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  Service Above Self 2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: Service Above Self District Governor: Joan Firkins

Programs for January: (at Oak Bay Beach Hotel)

January 3 Micki Stirling and Ruth Underhill : Quality Of Life Challenge Employer Task Force
January 10 Assembly meeting
January 17 New Member Vocational Talks.
Roster January 3, 2006
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Cashier: Cooley ; 50-50: Munro

Oak Bay at Light Up


Program for December 13, reported by David Sills

President David opened the meeting by noting the current election campaign, the presence of four candidates, and the fact that we are blessed with a non-violent election, compared to Iraq where six candidates have been assasinated. O Canada was sung a cappella and Neil Rawnsley said grace.

Rotarians of the Week were 1) Rod Sim for looking after the Kettles before and after each shift, as well as arranging for the four candidates in the Federal election who are contesting our local riding to attend this meeting, and 2) Les & Mary Canty for doing up the Lilydale Project Boards.

Project Board Creators, Mary and Les Canty

Photo by Jack Petrie

Visiting Rotarians and Guests, introduced by Leslie Warnock:

Terry Jones, Victoria, President & Diplomat
Paul Clark, Salmon Arm
Jim Porter, Calgary South, S/A

Robin Baird, Conservative Party candidate
David Mulroney, Liberal Party candidate
DeniseSavoie, NDP candidate
Ariel Lade, Green Party candidate.

All election candidates were guests of the Club.

Anne Rimo, Alexander Roethel, Roxanne Helme and Robert McDonald were all guests of Rod Sim.

Annual General Meeting: President David called the annual general meeting to order at 12.50 PM
He announced that the club would be moving to the new club structure recommended by R.I. which will require amendments to our bylaws. President-Elect Tav is working diligently
to effect these changes before he assumes command on July 1, 2006.

Ron Cooley and David Sills presented the financial statements of the Oak Bay Club for the year ended June 30, 2005. With very little fanfare they were approved and accepted by the members. Note: There is a surplus of $4,294.

Elected for the year ending June 30, 2007 were Secretary – Leslie Warnock-Rogers, Treasurer – Brian Lamb, President-Elect – Jack Petrie (and Membership Director)
Directors: Tricia Timmermans (Public Relations), David Maxwell (Foundation Director)
and Barry Mutter (Club Administration) . One director position (Service Projects) is still open.

Sergeant At Arms

Grandstanding: Flash-in-the-Pan S@A, Jack Petrie, snapped his own picture while announcing that he was also the official Club photographer for the day. He then fined Preseident-Elect Tav for grandstanding with his picture in the local newspaper. Other fines went to Jerry for representing himself as some sort of rocker and to all members who did not assist in the Salvation Army kettle brigade. Bert Whan Tong won the draw and the white marble supplement for a total pot of more than $100 - a fitting Christmas present and honorarium for the Club Auditor.

Guest Speakers Robin Baird, Ariel Lade, Denise Savoie, and
David Mulroney, pictured with President, David Maxwell

Rod Sim introduced our four candidates for the national election to be held on January 23rd. In his own words ….“On my right, Robin Baird for the Progressive Conservative Party, over there, David Mulroney for the Liberal Party, there Ariel Lade for the Green party and to my left, Denise Savoie for the New Democratic party.”

Rod’s Rules of Order allowed each candidate three minutes for presentation; there would be no questions allowed until the meeting had ended.

First up was Robin Baird. Robin has lived in Victoria since age 4. He is a lawyer and has worked as a Crown prosecutor and taught human rights law at UVic. He is concerned with the state of the national treasury. Our debt is still too high at 40% of GDP and Canadians are still overtaxed. He describes himself as a moderate fiscal conservative.

Next candidate was Denise Savoie. Denise was a Victoria City Councillor and Board member of the Capital Regional District between 1999 and 2005. She has a Master ofArts degree from UBC and a Master of Education degree from the University of Grenoble. Like Rotarians, she has concern for this community, particularly with finding a solution to the crystal meth problem.

Our third speaker was David Mulroney. David is a lawyer with 24 year’s experience representing people and helping with their problems. His core principles are much like Rotary – Respect (for money), Vision (it can be done), Action (get out in the community) and Courage (to face and correct bad policy). He believes the country is now out of the hole financially and able to cut taxes.

Last up was Ariel Lade. Ariel has resided in Victoria for 11 years. He majored in economics and political science at UVic, then obtained a master’s degree in economics and philosophy at the London School of Economics. His three main issues are health, economics, and trust in government. You cannot have healthy people on a sick planet - he suggests the fiscal surplus should be applied to the ecological deficit.

John Snively thanked Rod for organizing this special event and the four candidates for their participation. Their sense of dedication, commitment, care and heart for the community, came through to us in their brief presentations.

In a Rotary Moment, Brian Lamb referred to our 8 new Rotary members and urged us all to get to know them in January.

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA


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