Rotary Club of Oak Bay
  Service Above Self 2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: Service Above Self District Governor: Joan Firkins


Programs for December:

December 13 Club Election; Xmas luncheon
December 20 Christmas Dinner at Milestones - no regular meeting.
December 27 No Meeting
Roster December 13
Greet/Grace Greet/Intro Bulletin Introduce Speaker Thank Speaker
Neil R Leslie David S Rod John S
Front Desk: Ted Chambers (Cash) & Bedrija (50/50)

Christmas Party
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Program for December 6, reported by John Picken

President David opened the meeting by announcing that Foundation Month is now over. The Club raised $9.600 for the R.I. Foundation. December is Family Month. The R.I. Disaster Fund is helping victims of the hurricanes and the Pakistan earthquake. Tom Lidkea accompanied the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner and O Canada. Grace was said by Jack Petrie.

Rotarian of the Week is D.G. Joan Firkins, who is paying our Club an official visit and is our featured speaker.

President Dave Maxwell pictured with District Governor, Joan Firkins.

Photo by David Sills


Visiting Rotarians and Guest, introduced by David Philip.

Chris Offer, Vancouver Chinatown, Police Admin.
Penny Offer, Burnaby Deer Lake, Health admin.
Paul Jonson, Pauanui Beach, Resort Management
Colleen Milne, Assit. Dist. Gov., West Shore, Real Estate
Susan Patterson, Oregon City, Or., Author
Terry Daniels, Harbourside, Radio Mfg.
Jim Porter, Calgary South
Marianne Schaubeck and John Johnston were guests of the Club
Linda McLung, of Joan Firkins
Alice Poole of Rod Sim
Deborah Hodgkinson of Barry Mutter
Lise Anne Pierce (Red Cross) of George Pritchard
Tristan Doherty was the guest of his Mother, Vicky Pitt.

Lorna reminded everyone about the Club’s Christmas party on 20 Dec below Milestones. Next Tuesday’s meeting will have a number of items on the agenda including a very short (2 to 3 minutes) presentation from each of the 4 federal political parties’ candidates in the upcoming election. There will also be an opportunity to contribute to the Mustard Seed at next week's meeting.

Salvation Army Kettles: Mark Bedford thanked everybody for their help in tending the Sally Anne kettles over the holiday season. All the slots are full, including 7 or 8 that will be looked after by members of our Interact club. N.B.: all who have signed up should download the schedule which President David has e-mailed to members. No Excuses for No-Shows!

President David presented a representative of the Canadian Red Cross, Lise Anne Pierce, with a cheque for $1120 to go toward the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.

Sergeant At Arms

Our glorious Sergeant-at-Arms conducted an abridged version of our weekly discipline session, so the cost was not too grievous! Merely a generic fine for all those who did not attend the symphony concert put on to thank Rotarians. She recognized Pablo’s birthday (the poor lad had his ears only mildly damaged by our singing!) Ted finally collected on his winnings from last week’s draw and Anne Sims collected $17.75 as the winner of this week's draw.


Assistant Governor Colleen Milne formally introduced Joan to the Club, no doubt realizing
that she was preaching to the converted…reminding us all of Joan’s extremely distinguished record of contributing to Rotary over the lat 14 years. After a rousing standing ovation, Joan started her well-practised presentation (this being her 88th and last club visit in the past 6 months). Besides describing the scope of the district and it’s activities, she spent a large portion of her time talking about membership development and the Rotary Foundation. The meeting closed with President David thanking Joan for her visit, and a final singing of God Save the Queen.

The following are some comments by Joan in her weekly newsletter to Club Presidents:
Well gang, I did it! Visit #88 at my home club this week and what a great visit it was! There was a full house of Rotarians and Friends of Rotary plus my good friends Marianne and John re Lillydale B and the Mazinyane Pre-School – I was spoiled by my club and received flowers, individual gifts, and best of all…………practical presents for my “adopted” young man, Behailu, in Ethiopia. Behailu is 15 yrs. old, and in addition to taking Grade 9 classes, is working hard towards being a long-distance runner. He recently competed in a race in Addis Ababa, along with 26,000 other participants, and received a certificate for finishing the race. The club presented me with shorts, socks, a singlet and a new pair of running shoes for Behailu – all of which will be put to very good use! Thank you, members of Oak Bay Rotary! Fundraising for Lillydale B is coming along nicely and there is currently just over $12,700 Cdn. in the bank account – very little of that money is from the $250 per board but rather most of it is from the generosity of individual Rotarians and clubs while I was on my “official visit” with your clubs. Thank you again! Next week I will be putting a web page on the District website outlining the District Project and providing the information as to where to send the funds and to whom to make the cheques payable!!

The Christmas Party details:

When:              Tuesday, December 20 th

Where:            Downstairs from Milestones (private room overlooking the inner harbour)
Click for info on where Milestones is

Time:               6PM - no host bar

                        Dinner 6:45PM

Dinner:            Sit-down served meal

                        Choose between two salads, 3 main dishes and 2 desserts (orders will be taken at the table )

Cost:                $40 per person

There will be entertainment and a visit from Santa.

If you want to participate in the gift exchange, bring a wrapped gift of no more than $15 in value.

The sign up list will circulate at meetings.

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA


Where is Oak Bay?

Our Roots Run Deep


I'm respectfully asking everyone, including my wife, my daughter, my friends, my neighbours... and myself...  to support the Thrifty's Smile Card fundraising initiative for the Rotary Club of Oak Bay. Many of you, many of us, like to belong to our Rotary Club for it's fellowship, for the Tuesday lunch meeting. At the same time there are numerous other Rotary events we don't attend, pay much attention to, or regularly contribute to. We pick our spots. That's okay, we make choices. The appropriate and ingenious thing about the Thrifty's Smile Cards is that all of us buy groceries ... and if most of us buy from Thrifty's and use a Smile Card, we all share in a most worthy and important goal...fundraising. Fundraising for our own club and Rotary, to help out in our community, here, and around the world, so maybe others can buy groceries too, or like the 3 young musicians at last Tuesdays meeting...they can be helped by our club to be better at the gift they bring to our community. Perhaps it's to help support a school in a village in Africa or to help build a well for fresh water. When the club recently matched the members' donations to the Hurricane Katrina fund, those funds came from our own well; we need to always think of ways to keep our well replenished. We collect dues, we put money in our well with fines, happy and sad dollars...we organize a golf tournament, we sell Candy Floss at the Oak Bay Tea Party, and so on.

But if we can add $10,000 to our well through a club initiative that takes just a moment to remember, that is, when we're buying our groceries, by using a smile card...then we have participated in what may be called our clubs' most successful fundraiser. But it doesn't happen unless we make it happen. The $10,000 figure is our club goal for the next 12 months.

When I picked up our smile cards at the Thrifty's head office, and I took 100 of them, I asked the person in charge of the program what sort of a realistic figure should we think is attainable with 100 cards. Could we reach $5,000? She didn't hesitate....she said that $10,000 is within reach. I guess they keep records. And speaking of keeping records, Thrifty's does it for us, sending us a monthly report on how much we've earned...and a cheque is sent directly to the club...for 5% of every dollar we spend.

So, we have some work to do getting you your smile cards. Leslie Warnock, Barry Mutter and I will be contacting you to do that. Please help us to get it launched and in doing so you'll be helping many others. Thank You.

Jack Petrie, Community Service Director

PS: The Smile Cards are easy to use. All the tellers are trained to walk you through it. Remember to show your card before they ring in your bill . My first time I showed my card, gave her my Visa, told her to put $100.00 on my Smile Card balance with my Visa as the 'payer'. All that week I bought my groceries with just my smile card and each time they gave me a receipt showing the $100.00 balance coming down by the amount of each purchase. On Friday I again showed my Smile Card, the groceries were rung through and the amount came to more than I had in my Smile Card 'balance'. No problem. I paid the $14.25 extra owing, in cash, and still got the full amount credited to our Rotary Smile account. I could have 'topped up' my smile account with another $100 using my Visa, debit, cheque, or cash at that time but chose not to. So...there is a lot of flexibility with the program...'top up' your smile account so you've got spending money sitting in there...or pay as you go. I must admit that I liked the 'top up' option as I often stop in for 4 or 5 things and using the smile card, only, is fast...feels like you belong to a special 'club' (In fact you do, our Rotary club.)