davie & Barbara Bristol on sales.

Jack Petrie cancelled the Easter pancake breakfast and reminded us to use the Thrifty Smile Cards. Will Carter reminded members of his e-mail re home hospitality at the district meeting.

Sergeant At Arms

Dallas was all smiles and business when she thumped a $30 fine on Rod Sim for missing the meeting where Joan Peggs was his guest. Joan, the daughter of our Club’s only other District Governor, will soon be joining our Club. After sundry other fines, an anniversary card was given to Cedric and a birthday card to Will.

David Philip won the draw and drew the white marble for $150, which he generously donated to the Rotary Foundation.

Ted Harrison (pictured at right) presided over a Special Event. He presented two books to be sold by auction. They were “North America in Pictures, Poetry and Piano.” The poetry was by our guest, Lister Sinclair, the piano by guest Gloria Saarinen (below) and, of course, the pictures were by Ted. The foreward was written by Pierre Berton. Rod Sim won the first book for $225 and David Philip the second for $300.

(Photos by Jack Petrie).

Leslie Warnock
familiarized us with Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, which have the following aims: Demonstrate Rotary’s Respect & concern for youth; provide an effective training experience for selected youth; encourage leadership by youth; and recognize publicly young people who are rendering service to their communities. Leslie then read an e-mail from Leyland Cecco (left), who had attended RYLA but could not be present today:

Dear Oak Bay Rotarians, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the meeting to speak to you. However, I have written a few words of thanks. To begin with, I must say that RYLA was an amazing experience, not only for me, but surely for all those who participated. Not only were the speakers amazing, the whole group had an electricity that can only be found in optimistic young leaders. It was refreshing to be among peers who held paramount the ideals which attempt to further the development of our country and world. Not only were the speeches made by the lecturers awe inspiring, but they provided a beacon of revelation in the fog of indecision. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that the messages brought forward at the conference have changed my life, undoubtedly for the better. The message of Albert Mensah, a man born and raised in impoverished Ghana is perhaps the voice that embodies what each speaker wanted us to know. Don’t settle for average. Ever. The message, although simplistic, is true in everyday tasks, and gives us an ideal to strive for. After the conference, I now know that I am a leader, and it i\s something that I can’t or won’t shy away from. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that Rotary has changed my life indefinitely. Be it through the Youth Exchange Program or youth conferences such as RYLA, Rotary has had a profound effect on my development. It is refreshing to see an organization take such a hands-on approach to training future leaders. I truly hope to be involved with Rotary in the future. Once again, I would like to thank you for the life-changing experience you gave me. Sincerely, Leyland Cecco.

Lesley then invited Sierra Anima to the podium. Sierra is a grade 10 student at Oak Bay High School in fine arts, and is a singer. Her whole talk was given without notes. She was obviously excited and enthusiastic about the experience at Pacific Lutheran University at Tacoma. Transportation dropped all bags at the squash court and the large group got together and talked. They still get together and talk by e-mail. The evening was a Carnival. All who attended wore masks for a cultural night from Trinidad. Albert Mensah from Ghana told them how he taught in a small school with palm leaves for a roof. It looked all right except in the rainy season. Albert saw a film from the USA where people were throwing food away and he wondered how he could get that food. He eventually got a scholarship and went to the USA. He made a new motto for himself - DON’T SETTLE FOR AVERAGE. EVER. He told the young ladies to write this on a mirror in lipstick. It got written on mirrors and handbags and luggage. To exemplify her experience, Sierra asked for three people to define leadership. She then had people give an example of constructive risk. My favourites were both by Ted Harrison: Leadership - having empathy with those you are leading. Constructive risk - arriving in Canada with $300.00. Sierra’s talk was so upbeat and promising, it was just normal to feel the same way when your reporter thanked her.
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April 25: Tom Croft picture show of France '05 trip.

Roster April 11 & 18, 2006

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